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Healing From Within

Sheryl Glick

Healing From Within – Unfolding Your Spiritual Power Expressing Your Aura

Host: Sheryl Glick R.M.T.
Special Guest: Dimitri Moraitis

In today’s episode of “Healing From Within” your host Sheryl Glick author of the Living Spirit Answers for Healing and Infinite Love welcomes Dimitri Moraitis co-author with Barbara Martin of their new book Change Your Aura Change Your Life.Dimitri is a former guest of the show and a cofounder of the Spiritual Arts Institute. Dimitri and Sheryl will discuss the aura your spiritual blueprint and discover your source of unlimited spiritual energy. We will find that by changing the quality of your aura which reflects everything you think feel and do you can automatically change the quality of life.

Dimitri tells us about the aura and how it may work to give us a better quality of health and life. He writes, “Your aura is energy. Everything you feel think and do radiates a spiritual energy that comes through in various colors and hues – this essence is the aura. It is through the aura that the Divine Light expresses itself in you. Your aura then is an individual expression of the Divine Light in Action. Just as your spiritual reservoir is your divine bank account, your aura is a spiritual bank statement that registers and keeps a record of how you’re using that spiritual energy.”

The aura can give you a better quality of life as it reflects the energy work you do, and the refinement to your thinking and actions as you clear away past emotions, beliefs, and misguided thinking that restricts you from reflecting a more balanced loving energy into the world.

Right now you have the ability to tap an unlimited spiritual reservoir of energy that can help you in every aspect of your life. This is your spiritual bank account – this power can be perceived as brilliant iridescent light with colors far more splendid than anything in the physical spectrum. Spiritual light has its own source and purpose which is different from the light we see with our physical eyes.Light can heal relationships, pull people out of suicidal depressions, heal physical mental and sexual abuse, create harmonious marriages, overcome addictions and perversions, get people out of financial disasters, and lift you so
spiritual heights never dreamed possible can be achieved.

Throughout all time spiritual light has been depicted in scriptural writing literature and art. In the New Testament the dove of peace blesses humanity by beaming rays of light from its mouth. There are countless pictures of angels and archangels beaming light to suffering souls to heal and restore them. People who have reported near death experiences almost always acknowledge the presence of a magnificent light.

The ‘white light’ is specially used for protection and to dispel darkness and is part of your spiritual reservoir or bank account.
Whether you see auras or not, they are there and the various colors of the aura mean different things. Spiritual light is part of the divine radiations that emanate from the very heart and mind of God. It is this energy that sustains all life and is the power behind activities physical and spiritual. As Divine light flows from a celestial source into your aura, it generates the spiritual power necessary to create whatever you are focusing your attention on. Example: Older brother Philip wished to be
an opera singer. In his aura I could see a bright electric blue light, also a deeper royal blue energy that showed determination to succeed at his art. These colors were the beginnings of what would become the fulfillment of his spiritual purpose. As I watched his aura through the years of training and struggle, his aura colors brightened turning to a sparkling turquoise, indicating prosperity even though it had not yet happened.He did eventually become very successful in his field. Life gives us all the
time to achieve the great goal of improving ourselves and then pursuing our spiritual unfoldment. However, light is not a genie or magic wand designed to service your every whim, but a tool in your spiritual arsenal. It’s an opportunity to invite God to come closer in your life.

Colors: Electric blue and powder blue show talent and inspiration, gold and white light show spiritual potential, grey shows fear and worry, scratchy tan-colored energy shows lethargy, dark brown dark green and little black energies reflect dark feelings an desire for revenge, emerald green shows life more balanced, deep rose pink light shows loving nature, bright orange shows optimism, bright red shows an obsessive desire for material things, and cocoa brown is pettiness. A Vitiated Red could be

The light works for everyone even if we do not see auras, most people start by feeling the light as a rush of energy a physical vibration or heat.. Dimitri’s book offers 90 meditations to deepen personal relationships, advance your career, and transform destructive emotions. Whether you wish to strengthen a relationship kick a bad habit, or come closer to God and your divine source, the spiritual process that can bring about these changes begins in your aura.

The Three keys for working with spiritual energy are;

1. Decide what you want the light to do for you.
2. Draw the light into your Aura.
3. Apply the light to effect the change you desire.

Before meditating, have a purpose. Preparing your meditation ahead of time will help be more effective in your light work, the clearer you are about what you want the light to do for you, the more definite your results will be. You also have to recognize there are parts of you that need improvement. It’s not easy to recognize a fault or weakness or indeed a great personal strength.

You cannot go far in your spiritual growth unless you take responsibility for your actions and do not assign your troubles to other people or outside circumstances.

Then blue-white fire to build up a new life force of more loving energy in your consciousness.

Then follow up with the forgiveness prayer. ONCE YOU KNOW WHERE YOU WANT TO FOCUS THE LIGHT YOU’RE READY TO MEDIATE!

Dimitri recommends meditating for twenty minutes and to do so daily. It needs to be a routine and this builds momentum in your aura. The other key is the depth of your meditation. It is an experience with the Divine Light. When you finish a meditation you should feel different than when you started. The idea of working with the Divine Light is to uplift your consciousness which will give you a new perspective on things. Example- If you are working with the love ray in your meditation then it’s your job to
be loving. If your working with the emerald green ray for balance then it’s your job to express balance in your life. You want to bring enough spiritual energy to affect a change. Occasionally a meditation alone can make the change you desire, but usually you’re going to have to actively apply the light after receiving it. Think of your meditation like you’re a spiritual warrior getting ready for battle.

Dimitri tells us about the Metaphysical Tradition. Often people do not understand what the term metaphysics means. The study of the aura and spiritual energy may appear new, but it is actually part of an ancient heritage. This ancient study is called metaphysics. Metaphysics is the study of the spiritual root of physical life. It comes from the ancient Greek meaning that which comes after the physical. In this way metaphysics deals with philosophy, general spirituality, theology, mysticism, theosophy, ontology. There are 2 branches of metaphysic. In the study of the aura Dimitri is concerned with Practical metaphysics based on
knowledge and direct spiritual observations and experiences. In its purest form, higher metaphysics is a sacred art, practiced by trained mystics who can see beyond the physical veil of life.

Dimitri uses certain terms in the book, The Enlightened and Unenlightened, Consciousness, Positive and Negative Energy, Spiritual Evolution and Devolution, and Divine and Spiritual.

Enlightened consciousness expresses the divine awareness while unenlightened consciousness does not have this spiritual awareness.

1. Positive and negative energy..Positive energy is spiritual energy charged with Divine essence constructive and operates at a very high frequency. Negative energy is positive energy corrupted through misuseŠ.can be draining and destructive effect on the aura

2. Evolution in metaphysics means the building up and unfolding of our soul qualities. Devolution means the tearing down and stagnation of the soul life. The evolution of the soul is not usually a vertical line upward. There are highs and lows as the soul evolves and devolves in its growing process until it becomes strongly dedicated to the spiritual life.

3. The word divine pertains directly to the world of God, our original source. The divine light and the spiritual emanations as they flow from God. The word spiritual is from Latin, meaning breath, air breath of life and refers to all realms that are non-physical.

The aura is the energy field that emanates from us and gives tremendous insight into who we are spiritual beings. The aura is crucial to our spiritual growth because it is where we make changes in our lives first. To create any condition, we must first have the spiritual energy present.

The aura may be defined as invisible to the physical eye, vibratory essence that surrounds all living things. Humans animals, plants, and all objects in nature give forth a vapor or cloud, indicative of their real constitution. A person’s state of mind, physical health, emotional nature and spiritual makeup all radiate energy, which together constitute the aura. The aura is a blueprint of our active soul qualities. It is not the actual soul but an expression of the soul.

You don’t have to actually see the aura to know its operation and power. Most of us feel the aura, because the aura vibrates. People say, “Oh, I don¹t like that person’s vibe.” Why? Although you may not see an aura, you intuitively react to its energy field. As a result, a person with a rarefied aura will feel uncomfortable around someone with a dark aura and much happier around a person who has a similarly bright aura. Likewise a person with a very dark energy field will feel more at home with someone
of like vibration than with someone whose aura is very bright. The old adage, “Like attracts like”, holds very true with aura.

Understanding the energy centers or chakras are necessary to understanding the aura. To understand one of the most important aspects of the aura as it relates to working with spiritual energy, we take a look at the chakras or energy centers. The aura links up with spiritual power through the energy centers. The centers are actually spheres of light sparkling out rays of various miniature suns varying in size and have dominant colors particular to their individual purpose and character. These energy centers are vital in the process of spiritual transformation because they are where you will be making changes in your aura first. When you draw light into your aura, the first place the light makes contact with is in these energy centers. If the aura is the first place you make changes in life,the chakras are the first place you make changes in your aura.

Each chakra center is responsible for a different aspect of your consciousness, activity, and spiritual expression. They are given to you when you are born and stay with you throughout your life. The reason you have these points is to receive and transmit energy and you’re constantly doing one or the other. The chakras are indispensible in your light work and have an immediate effect on your life. Improving the flow of light through these centers will facilitate swift improvement in your outer world.
There is much talk about the root chakra and the Kundalini energy and there may be misconceptions about this very important chakra.

The root chakra located at the base of the spine toward the tailbone is gold in color with carnation red nucleus and does not rotate but stays stationary. This chakra has 3 important functions. One is to deal with experiences of the past..these are memories that are still carried in the consciousness and need to be worked out. By hanging on to negative energies the root chakra can become congested and weakened. Once cleared it can be a powerful ally. The second job the root chakra does is to
harness spiritual power appropriately and is bright red when healthy. The chakra energy stimulates your creative drive, part of the holy act of conceiving children. Thirdly, the root chakra plays an important part for sexual expression and is essential in building up the spiritual drive needed to ascend from your lower earthly life to your higher divine nature.

The root chakra works with another well-known energy called the kundalini. Kundalini is a spiraling serpent like energy rising upward along the spine. Kundalini is a spiritual power already within us. The purpose of this energy is to strengthen and energize the spiritual centers, it is famously connected to the process of spiritual enlightenment. Kundalini is a spiritual fire and must be used correctly physically or spiritually. Used correctly it can be beneficial. Mishandled, it can be the cause of much distress. The beauty is the kundalini opens in its own time and rhythm without conscious intervention, as you work with the Divine light.

Dimitri tells us about the Mixed, Devolved, and Enlightened Auras. The majority of humans have mixed auras. Even souls that are higher on the spiritual ladder will have the mixed aura until they near the spiritual pinnacle and have both positive and negative energies active at the same time. A soul with this type of aura is going through the normal human condition and is in the process of evolving. Examples; a fine artist who has a drinking problem or someone smart and inventive, but also selfish and mean, or a person who is fundamentally good, yet weak-willed and gullibleŠendless combinations.

The Devolved Aura reflects a soul that has consistently misused its spiritual powers so many energies have been corrupted. Such an aura becomes square shaped because it fails to connect to its higher nature, retards evolution, and may have reverted back to a more primitive instinctual state of consciousness. We are not born with an aura like that.

We should aspire to the Enlightened AuraŠthe evolved aura has the beautiful pointed oval shape that can radiate an additional two feet above body creating a great expansion..all is in full operation, well developed and organized, there is a lack of dark colors. But this doesn’t mean this type of aura is perfect. Unenlightened energies can and do show up. This soul has reacted a magnificent level of spiritual maturity and perfection and a pinnacle of human achievement.

Dimitri Moraitis, co-author of Change Your Life Change Your Aura, has shared a detailed and organized way for readers to understand the Aura and its connection to the Divine Source and sharing meditations and the rays of light to influence thought and action for personal change in all areas of consciousness.

Dimitri and Sheryl have discovered your source of unlimited spiritual energy that shows us that everything we think feel and do radiates a spiritual energy that comes through in various colors and hues. Known as your aura, your spiritual blueprint or the map to your strengths and weaknesses, you can learn how to change the quality of your aura, uplifting yourself from fear or self-doubt, to create more positive thinking empowering actions and improve the quality of your spiritual/physical lives. You can advance your career, deepen personal relationships, transform destructive emotions, and become more spiritual and closer to God.

Dimitri wrote “All life is teeming with spiritual energy. Even what appears to be empty space is filled with spiritual activity. Because you live in this sea of energy, you¹re constantly intermingling with other energy flows. Think of how many people you interact with on a daily basis. Each one of the people has his or her own auric field, which may be enlightened or devolved or mixed. So in developing your aura, you need to be aware not only of your own vibration, but of how you are interacting with other vibrations. To maintain your spiritual equilibrium strive to maintain a healthy interaction with the world around you.”

Dimitri and Sheryl would have you use meditation, the use of color, positive thought, protection methods, visualizations, contemplate spiritual energy as the conduit of consciousness, and work with the chakras and aura to create the best results in your life relationships, career, health, and general soul growth. Find your greater connection to Higher Self and God.