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Rock Splitting Politics

Doc Holliday

Rock Splitting Politics – Trump and Tariffs, North Korea, and Immigration in California

Last week in the world of politics the crumbling pieces of rocks being split were falling all over the place.  Whether it be the rhetoric from the left wingers about Trump’s breakthrough in reaching out to “Little Rocket Man” in North Korea or the ruffled feathers of Republicans across America with tariffs placed on imported steel and aluminum, or the challenge to state laws in California that protect illegal immigrants from ICE, one thing is for certain—-rock splitting politics are not slowing down in the United States of America.  And with this week’s show, once again, Doc Holliday explores and explains what you need to know about these events.  Doc Holliday will take each of these subjects on with clips from Fox news and even a clip from the liberal hotbed of Trump hatred, CBS News.  Wow, what a week it was just a few days ago and you can tune in by clicking on right now!