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Thriving Entrepreneur – How The Power of Hope Can Change Your Life with Tammie Denyse

Hope is a sneaky thing. It’s something that pops its head out in our darkest hours. As our body cannot survive for so long without food and water, I do believe that our spirit cannot survive for so long without hope.
Today, we are joined by our next bestselling author and a very close friend of Kathy and me, Tammie Denyse. She will be sharing with us her inspiring story of how hope changed her life.
“My definition of hope is that there is always a reason to get up again. It’s being able to access life whatever it looks like. There is always an opportunity for our life to be better or different than what it is right now.” —Tammie
Today is going to be your day of hope. Claim it! Join Steve on Thriving Entrepreneur.