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Healing From Within

Sheryl Glick

Healing From Within – Know Your True Nature – Conquer Suffering

Host: Sheryl Glick R.M.T.
Special Guest: Blake D. Bauer
In today’s episode of Healing From Within , your host Sheryl Glick author of The Living Spirit, which shares stories of spiritual awakenings spiritual communication, healing energies, miracles and ways to go within to find your true self and your life’s destiny, welcomes Blake D. Bauer an internationally recognized author counselor and alternative medicine practitioner. Blake’s bestselling book You Were Not Born to Suffer and work focuses on loving yourself unconditionally as the key to healing yourself, fulfilling your life purpose and realizing your full potential, your true nature and reason for living.
Blake and Sheryl explore our inner world of Being as we balance our spiritual and physical world realities. We offer methodologies and actual triumphs over challenging conditions where fear and limitations, social programming and childhood patterns have been recognized, transcended, and the best version of each individual allowed to surface with courage, hope and trust that life is indeed a great gift to be appreciated and lived well.
Blake Bauer will share ideas relating to various forms of meditation qigong and qigong energy medicine as his training includes traditional Chinese medicine: nutritional and herbal healing, psychology, past life regression therapy, hypnosis and other forms of traditional and alternative medicine.
Blake writes, “I saw a great deal of suffering as a child. In fact, I watched many of my own family members unintentionally destroy themselves, their lives, and their loved ones. I saw a lot of sadness, anger, and pain in the eyes of those around me. I saw people who didn’t smile nearly as much as they would cry. I saw people who weren’t happy or satisfied with their jobs, their relationships, or the lives they had created.”
“As a young man I had no idea I was just like all of these people. I didn’t know I was already heading down the same self-destructive path they were on. Instinctually, what I did know was that I wanted something different. Deep in my heart I somehow knew it was possible to create a fulfilling life that I loved, even if no one was going to show me how to make it happen. Deep down, I believe we all come into this world knowing that we were not born to suffer. I believe that in our heart of hearts we all know that life is meant to be lived and enjoyed with purpose, awareness, respect, and love.”
As a drug addict hell bent on destruction, a decade after hitting rock bottom as a Chicago Native, Blake now teaches others the secrets to turning their lives around. By the age of 18 Blake had been arrested 3 times for drug possession and driving under the influence of alcohol suspended from high school several times and kicked off my senior year football club as team captain. Blake was clearly out of control. Blake pushed people away, attended 5 different universities as he embarked in numerous professional trainings and studied countless forms of alternative medicine psychology Chinese medicine nutrition herbal remedies hypnosis and meditation as well as studying with spiritual teachers and masters. Eventually, he discovered a self-healing approach addressing the root cause of his mental emotional and physical pain.
Bauer states, “It has been liberating for me and thousands of people like me to understand that underlying all addiction, depression and illness there is simply unresolved mental and emotional pain—all of which is connected to that fact that we have never learned how to love and care for ourselves practically day to day.”
Sheryl says… “Blake quite simply that is the truth. The sense of freedom and of a child’s awe of life and high level of happiness and self-love is hammered and altered by the fears of caretakers early on in life creating a divided state of reality…one where the imagination and hope of the child which soared so freely above the restraints of the physical world is torn down and bombarded by the reality of what their parents or teachers deemed best for them…. Therein lies the confusion and emotional pain that often leads to Self Destruction through Addictions. The child begins to think they are unworthy of love success and happiness…Addictions are simply an escape from pain and the false input of those who have lost their own inner Wisdom and sense of Being.”
You Were Not Born to Suffer was written in a heart-centered, easy-to-read language. This book will guide you through difficult obstacles you will face in your life while on your quest for healing, purpose, success, and freedom. You Were Not Born to Suffer will allow you to relate to yourself with unconditional love, kindness, and compassion so you can alter the psychological, emotional, and physical blocks that are disrupt your health, happiness, and overall wellbeing.
Sheryl says… “I often say to clients or friends that as spiritual beings with free will having a physical life every day is a opportunity to make choices…happiness or suffering is merely a choice. Accepting life, yourself and others, without negative emotions such as anger blame jealousy or fears is the way to find peace and to draw the best life experiences your way….In my book “The Living Spirit I wrote…”I believe that a well-balanced healthy lifestyle requires being surrounded by supportive people and situations that enhance our positive thinking and produce positive results in our endeavors. Even when some forces may disrupt the flow of events, if we are working within the framework of spiritual of higher values, our choices will be wiser, our recovery from any tragedy will be faster, and we will have a chance for a better outcome and a more lasting impact on others… would serve us well to understand how positive thoughts can bring us feelings of self-empowerment, self-esteem, self-love and acceptance and contribute to how our lives unfold.”
Learning to love ourselves is so important. “Underneath all of the situations and relationships in which we currently compromise ourselves there is simply a very old and deep survival mechanism/ fear operating that has its roots in our early years as children. Growing up, most of us never felt safe enough to fully be ourselves or to express everything that we felt, thought, wanted, or needed. As a result, our instincts led all of us to compromise, abandon, fragment, and betray ourselves in exchange for the conditional love, approval, acceptance, attention, security, and support that we felt we needed from our parents, our teachers, our peers, and our caregivers just to survive. These old and deep fears that we all carry to some degree then lead each of us to compromise and betray ourselves throughout our adult lives….Whether it’s with our parents, our children, other family members, our spouses, our partners, our friends, our colleagues, our employers, or our employees, most of us still abandon our inner truths in exchange for something.”
“Learning to love and honor the very deepest parts of ourselves is often a painful stage in our awakening through which we finally claim the intrinsic value and worth of our lives in and of themselves. Thus, regardless of how it appears from the outside, we all live with parts of ourselves that are like dark rooms in which fragments of our soul feel mistreated or abandoned, and it seems as though no one is listening to our pain-filled cries. Ironically, it is we ourselves whom we’re calling out to, asking our higher selves to turn on the lights and flood these dark spaces within us with a deep self-love and respect.”
Some people would think self love is selfish. Blake says, “If we look at ourselves honestly, most of us will see that we often do not honor and value what we truly think, feel, want, and need, because we’re afraid to, we don’t know how to, or we don’t feel that we deserve to. In other words, we all compromise ourselves to varying degrees on a daily basis just to “keep the peace” and to avoid confrontation. Some of us compromise ourselves in every situation and relationship because we unconsciously believe that we must always please others or make others happy in order to be loved, accepted, approved of, attended to, or supported. Some of us don’t compromise ourselves nearly as much but still find it challenging at times to love, honor, and value ourselves fully.”
Our world today seems to be in the middle of chaos and turmoil but Blake says he actually feels the world is more secure than in past times and that I believe is a sign of his hopeful and positive intentions. Sheryl says “As many of us know, first we might find peace within ourselves and a greater understanding of who we are as spiritual and physical beings interconnected to each other throughout the boundaries of nation, country, race, religion and gender. In recognizing what is good for you it is also good for me. Ultimately for the survival prosperity and well being of all of us, we have to put aside fears and uncontrolled excesses of ego to come to an understanding of the Oneness and Unity of life. Then we will work cooperatively with leaders of the free or under developed nations of the world. It will be done with progressive incentives to all the countries.
After studying with spiritual teachers, healers, and masters from all over the world, Blake now practices and teaches many forms of meditation, qi gong, qi gong energy medicine, and dao yin (a health and longevity yoga) and have also formally studied traditional Chinese medicine, five-element Chinese medicine, nutritional medicine, herbal healing, psychology, past life regression therapy-hypnosis, and various other forms of traditional healing and alternative medicine.
Blake wrote, “Ultimately, each day our commitment to ourselves and our faith in life are tested merely to show us the fear that still remains alive within us so we can transform it, heal it, and come to love ourselves and our lives more deeply. This process continually reveals the inner strength that we’re all born with to fearlessly love, honor, and value ourselves in every moment, situation, and relationship, and in so doing create the liberated, joyful, and fulfilling life that we’re all destined to live. ”
We hope we have touched your hearts minds and souls helping you remember that a physical life offers challenges that guide us and move us towards our birthright or normal state of being which includes happiness and the means for a life worthy of introspective viewing of possibilities to manifest our expressive voice of Creation and Love. We discover a world that is beautiful and ever evolving but to see it in that way requires an individual to reclaim their childhood love of life, Self, and what is best for their time on this planet…It means reviewing perceptions and mind based realities or personality and delving into the core or Source of existence which is your greatest ally and friend. In other words Blake and Sheryl would ask you to open your minds and hearts to creating peace success love cooperation and happiness while having each day begin with hope and the search for adventure… as you explore yourself, new possibilities for improvement, and the wondrous world around you.