Health and Wellness

Journey Into An Unknown World

Margaret Rogers Van Coops Ph.D.

Journey Into an Unknown World – ​The Dark Side of the Light​

Why does there need to be a Dark Side of things? On this Journey, Dr. Margaret explains the need to have two ends of the line. Light and Dark balance each other to provide equilibrium in our lives. Without one, we cannot have the other. As bad as it may seem, we need the full spectrum in order know where we are and where we are going. She shows how we generate negative energy by ourselves and project it into our environment. She offers an effective exercise to protect us from negative energy sent out at us by others. She also explains the nature of curses and how they can be neutralized. Fallen angels and evil entities are also discussed with some hints on how to handle them if you come under attack. This is a very important Journey with lots of valuable insights and advice.