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Thriving Entrepreneur – Platinum Book Tour with our Bestselling Authors

We, at Kidd Marketing, will be doing our very first Platinum Tour together with some of our Bestselling Authors. Today, we are joined by 2 of those Bestselling Authors, K. Moneak, and Veronica Simon. Like what Kathy and I always say, we are here to help you share your brilliance with the world.
“Putting my book out there and sharing my message with the world was really powerful for me because there is a statistic that I use when I do training, and it was found in a Forbes magazine and it said that: 40% of Americans make New Year’s resolutions and Scranton University suggested that only 8% of that 40 actually fulfills those goals that they set which means I have a large audience to encourage that now is the time to make it happen.” — K. Monreak, the International Bestselling Author of Make It Happen
“For me, it’s more of getting to know exactly who you are, being comfortable in your own skin, and pushing yourself beyond your norm. We have a way of captivating ourselves or shackling ourselves and not going any further than what other people believe we can versus believing what God says we can and then going forward in that. I’m here, and I’m excited to do something I would have never done on my own.” — Veronica Simon, the International Bestselling Author of Soul Engagement
K. Moneak and Veronica will also give their inspiring answers to the questions below:
1. What’s the most important message that you want to share with the world?
2. What’s 1 tip that you can give someone so they can take the message you just said, and do it?
3. Why do you want to share your message with the world? What’s your biggest reason?
4. What’s one thing about you that we don’t know yet?
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