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Middle Age Can Be Your Best Age

Roy Richards

Safe and Healthy Aging in Place

Like 90% of seniors, do your aging parents want to spend the golden years in their present home? Senior health and welfare expert Lynda Shrager tells us why it may be feasible–even beneficial–for mom and dad to age in place, but only if we help them modify and declutter the family home and rationalize their lifestyles. Tune in to identify residential trouble spots–interior and exterior–most hazardous to seniors. Uncover affordable safety solutions to kitchen, master bathroom, hallway and front step hazards that can greatly reduce the danger of falls.
Prepare yourself for “the talk” with mom and dad. Explore options for “long-distance care-giving”  and building a local support team in your parents’ community. At middle age, have you got the entrepreneurial itch? Go for it! Contrary to popular myth, host Roy Richards explains why folks over 40 are five times more likely to succeed with a start-up than super-bright recent college graduates and precise steps you need to take before you launch