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I spoke an AARP meeting yesterday to over 100 people over the age of 50.  I left feeling depressed because of how ill-prepared these people were to look for work.  I hope that will not be your circumstances but, if it is, follow my advice and get some help.


Recently, I did 2 presentations at an AARP conference 2 groups of over 50 job hunters. I had over 100 people between the 2 meetings.  One presentation was for about 40 minutes; the other was for about an hour.

For those of you who are over 50 (I don’t care if you are hitting this as a current crop of Boomers or as Gen X professionals), I had people from many different professions in the room.

I felt badly for the people there because they give a lot to their organizations for years And now clearly needed help with jobhunting.. I want to say, the people who are over 50 that it is not enough to go out there and just apply for jobs. You can get one that way, but the old ways but finding work by answering ads online have gone by the wayside. There are many more ways to do it.

There are skills needed to find a job and they are different than those needed to do a job. As a result, if you just think that you can apply for jobs, you have missed all the networking opportunities that fill positions. You have limited yourself to the few jobs(and I have to say few because once you start looking at a job as you notice how few there are out there) That are advertised. Advertising jobs has gotten expensive.

You have to do things differently than what you may have done previously to find a job. That is especially true as you become a more senior professional. For you senior professionals and those of you in skilled areas, I will say as I said to an executive last night, if you think about the typical organizational structure There is a pyramid structure..  As you move up The pyramid,, there are fewer jobs higher up in the pyramid than the room lower down.

The result is that you have to network and you have to do things to prepare for your interviews that may be different than what you did previously.

I have a 7 day free trial at Join and experiment with the site. See if it makes sense for you and I will also answer job searchquestions you have. I hope you’ll stay with me because there’s a lot more That you will need to learn and you have to practice.

Take advantage of the trial and start learning some of the things or reminding yourself of some of the things of some of the things you normally don’t need to have in your consciousness on a day-to-day basis because it isn’t part of your repertoire professionally.

Get some help.  Get some coaching.  It will make a difference to you.



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