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Cheryl Nason

Inside The Writers Café – OPERATION ARES by Charles Kimball

OPERATION ARES by Charles Kimball

In this gripping  novel, two deep black operatives risk their lives to sink a private Russian submarine loaded with heroin and a cargo ship carrying illegal weapons. Both shipments are destined to end up on the streets of the United States. As part of the Operation Ares mission, two patriots are charged with finding and eliminating the kingpin, Renard, who leads the most innovative and unpredictable smuggling organization in the world.   His organization  is so sophisticated that no one has ever been able to stop him.

The two agents’ essential assignments take them on a dangerous journey where their audacity, their imaginations, and their loyalty, not only to each other but to their country, are crucial. At times, they even find themselves working outside the law in order to reach their objectives. It’s a matter of national security.  To maintain their sanity, these brave fighters have coping tools, brotherhood and a sense of humor.

Complicating their endeavors, one of them is entangled in a love affair that could compromise the mission.

Their story is an amalgam of chaos, success, tragedies, adventure, humor, and love.