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Doc Holliday

There’s a Crack in the Dam And That Crack Is Named Kanye

Jangmadang!  Have you ever heard that term?  Do you know what country that language is from?  How about JangmadangUSA!  Well, you better listen to this week’s show and see how Kanye West fits that term and are we about to have a revolution in America?  Could be, you better listen and see.  Doc Holliday comments on this unprecedented past week when the pop culture leftist went after one of their own like engineers trying to fix a crack in a dam—–one yuge dam at that!  If you are a person of color in America and you try to think political independent thoughts then you might just find out that the old time plantation system perfected by the Democratic Party still exists but in a different way—-just ask Kanye!  Doc uses clips from CNN and Fox News where Karl Rove and Juan Williams, as well as, Laura Ingraham, give their takes on the situation.  Well, Jangmadang, just listen to what political rocks are breaking now!

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