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Middle Age Can Be Your Best Age

Roy Richards

Joyful Preparations for Your Loved One–And for You–In Heaven

At some point all of us will experience death of a loved one–a parent, our spouse, a close friend, perhaps tragically a son or daughter. Often preceded by long and lingering illness, death confronts us with two major challenges: keeping up spirits prior to loss and grieving and recovery after our loved one passes. Author Eric Stogner lost his wife Katie following a 4 1/2 year battle with breast cancer, but wait until you hear the preparations that were made for her in heaven! Learn about Eric’s very own vivid dream plus the visions of five friends that vanished forever Eric’s fear of death! Learn why there is absolutely no reason to fear death; why passing away is in fact a glorious entry into ‘God’s Country’–an eternal spiritual kingdom far beyond human imagination. Host Roy Richards describes the O.P.E.N.S. formula, five critical ingredients that need to come together to achieve midlife renewal.