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Fish Talk Guests for 051218
Hour One
We open hour one with Tim Zahner, Chief Operating Officer of Sonoma County Tourism. Also on the line is Captain Rick Powers with Bodega Bay Fishing. The guys discuss fishing off the Sonoma, CA coast. If you’re looking for awesome
vacation ideas check out
Our next guest is Len Zickler, President and CEO of Fly Fishers International. Len talks about some of FFI’s programs for children. He says, “If you introduce your kids to fly fishing early, you solve a lot of problems.” The FFI web site is
The last guest for hour one is Gary Borger. Gary is an author, educator and fly fisherman. He has some super tips on freshwater and saltwater fly fishing. Don’t miss his website:
And be sure to visit Frank Selby’s His and Her Fly Fishing Shop in Newport Beach, California. His web site is
Hour Two
Host John Henigin and Co-Host Frank Selby start hour two with Brandon Austin. Brandon’s got that cool company called GoFish Cam. The guys discuss the many benefits of using the underwater camera. Great tutorials at
Up next is Jeff Patterson with Abel Reels. Jeff talks about the background of Abel Reels and let’s us know that there are new models on the way. All the details at
We wrap up the show with Mike Kaul out of Pinedale, Wyoming. Mike is a guide and instructor. Plus he shows property owners how to enhance their private fishing waters. Definitely worth a listen. You can reach Mike at
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