Health and Wellness

Healing From Within

Sheryl Glick


May 14, 2018
Special Guest: Nancy E. Yearout
Sheryl Glick author of The Living Spirit Answers for Healing and Infinite Love is delighted to welcome Nancy E. Yearout author of Wake Up! The Universe is Speaking to You whose book clearly and successfully shows us how to Use Universal Energy to Change Your Life. As Sheryl and Nancy share personal experiences we are able to gather a greater awareness of the world.. ourselves… and the Universe, and also greater knowledge of our spiritual essence which holds the imprint for our health and happiness. If, and when, we allow ourselves to realize our inner and physical life connections, we can work more effectively with energy for greater prosperity and purposefulness in our life journey.
Nancy Yearout casts light upon the power of prayer and its energy benefits showing us how energy can bring out either wellness or illness in the body. We discuss the importance of learning to clear negative energy which may be contributing to health, relationship issues, or thwarting us from perceiving reality in an uplifted way. Nancy and Sheryl discuss our strengths and the ability as both individuals and within the collective consciousness the power we have to change energy here on the planet and to improve the desperate problems the world faces now. There are many energy techniques practices and thinking that can bring about a more positive exchange between people countries and different groups with different values and ideas…
We discover that negative energy resides alongside positive energy we must learn helpful methods to get rid of negative energy and to restore our chakra energy system which includes seven major energy vortexes along the front and back of the spine.
The practices and tools Nancy describes include:
1. Yoga
2. cinnamon solutions into the air or sage..
3. numerous meditation CD’s
4. Noticing our hands are touching many things ATM machines counters railing keypads..all may hold other people’s negative energy Simply ask for Negative Energy to be gone and wash hands frequently..Exercise to flick each finger and brush off energy very effective. Clearing energy begins with our own energy field and aura.
5. A massage or energy chakra treatment once a month can do wonders for the body mind and spirit. People’s energy fields are healed by the vibrations of music.
6. Using the vibration of Om can balance the energy field.
7. Aromatherapy has become more popular today than ever as science has found that pure therapeutic grade essential oils have enormous benefits to health.
Oils have their own frequency and each part of the body has a frequency as well and is therefore attracted to the like frequency in the body. The quickest way to absorb oils is through the inhalation of the mist. The second quickest way is through the feet then the ears.
Frankincense has a wealth of healing properties because of its anti-inflammatory properties. The compound has been effective in treating Alzheimer’s disease, Lou Gehrig’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and multiple sclerosis. Its seems God has given us these natural tools for healing.
A chemical compound in the resin of frankincense also fights cancer cells in ovarian cancer… Dr Mahmoud Suhail an immunologist sees that frankincense has a re-set function when the DNA code within the cell’s nucleus becomes corrupted…
it seems when Universal Source created us we were also provided with many trees and plants to heal us…the first recipe for anointing oil is found in the book of Exodus..30:22:29
It is also a good idea to keep a bottle of 100 percent pure lavender oil in your home. This oil is a natural antibiotic antiseptic, sedative and anti-depressant. It is very effective on burns and is known to prevent scarring. It is also wonderful for insomnia anxiety, depression and fatique. Add about 10 to 12 drops in your next bath or in your aromatic infuser to relax.
8. The Energy of Water helps us to be calmer and more relaxed…since the body is 55 -75 percent water we are just naturally drawn to it. The benefit of drinking alkaline water has come to my attention for its many healthful properties. It is known to boost the immune system promote better digestion improve energy levels slow the aging process enhance your complexion and assist with weight loss. Ancient legend has credited early Celtic kings Native Americans Persians Babylonians, Egyptians Greeks and Romans who used and still have a strong belief in the therapeutic and spiritual purification of mineral baths.
Sheryl shares a excerpt from her book The Living Spirit expressing change beginning within each of us, once we awaken and realize our connection to the Universal plan of life. Sheryl wrote…”Each of us is unique and we are on different karmic and energetic pursuits. As we learn to apply energetic laws and use them more consistently, we will help create a more harmonious world. Those who understand this and live by the laws of energy will have less friction and fewer confrontations in their relationships. Individuals practicing the higher laws of Spirit including the Law of Attraction, may share this expanding wisdom and state of harmony with others and be an influence for change as their behavior and actions exhibit a positive energy state. With great knowledge comes a greater ability to exchange these ideas with those who will listen.” THEREFORE, WE MUST BECOME THE EXAMPLE AND SHINE MORE POSITIVE ENERGY OF LOVE AND COMPASSION OUT INTO THE WORLD…..
Nancy shares how once we learn how good vibrations create more good’s infectious..It’s the old saying that you get what you give….or The Law of Attraction. If we are interested in how this truism actually works we might find at this point, we must address the power of prayer or communicating with our higher selves. When you believe in the Universe and its energy, you start to realize nothing is accidental: God, our Creator or force or life is continuous. This Universal Life Source orchestrated the energy to work for our benefit. Prayer and communication with the Universe and asking for what is needed is part of that energy system: to better our lives and the lives of others. Imagine how a group of people praying for the same result may create miracles.
Jesus was actually teaching the Law of Attraction, a spiritual energetic law in this passage in Mark 11;24 “Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask in prayer believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.”
And also in Matthew 7;7-12 “Ask and it will be given to you: seek and you will find, knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; the one who seeks finds; and the one who knocks, the door will be opened…….so in everything do to others what you would have them do to you for this sums up the Law and the Prophets.”
Sheryl goes on to describe how as the author of Life Is No Coincidence her first book her initial awakening process was aided by coincidences leading her to search for a greater understanding of spiritual communication and healing. Sheryl often has meaningful coincidences with her guests. Today she shares with Nancy that she notices Nancy has a daughter Samantha and her first granddaughter is Samantha. Nancy has a sister who has passed and Sheryl has a sister that passed a year ago. Nancy has several sisters and Sheryl grew up as one of three girls which surely enhanced their nurturing and spiritual energies.
Nancy shares how at about the age of thirty she started to become aware that energy whether positive or negative had a great influence on her state of happiness health and well-being. Nancy started to pay attention to what was occurring around her and how her body felt in different places and situations. She ultimately discovered that feeling good was her responsibility and it didn’t depend on the outside world, but her appreciation for her own needs and her perception of what was right for herself. She discovered that what she chose to engage or disengage with created the quality of her reality. Actually she came to know that only by understanding the Laws of Spirit and honoring her own soul destiny could she truly realize her potential for bringing goodness and light into the world.
Nancy wrote “Many of us are intuitive, myself included . I am able to feel the energy of most people upon our first encounter. Everyone’s different. Some of us have high energy levels, vibrating at a higher frequency while others remain at a lower frequency, mellow and more constant. Some people have positive energy, and when you look at them, you can actually see the light in their eyes. The light comes from God and shines within. ……On the other side of the spectrum, negative energy will cause much havoc in our lives when we are exposed to it. Negative energy holds just as much power as positive energy does and should be recognized equally. For example have you ever encountered a person who you were just not comfortable with being around? Maybe you felt uneasy or apprehensive when in the same room? You were experiencing their negative energy field. Let me be clear: there are evil people in the world and they hold an abundant amount of dark energy.”
Nancy and Sheryl share ways we may deal with people with different levels of positive or negative energy. Some people have described unhappy or dissatisfied negative people as Energy Vampires. They might be charming on the outside, but negative within. They disguise themselves well as a chameleon does. After being with people like this, one often feels drained even nauseated. Have you ever visited a place that made you so uneasy that you chose not to remain there or ever return there. Places, like people, can hold negative energy as events of deeply dark or negative emotions are imprinted there for a very long time. The same is true when you experience positive energy: good vibes as people often call them.
Nancy tells us about her wake -up call and wrote, “Before I realized that God had orchestrated the Universe in this manner, I was under the delusion that I held power to determine what occurred around me. I believed that I was smart enough to control everything in my world. I learned after many trials and much error that we are not in control of anything. Our creator is. That was a wake- up call for me especially since I was such a control freak.” Sheryl tells Nancy that she became aware that we were never taught the Energy Rules or Laws of Life in school or at home, and without them, life is very trying, confusing, and often quite frightening We often think we have created our problems: are sick or weak, and are unable to realize we have just taken on the energy of other people or other places. We might think we are creating negativity. Energy and its ramification goes unnoticed by most of us. We simply have not been taught to realize the major impact energy has on our health, our thinking. We do not realize that what we are manifesting or bringing into our lives what we are giving much thought and attention to. Also we often live according to other people’s perceptions beliefs and behaviors forgoing our own needs. We may have surrendered our own soul needs in order to serve others. If we begin to remember our soul needs and trust that we are more than we appear to be, spiritual beings having a physical life and do have great personal power to handle our challenges with love and positivity, instead of fear and negativity we will flourish and find happiness.
Sheryl In her book The Living Spirit wrote…Spiritual transformation is the key to manifesting a better physical experience, period. It is also necessary to attain life achievements that are not only materially advantageous but are a real reflection of your true Divine Self. Coincidentally, spiritual transformation also allows us to find our higher selves and a connection to Universal Energy. The ultimate purpose for seeking transformation is to be free of the negative or fearful mind-chatter that results from thoughts of imaginary obstacles and the voices of controlling relatives, friends and business acquaintances who may merely be enmeshed in physical pursuits…. rather than seeking deeper knowledge of soul and heart energy
Nancy shares a lovely quote which suggests what brings us the most happiness when we begin to realize what is most important in life. Nancy found the words from Tenzin Gyatso the 14th Dali Lama to be most true..”I have found that the greatest degree of inner tranquility comes from the development of love and compassion. The more we care for the happiness of others, the greater our own sense of well-being. Cultivating a close, warm hearted feeling for others automatically puts the mind at ease. It is the ultimate source of success in life.
Readers of Wake Up! The Universe is Speaking to You may discover, “When things happen in life, God always seems to hand you an unexpected blessing. Also, when you pray you should always give thanks not just for what you have prayed for, but for what you already have. Readers may also discover that faith and energy are things we cannot physically see yet but true unwavering faith is that God our Creator is taking care of our needs. True faith is a very difficult thing to achieve: it is being childlike and believing in what you cannot see.” A passage that Nancy shares is “Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.” Hebrews 11-1
Nancy shares her thoughts and some helpful advice for people who must make a decision to either leave a relationship which is bad and because of a big heart go back and try it again. Nancy writes..”I have some advice for everyone reading this—people rarely change. They are who they are. You have a choice to accept them as they are or not. Know that you cannot change another person. The person has to want to change themselves, and not for you, but for themselves. This is a big lesson that most people on a spiritual awakening path eventually accept.
Nancy Yearout has given readers a well written practical book about energy and the natural tools to understand and improve health and our quality of life through prayer, and also by allowing God to work in our lives as we begin to successfully utilize the laws of Universal Energy and all the resources of our planet..natural healing ingredients, water, faith and trust in a Universal, not random source of Life.
It has been Sheryl’s pleasure to share Nancy’s very clear and helpful suggestions for knowing how each soul interacts with the world of energy and the Divine eventually discovering greater faith, and the means to refine their personal energy in order to reflect more light and wisdom into our world. If we think of our life as a canvas and create the picture we want for ourselves it will materialize if it is for our highest good, or for someone we love, and we make a request for it. It will only happen if it is in our best soul interest. Remember we are alive to experience all that refines our soul to create greater love and compassion.
Nancy wrote, “I have witnessed numerous people reinventing themselves successfully. They accomplished this by changing how they think, simply asking for what they want, and believing with unwavering faith that they would receive it or something even better. They learned how to reprogram their minds to think and receive positive thoughts and reject the negative ones. Ask God for what you desire and expect to receive what you have asked for or something better. Ask, believe, and give thanks.
Nancy and Sheryl would have you remember that life is best when we stop judging others, develop gratitude for what is good in life, and know that our experiences, either good or bad, are the means for soul refinement and for being able to finally allow, accept, surrender, and live in peace with the Divine Energy both within and around us.