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Doc Holliday

21st Century Pioneers, Gridlock Boxers, the New Rebels—–JangmadangUSA!

What?  JangmadangUSA?  Better get ready to click on this week’s show for a discussion that you will not hear anywhere else but right here on Rock Splitting Politics!  Discover the movement that Doc Holliday calls JangmadangUSA!  On this week’s show you will hear the fear that is driving liberals to release desperate ads like the one for Mother’s Day which Doc will play for you.  And what does Elvis have to do with all this—well, he sang a song that could define many people now.  And there is a new trailer out for an upcoming film called  The Second Target of the Backwoods Bandits  and it has nothing to do with politics but everything to do with one of my sons because it is his film.  Check out the trailer by clicking on the title and you might hear a familiar voice.