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Sheryl Glick

TOUCH THE HEART OF YOUR SOUL Volume (4) |Episode (53)

Special Guest: Tara-Jenelle Walsch
In today’s Episode of “Healing from Within”, your host Sheryl Glick Author of The Living Spirit which shares stories of spiritual awakenings, energy healing, miracles, spiritual communication, and ways to develop greater soul awareness welcomes Tara-jenelle Walsch author of Soul Courage who tells us we have the potential to come alive in ways that can transform our life experiences bringing us from greater self-awareness to one of soul-awareness, forever changing the way we view ourselves and the world.
Tara-jenelle thinks back to her childhood and writes, “For much of our younger years it seems that we all stumble along thinking that life is about how much we have, what we look like and who is on our arm. We’re caught in the day to day patterns of unconscious living thinking that life is about what we are doing….that is until something happens in our life…usually a major loss or great love that cracks us wide open and we start thinking and feeling in a new way”.
The gift of a lifetime is expressed by Tara-jenelle by a story…”When I was a little girl and would get upset, my mother would say, If you’re going to cry, go up to your room. You have twenty minutes to feel sorry for yourself, then I expect you to come out and join the world again. This is how I discovered the gift of being alone with my feelings…being sent to my room gave me time to actually feel my feelings, helping me identify what they were, versus just reacting to the situation at hand. I could never have done this in the company of others. My mother gave me a life treasure. She taught me the value of what I have come to call Soulitude.”
Sheryl shares with Tara-jenelle that she was a very sensitive child, an empath picking up everyone’s emotions and feelings, often having crying meltdowns. Sheryl’s mom also let her go off by herself and live through the energy of the experience so she could feel her emotions and not run away from them. Sheryl and Tara-jenelle realize how very lucky they were to have wonderful mothers.
Tara-jenelle tells us what Soul Courage is. “Soul Courage may be the journey that the soul took to physicality to experience joys pain challenges elation anxiety tears and laughter that are part of human life and the greatest opportunities to feel what it already knows. Many people live in fear ..fear of actually feeling, and that is what the soul needs to do. Soul Courage is about bringing who you really are to your life..your instinctual wisdom, endless curiosity, your feelings and the expression of them, your wonder and vulnerability, your joy and pain, your fear and excitement—all that you carry inside from before you were made physical, and all that you have picked up on this human journey. Soul Courage is also about being all that you encompass—body mind and Soul: Speaking your truth, singing your song, and revealing your true nature to yourself, to others, and to life. Soul Courage is also about daring to be and own all of yourself without shame and judgment, apology or excuses, hiding or hindering. It’s about meeting your feelings with gentle grace, expressing them with absolute freedom and connecting with total presence.”
Tara-jenelle wrote “Some say the human body is a vehicle for the soul, that each of us is a soul that has a body, a spiritual being that has become physical. I agree with that and if all of us believed that we would have to question life at the deepest level regarding love, religion sex politics—all of it. We’d have to question ourselves at the deepest level. Our reason for existence would be shaken up so vigorously that the coordinates of our current understanding would change entirely.”
Sheryl says to Tara-jenelle Becoming aware that we are a soul having a physical life is the place everyone hopefully reaches as they ask the questions, “Who are we? Why are we here?” History’s writers, philosophers, theologians and spiritual leaders have addressed these questions while 80 percent of humanity just live unconsciously and distracted by the physical world, to busy dealing with their emotions, fears, and a need to have their physical needs met. Delving into the most important search for soul life which has everything to do with how well we can live in this physical world is not emphasized, and as such they are deterred from improving conditions or circumstances that challenge them.
Soul courage is the most important pursuit because everyone is a soul and the Soul encompasses the essence of life. But to have courage and to be courageous are two different things. The more you consciously “Soulrender” to the expression of your feelings, the more you’ll witness firsthand the drastic difference in how life responds to living from a place of emotional openness and geniality versus a place of resistance, hiding, and fear. The more you consciously Soulrender to the expression of your feelings the more you’ll witness firsthand the drastic difference in how life responds to living from a place of emotional openness and geniality versus a place of resistance, hiding, and fear.
Sheryl says to Tara-jenelle, in my book the Living Spirit I address it this way, “ I believe that a well-balanced healthy lifestyle requires being surrounded by supportive people and situations that enhance our positive thinking and produce positive results in our endeavors. Even when some forces may disrupt the flow of events if we are working within the framework of spiritual or higher values, our choices will be wiser, our recovery from tragedy will be faster and we will have a chance for a better outcome and a more lasting impact on others. I am not suggesting that forces beyond our control—illness, loss of a loved one, a job, home friend or even loss of self due to doubt and fear are not difficult. But by shifting our perspective and acting from our heart impulses, we can make any set-back into a positive force for change in our lives.”
Seekers have found as has Tara-jenelle and Sheryl that life’s most important realization that life was created for us to complete the Soul’s agenda and not simply the agenda of the body or the mind and once embraced you are forever changed. And this is what gives us the desire for even more connection We are here on the earth to experience our True Selves. We have a larger agenda than survival or success. We are in alignment with the soul… We have the courage to reach within side ourselves and then reach out to others. We intuitively know that “Feel- Express- Connect is the Sacred Formula that Tara-jenelle has spoken of and the only way we can truly fully activate our soul’s eternal life force. Sheryl loves the simple way that Tara-jenelle has given us a tool to constantly and simply remind us when we are being overwhelmed by the physical world that we must return to our soul’s need to feel, express, and connect as it is the best way to find peace and joy within.
So by being true to our own soul awareness and having Soul Courage life becomes a journey, and the destination or achieving the goal, is not the real grounds for happiness. Being present, content, and open to possibilities is the real gift of life. The choice to truly realize one’s soul and Soulrender as Sheryl discovered comes either out of great love or great loss, and Tara-jenelle says, “My actual turning point for life’s most important realization came as the result of pain.”
Tara-jenelle talks about how every person faces the same decision at the same moment. In each day we’re always deciding, consciously or unconsciously, how much of our true selves we’re going to allow ourselves to experience. Even when we are completely alone, we are often not willing to share ourselves with our Selves. We have many Resistance Techniques—anything to engage our mind elsewhere and escape our emotions. We hide under an illusion blanket of protection. Every one of us is facing actually a two-part decision every moment of every day. Not only How much of me am I willing to share with Me But also How much of me am I willing to share with others. Not just the stuff you reserve for closest family members and friends, but feelings of Oneness which the Soul is inviting us to share with everyone.
Sheryl says “In these challenging times with so much political dissension raising its ugly face across the nation how wonderful it would be if people could remember they are spiritual beings having a physical life and every word, action, living consciously or unconsciously, mindfully or unmindfully, affects our soul and our connection to each other. The key to life’s success is when you will actually allow others to truly see your light and love, will listen with compassion, and engage others with lack of judgment or control and will use your words and actions to improve the quality of your life, acknowledging others warmly and with kindness.”Those are the decisions we face each and every day and how well we are able to allow the many layers of our multidimensional selves to reflect our soul sharing love and openness leads us to discover once again the miracle of our eternal life.”
Sheryl tells Tara-jenelle that she always has many coincidences which are God’s way of anonymously helping us make connections and figure out more about our soul life, where we come from and to remember our soul connections to each other and the Universal Source. Your name is most unusual—Sheryl’s older sister was Rodelle, her younger sister is Suelle just like your name Tara-jenelle. Names I have discovered much like other clues around us have great spiritual content offering us information about our life plan and spiritual needs. You have a sister Samantha and my first granddaughter is Samantha. Also, when I was beginning to delve deeply into my healing and mediumship work I read your father’s books Conversations with God and saw a film about him and his awakening process which helped me go forward into a new way of life- raising my consciousness and leaving behind a lot of debris and misguided thinking. Life became clearer. You also mention the song in your book “What’s It all about Alfie” from a movie many years ago and like you that song floated through my mind and heart for a long before my actual transformation process began. It always lead Sheryl to search for greater awareness of our purpose in life, our soul essence and the most important reason for living- to love and be loved in return.
Soul courage actually gives us the strength to find actually to create—a place of safety. And happiness within that safety. We can apply the three part Sacred Formula…FEEL EXPRESS CONNECT to make those steps more meaningful. Tara-jenelle has given us some wonderful words in a Soul Language…Soulitude….Soulrender….Soulcialize.
Soulitude is being in a safe enough space emotionally and physically that you can feel all that’s inside and around you with such peace that you have a deeper understanding of yourself. It’s about spending down time with yourself and making an effort to identify your feelings not just by thinking of them but feeling them… Soulitude is about quiet time with yourself relaxing the body turning down the minds and listening to life from the inside. Most people are terrified by this so they constantly find distractions Soulitude isn’t about doing it’s about being.
Soulrender is when we express our feelings to ourselves and others. If we don’t release our feelings through expression, the energy of these feelings will remain trapped in the body. As we have seen all feeling is energy. This energy can be sent outside of us, to expand and release, or it can swirl around inside of us repetitively. The choice is ours. If trapped in the body these blockages can lead to depression. The energy of ongoing anticipation and excitement can lead to distraction. Both conditions can make living an ordered, grounded, and fruitful life very difficult. Soulrendering therefore is a deep level of courageous surrendering and accepting life’s invitation to consciously turn inward and watch our own movie. Then we can let go of the tight grip we have around our emotions and surrender to both feeling and expressing them. The more you Soulrender to the expressions of your feelings the more you’ll witness life responding to living from a place of emotional openness and geniality versus a place of resistance hiding and fear. The act of committing to drop your protective walls will heighten your awareness of Resistance Techniques that stop you from being open and honest with your soul needs.
Soulcialize is the act of fully and genuinely connecting with ourselves, others and life with the mind body and soul activated in unison by intentionally engaging in the full expression of our feelings. Soulcializing is a way of being: by creating truly conscious interactions by being present and being authentic. Soulcializing is not about being a social person, it’s about being a soulful person.
1 Willingness 2 Vulnerability 3 Gratitude 4 intention 5 presence
Tara-jenelle tells us more about her Sacred Formula and how she tested it. “When I first realized how I had been numbing my emotions using Resistance Techniques or my Defaults as a means of emotional survival I found what made me feel really alive was the physical act of expression itself around any emotion. It was the release of emotion, not the type of emotion, which brought me back to life and I also noticed the people I was sharing my feelings with also came alive. I realized most people were living inside themselves: too afraid of loss rebuttal, or reprisal, to share their true authentic selves. It didn’t matter if their feelings were different, sharing them brought us into oneness. I decided to try out the formula on my mother. I connected at the kitchen table by being intentionally present. I looked into her eyes ,asked how she was doing, saw an energetic shift. she shared her thoughts.I just listened. I allowed myself to be vulnerable and really feel. I was really there instead of being in my mind devising way to fix her.”
Sheryl wonders what Tara-jenelle means by our defaults and how do we replace our defaults in Soulrendering? Tara-jenelle shares that living your life by DEFAULT is not living your life. You’re repeating your life over and over reacting in patterns that began in childhood. Each of us has a DEFAULT MECHANISM: a subconscious pattern of returning to memories of previous experiences in our mind to find a response to a current experience. You may find yourself blocked from your true emotions by your DEFAULT. The two are not the same..YOUR RESISTANCE TECHNIQUE is your distraction of choice…incessant texting or tweeting, overeating, drinking, smoking, which is an action, while your DEFAULT is your energy of choice which produces a thought and then a reaction to a situation.
There are two energies: Contraction or Expansion.
The energy of contraction produces thoughts of concern caution worry anxiety apprehension nervousness tension.
The energy of Expansion produces thoughts that generated feelings of confidence, excitement joy eager anticipation exuberance et.
Ideally a combination of both expanding and contracting energies is desirable. The key is to identifying and expressing your true feelings in the moment and catching your DEFAULT RESPPONSE to a new experience so that it doesn’t use recycled feeling and thoughts from an old experience to diminish your response in present time. Now you are being creative instead of reactive, and if you are responding from the deepest part of yourself, you are living from the inside out making life happen from a place truly in alignment to your Soul.
Tara-jenelle and Sheryl conclude we can find our Soul Team, or people on a similar spiritual path by being open to invitations, possibilities for expanding our interests and spiritual gifts and by becoming the best version of ourselves following our goals and dreams, saying “Yes” often. Being committed to following our inner soul being rather than conforming to the way the world expects you to respond is the way to natural authentic caring and you will draw others to you who are seeking the truth of their Soul Being.
Since everything is energy our interactions with others allow us to share energy with them. It can be seen as almost a dance or swirling in emotions. Most of us go through a energy matching dance when we are experiencing highs and lows in our life—unconsciously seeking out others who we know in advance are feeling similar emotions about something in their life. Then the mutual exchange, whether it is joyful or painful, becomes a shared celebration. This is why they say misery loves company. The people involved are creating a connection with their pain and furthering that connection through the expressing of it which creates an illusion of safety and deepened compatibility between them. As you raise your vibration to higher expressions of love and joy you will bring those related energies and people into your life. Change your thoughts then and you create a new way to dance with life and partners.
We can give this wonderful expression of our empowered Souls to future generations by being present with children -fully present and also respecting their soul maturity, not treating them as less than what they are. Our body language sends many messages so diverting our eye contact, fidgeting with our cell phone, getting up and moving around, shows you’re in your mind not fully present and not really Soulcializing or making the best connection with that child. Connection is the final part of the three part Sacred Formula…Feel- Express- Connect which allows you to be heart connected to others and to achieve great joy in your interactions.
Tara-jenelle has shared wonderfully unique ideas on discovering soul life and the amazing power these discoveries have for refining and promoting a better quality of life enhancing health, prosperity, relationships, and moving one’s energy on their true path to “Soul Courage” to truth, self-awareness and authenticity.
Tara-jenelle has introduced us to several thoughtful creative words Soulitude, Soulrendering, Soulcialze and The Sacred Formula which when practiced lead us to understanding the fabulous breathe of Soul life and offer possibilities for expansion and evolution. We can discover that unique inner soul wisdom that affects us energetically and physically, moving us through our restrictions and fears to greater compassion and love for ourselves and others . Tara-jenelle has written, “However you come to your life’s most important realization (that life was created for us to complete the Soul’s agenda and not simply the agenda of the body or mind) once embraced, you are forever changed.”
Tara-jenelle and Sheryl would have you become part of a courageous Soul movement to embrace others individually, honestly, wholesomely, and with love and to help others remember as you already do that we are spiritual beings having a physical life. We are souls reuniting again and again in the truth of eternal love and life.
Guest: Tara-Jenelle Walsch