Health and Wellness

Journey Into An Unknown World

Margaret Rogers Van Coops Ph.D.

Rejecting the Rejection Syndrome, Pt. 1

The astrological positions are indicators of a new “born again” situation for all of us. At first, our plans seem to be dashed into shreds, but you can turn it around if you become aware of the “Rejection Syndrome.” We all go through it — a feeling of despair or depression that seems to keep success out of reach.
Dr. Margaret reaches out here to help you.  She draws upon her personal experiences in her long life to prop you back up and get you on your path again.
On this Journey, she reveals numerous situations that can falsely pull you down from your aspirations. Her book, The Rejection Syndrome, has many examples of what pulls you down and also many solutions to facing your challenges. This is a special Journey narrative that all women should listen to.