Politics and Religion

Conversations Beyond Science and Religion

Philip Comella

Imagining the World

Each of us is free to interpret the physical world however we want.  At some point, experience and reason show one interpretation to be better than another.  (This may be called the scientific method.)  Then, that interpretation gains adherents, builds support, and dominates.  But few play the long game, or wait for the disfavored interpretation to work itself through modern culture.
This week’s guest, Kate Jegede, author of the mind-opening new book, Infinite Possibility, is one of them.  To Kate, God is the human imagination and we can therefore create our world, change our lives, and even affect the past.  Where books like The Secret suggest a connection between intention and the physical world, Infinite Possibility makes this connection a scientific truth. She writes: “God is not man.  God actually became man, so that man can reawaken as God.”  This possibly radical position may seem familiar, for it is echoed in Eastern philosophy and underlies much of what we call the “new age.”  So listen in as Philip and Kate discuss this new interpretation which is in fact an old interpretation that we have somehow forgotten.