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Mommy, Tell Me, Why Did You Come Here? by Silvia Juarez-Marazzo

Mommy, Tell Me, Why Did You Come Here? by Silvia Juarez-Marazzo


With humble crayon drawings and the innocence of children’s curiosity, this life transforming book helps all immigrant mothers to tell their children about their origins, their dreams, and how their unconditional love brought them to the United States in the hopes of creating the life of safety, peace, promise, and abundance any parent would want to give to their child. This book expands on the psychological themes and experiences of immigrant mothers introduced by the author in her first book.

As an infant-mother expert, Juarez-Marazzo offers a beautiful therapeutic tool for both mothers and children to draw closer in their love through storytelling. In telling their stories, mothers will integrate their past into each child’s history. This act in itself heals generations.