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Redefining Rockstar Leadership with Rosette Clarke-Williams

We are joined today by a good friend and one of our International Bestselling Authors, who is a certified ROCKSTAR both in life and business, Ronette Clarke-Williams.
She will be talking to us about her workbook entitled Redefining “ROCKSTAR” Leadership: 7 Week Workbook (RRL 2) that she specifically created after the success of her bestselling book, REDEFINING “ROCKSTAR” LEADERSHIP: Making it work for you, not you for it! (RRL Book 1).
“REDEFINING “ROCKSTAR” LEADERSHIP: Making it work for you, not you for it!” I received so much positive feedback from the readers that the book was great because it gave them action steps that they could engage in immediately. This workbook will take them to the next level by providing action items and in-depth worksheets where they really can dig deeper into the 7 Principles of ROCKSTAR Leadership that I speak about in the book. I’m really excited about this workbook because it will catapult them even further on their journey closer to their ultimate goal.” —Rosette
Join Steve Kidd in this amazing interview with Rosette Clarke-Williams on Thriving Entrepreneur.