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Healing From Within

Sheryl Glick


July 9, 2018
Host: Sheryl Glick R.M.T.
Special Guest: Dr. Emma Mardin
In today’s episode of “Healing From Within” your host Sheryl Glick author of The Living Spirit a story of spiritual awakenings spiritual communication healing energies miracles and an awakening to soul potential and is most delighted to speak with Dr. Emma Mardin author of Mind Body Diabetes a practical resource book which offers information and support to enable you to stop diabetes emotionally and physically.
As listeners of “Healing From Within” have come to expect Sheryl and her guests share intimate and insightful experiences that have lead them to understand life in both energetic and physical terms and to offer methods and solutions for achieving a clearer view of metaphysical principles and healing processes for mind body and spirit. We discover that by fully knowing ourselves, fears and limitations fall away and the personal power within us awakens allowing us to create a wonderful life.
In today’s episode of “Healing From Within” Dr. Emma Mardin shows us that unlocking the real secret to stopping diabetes is about much more that the physical. The book offers practical advice from significantly improving the condition to how you can reverse it and it is applicable to all types of diabetes. We discover how a mind body connection and an understanding of and practical application of energy medicine is an indispensible necessity for releasing emotional blockages that interfere with health so you can live and thrive no matter what challenges we face in life.
For Emma, it all began when she was ten years old. She’d been unwell for some time, going back and forth to the doctor’s surgery as it is called in England. One evening she was rushed to hospital, severely dehydrated, with excruciating stomach cramps. Underweight and literally dying of thirst, to the point she became unconscious… Well, you know the drill she woke up, hooked up to drips and beeping machinery, and saw a nurse sitting by my side. The nurse asked how she was, and for some reason Emma automatically replied, ‘Good, thanks’. She thinks that she just figured she wasn’t dead, and felt unbelievably better than before. The nurse then went on to tell Emma she had something called ‘diabetes’. Emma’s reaction was simply to the word: DI-abetes. ‘Does that mean I’m going to die?’ she asked – it was actually something I’d never come across before, so I didn’t have a clue. The nurse quickly reassured Emma, she could have a completely ‘normal’ life, but would have to inject herself daily. She then demonstrated on herself. A medical professional demonstrating what they preach – at the time, I thought that was brilliant! I think it was my next response that really threw her. ‘Is that it? Will I still be able to go on my school holiday to the seaside next week?’ It is amazing how resilient children can be.
From that day on Emma has formulated a philosophy that she believes: Despite the other challenges she’s had to contend with (and there have been plenty) things don’t have to be a problem. There’s usually something that can be done to solve a problem or change how we see the situation. In Emma’s view, it’s a case of taking the lid off the box, having the guts to go for it, and looking at what you can do rather than dwelling on what you can’t change.
Sheryl says that the past is a memory and no longer real so if you bring it in the present moment with any of its negative charge, impulse pain or trauma you are living again in that energy . In order to create and be well and vibrant you must live in the present moment and create an opportunity for new results. It is the way the mind either ends suffering or recreates it Anew. The choice is always within ourselves to change ourselves and therefore change the future.
Emma tells us why her book is different than the usual diabetes books. Quite simply it’s different because I have the labeled disease and have found the emotional mind based physical components necessary to live well with the spectrum of physical spiritual and emotional mind based entities. As part of my own personal research in this field I have addressed and released many kinds of negative emotions and traumas that had manifested throughout my own past (some very severe to me and some not at all), as well as applying other techniques. As a result, I witnessed some amazing results. Emma’s health consistently and dramatically improved to the point that she only required 16 units of insulin per day(very low) with a HbA1C of 5.7 percent (approx. average of 6.7 mmol/l and 120 Mg/dl) and eating a regular, balanced diet. When emotional disruption hit – in a pretty big way, too – and I was sent off course! I was aware of the effects of this and I had the resources to manage it very well, but just to give you some idea of the impact of negative emotion on health, I suddenly required 40 units of insulin/day, had a HbA1C of 7 percent (8.5 mmol/l & 154 Mg/dl), and I wasn’t eating any more or less in comparison to before. This shows how negative emotion could have knocked me off course far worse, had I not known how to manage this.
In my own case, I’ve seen how intense periods of stress have resulted in elevated sugar levels, which have then resulted in the need for additional insulin. That in turn creates other challenges. Therefore, in direct relation to the mind and body, unless we can learn from our negative memories and any subsequent negative thoughts and emotions linked to them, we are likely to incubate the memory of dis-ease and experience its negative effects continually.
Emma may have decided to write this book as she has witnessed a great deal of misunderstanding about what is really needed by anyone dealing with a health challenge. Throughout Emma’s schooling (and especially when it came time to think about careers), she came across some pretty limiting beliefs from some authority figures. She was shocked by how many teachers and other professionals thought diabetes was linked to either being intellectually incapable in some way or equated it with being unable to cope. This always made her laugh, knowing all the extra things people with diabetes have to manage while, half the time, being more switched on to the world than a lot of people. She was more prepared, more punctual, and got just as good grades as the rest of my classmates, so Emma put down limiting self-beliefs on the part of the staff, based on their own feelings about managing diabetes. Me? Emma had a life to get on with!
Fortunately, she also had several inspiring teachers – an attitude like that can make a world of difference to an individual. It still amazes Emma that after being encouraged by a history teacher she achieved within the top 5 percent of students with the highest grades in the country in that year’s national exams. It demonstrates how important support and encouragement are. Even with all the determination or intelligence in the world, positive encouragement makes that extra difference.
Dr. Mardin tells us about mind/body medicine and meta physics.We always accentuate genuine belief, positivity, and support in our practice, because it makes all the difference in how well people feel, respond, and recover.Through the mind-body connection, our emotions (instigated by our thoughts and all that we hold in our minds) become a form of energy, and when this energy is negative, it manifests in the body as dis-ease or illness.
The negative message is sent to every cell in the body, causing us to physically reflect a negative health state. Pain in different parts of the body energetically reflect certain situations or thoughts that we hold. In this respect, bad backs can often be an example of being weighed down by something and show us that we don’t have a particular support in life that we’re looking for – emotionally financially or in whatever way is relevant. Similarly, stomach ulcers may reflect something eating away at a person. Shoulder problems may represent carrying a burden in life.
More importantly, we can change our health at any point in order to achieve full health and healing; in this case, to stop diabetes
We can change our health dramatically even if our cells have already been affected In a particular way and even though all our cells have intelligence and memory. It is widely reported that 98 percent of atoms in the body are different from what they were a year ago, as confirmed and clearly explained by Dr. Deepak Chopra, although the structure of the bone cells may remain fairly constant:
The skin is new every month;
The stomach lining is new every four days;
The liver is new every six weeks;
Our red blood cells are new every three months;
We are therefore constantly changing.
From such information, we see how the body has infinite healing possibilities. We can liken the body in this way to the water cycle; it is a constant flow of new water, ever changing throughout its journey, hence you never get wet by the same rain.
Emma has had great results with her own diabetes now, and tells us what sorts of challenges she faced in the past. At the age of 17 onwards she had certain symptoms that turned out not directly related to diabetes, but they had a huge impact on her condition for quite some time. She began experiencing a variety of unpleasant daily symptoms. These included low energy and appetite, joint pains, intense dehydration, severe body cramps, nausea accompanied by the vomiting of bile acids several times a day, skin rashes, lack of concentration, intense internal anxiety, odd behavioral changes, suicidal thoughts (that even I knew weren’t right), indigestion, a bloated abdomen and severely inflammed feet. Even when I was stabilized in hospital, my symptoms continued. Worst of all was the inability to think clearly. My mind was the one thing I clung to, but over time I felt I was losing that, too. I felt tired, vulnerable, confused, and upset. I even thought I had a brain tumor at one point, and everything was all just some weird illusion. This was so out of character for me. Even though I was very unwell during this time, I had to endure a great deal of judgment from doctors for not properly managing my diabetes. I continued to protest that something was seriously wrong and it was causing my diabetes to dramatically spiral out of control, and that constantly injecting more and more insulin in an attempt to counteract this resulted in little or no change. I visited different doctors, trying to make them listen, but of course, I was young and ‘that age’ and any obscure blood tests were put down to out of-control diabetes. God forbid anyone should see the person behind the diabetes!
Sheryl and Emma discuss how important it is to trust your own instincts and not completely buy into the medical or professional statement. Like the saying Know Thyself we must continue to stress what we need and not allow others to handle our choices and decisions regarding what we may feel is best for our recovery and well being. We are well aware of many incorrect medical decisions and even diagnosis. It turned out Emma had a rare issue with copper in the body and once that was corrected her state of health returned to normal.
Dr. Mardin and Sheryl discuss why the right mind-set is often the key to healing and doing well no matter what the obstacles are.
Emma writes, “Since this time, there have been many twists, turns, and curve balls along the way; some of them pretty challenging, too – but all down to my life events rather than diabetes itself. These ranged from a coma due to severe hypoglycemia, being told abruptly I was going blind, and severe gluten intolerance to countless personal challenges and major career developments. All of these I successfully overcame.
Another point here is that whatever else goes on in life, it can affect diabetes, rather than diabetes itself affecting life. In fact ‘diabetes’ itself has never been the problem, as you’ll gather from a host of information and examples that I will share throughout the book. After all the lessons I had taken from some quite dramatic events, I ultimately met my life’s blueprint in mind-body medicine through exploring psychotherapy further. I had noticed how working with my own mind and having a strong self-awareness directly resulted in positive health improvements physically. I was also increasingly noticing the same improvements with my clients.
More over I learned certain truths that helped me deal with my diabetes and life in general. They are as follows:
1. Am I perfect, and do I know everything? Definitely not, unfortunately! My intention in writing this book is to provide a positive and refreshing perspective on diabetes and experienced support, share some of my personal anecdotes, and above all, provide some good-quality, useful knowledge and resources you can use to get your own great results. Whilst I might be an expert in my own diabetes and the field of mind-body medicine, please always remember the following:
2. You are your own expert in your diabetes. Your condition is personal to you, so you’ll always be the best expert in your own diabetes and needs, as you’re the one who lives with it. My intention is to never patronize or preach to you. There’s no doubt that there are plenty of volunteers who will gladly do that. That’s something that drives me mad, so count me out!
3. Do I get everything right? No! I’m only human! However, I do learn extremely quickly when things don’t go according to plan, and I only focus on what I can do to make things right. There was actually a challenging time when I was achieving fantastic results with the process of reversing diabetes and then turmoil hit! There were so many emotionally intense things happening in my life at that time, it became extremely tough to focus on my own personal work. At that point I was so disappointed and frustrated, but I soon realized I had to give myself a break and manage what I could, then get back on track when everything settled down. Even though I had to lighten up on my plan, from the groundwork I had previously done there was still a dramatic improvement.
4. You’ll always know best, deep down. Trust yourself. First of all, you’ll know when you’re ready to take action and make phenomenal changes! If it’s not the right time for you, work on what you need to do first (anything holding you back or hindering you must be addressed because if you’re mind-set isn’t in the right place, you’ll be working against it, making life hard for yourself. So give yourself a break, and get in the right frame of mind first.
5. Let nothing or no one stop you ‘Where there’s a will, there’s a way’, and you’ll find a lot of resources and personal positive attitude in this book to encourage and support you with that. It is always what you believe that really counts and makes the difference as you’ll soon discover.
6. Let it make you rather than break you One of my reasons for writing this book is because I see two choices with diabetes (in any of its forms): it can either make you or (all too easily) break you. That sounds quite dramatic on the face of it, but if you’ve had diabetes a while, it may resonate with you. Either way, I strongly believe the purpose of diabetes should only ever be to make you, and my intention in writing this book is to provide the right resources so it does exactly that. I’ve had so many experiences where I could have let diabetes nearly break me, but I thankfully recognized this and decided otherwise.
7. Follow this book If you follow the suggestions in this book and apply the techniques I’m going to share faithfully, you’ll dramatically stop diabetes. You will also change your entire outlook on life and achieve your goals. You will never look back!
8. Life’s for living! Let that be your reason for taking positive action. The healthier we are (diabetes or no diabetes), the better, happier, and more fulfilled our lives will be. This then becomes a positive focus, and what we
9. Be you – rather than ‘a diabetic’! You’re so much more than your condition. Never let it define you. One thing you’ll notice throughout this book is that I will never refer to either you or myself as a ‘diabetic’. That is a label that can very easily begin to define a person. No one is a static label – a ‘diabetic’. We are so much more than that. Refuse to let your health define you. Diabetes is a condition not a person, so never let it hijack you. I always say that no one refers to someone with heart dis-ease as a ‘heart attack’, or any other permanent label. Diabetes, epilepsy, or asthma are no different. Lose the ‘tic’, or it will be allowed to ‘stick’.
10. Think about disease as merely a temporary ‘dis-ease This helps to loosen up what we are programmed to think about ‘disease’. It isn’t something that has to be static; think of it as a temporary ‘dis-ease’. Comfort and ease can be restored when as individuals we’re ready to allow this.
Dr. Mardin noticed how working with her own mind and having a strong self-awareness directly resulted in positive health improvements physically. She was also increasingly noticing the same improvements with my clients. More and more, she began to notice the undeniable mind-body link and felt that there was much more to research, explore, and discover on that subject. From a young age, she had often utilized her mind well to control various physical responses, but knew there was so much more I could learn from the greats within this field and from some of the remarkable case studies I’d come across. I put my energy and focus into studying this, and sometime later, I found my passion in a world of infinite possibility in mind-body medicine.
So what has our physical health got to do with our minds? Well the answer to that is … everything! That is in no way exclusive to diabetes, but those of us with the condition can dramatically benefit from how our minds directly affect us physically. Here’s why. We’re talking about indisputable science – how the human body functions in terms of the health we experience, and how our mind and body interconnect to give us the various physical results we experience every moment of our lives.
Every single thought and emotion we have affects every single cell in our body, because the same electrochemicals that carry our thoughts also bathe every single cell in our body. That’s what we mean by the mind-body connection. Our mind and body are constantly communicating with each other in order to function and create our health – mentally and physically (whether we like it or not).
From a scientific point of view, everything we think about affects us physically – from a smile or a frown to health or dis-ease – and as we know, the state of our physical health in turn affects our thoughts and emotions. And so the cycle continues, as shown in the following graphic.
The only reason we still look, sound, and feel the same and hold onto disease, illness, or chronic conditions is because we have ‘cell memory’: our cells remember what to do – good and bad. We already know that organ donors can pass on character traits and memory through their organs, and that cellular memory can be inherited, as well as the notion of muscle memory, so we know that our cells hold memory.
Dr. Benveniste created what was effectively ‘a bad allergy’ in a test tube. When pushing the boundaries of this experiment by reaching the point of only adding water rather than the original trigger used and needed to evoke the reaction, he found the reaction was still set off with the same power as before. This experiment therefore found that you can trigger the immune system without anything actually (physically) being present! Basically, the same reaction as before occurred completely from memory. Human white blood cells still acted as if they were being attacked, leaving cellular memory as the main plausible answer. So when it comes to the mind-body, unless we can learn from our memories and release any linked negative emotions that are held as negative cell memory, we are likely to incubate the memory of dis-ease and experience its effects continually.
What is interesting is that this memory isn’t just of cell functionality but of emotional memory, too, and it is the emotional memory that consequently alters the functionality. This is pertinent to diabetes and any chronic (long-term) conditions – the cells are remembering to malfunction, and must rely on external intervention (injecting or medicating) in order to function effectively.
It is therefore vital to fully resolve any negative emotions attached to memories, rather than storing them within the body. If we continue to transmit negative messages throughout our nervous system in this way, they will only manifest physically as dis-ease.
In Dr. Mardin’s case, she has seen how intense periods of stress have resulted in elevated sugar levels, which have then resulted in the need for additional insulin. That in turn creates other challenges. Therefore, in direct relation to the mind and body, unless we can learn from our negative memories and any subsequent negative thoughts and emotions linked to them, we are likely to incubate the memory of dis-ease and experience its negative effects continually. On the whole, if you think negatively, you’ll feel negative emotions and then display or manifest them physically by either looking flat, crying, being angry, and/or eventually being ill.
Basically, a conflicted mind will create conflicted health. At some point, most of us will have experienced this, such as when we may have been really nervous about something. It will have begun by thinking about the situation in a worried or panicking way, thinking about all the negative ‘what if’s’ (whether this was immediately conscious to us or not); consequently, we’d begin to feel worried, nervous, and anxious. That would then result in us behaving differently (such as forgetting words, having mental blocks and so on). This would then begin to affect us physically, possibly displayed as nausea, shaking, sweating and so on. Then we’d begin thinking about feeling ill, and the negative spiral would continue until eventually a positive distraction breaks the cycle.But, if we think positively to start with, this allows infinite possibilities for exceptional health outcomes; especially where diabetes is concerned.
For example, if we have pleasant, happy, or funny thoughts, this stimulates the release of feel-good chemicals such as endorphins for example, and we experience happy feelings, which in turn create optimistic, relaxed, and fun behavior. Physically, we experience this as a pleasant glow, positive energy, and even pain relief, because endorphins also act as natural painkillers (‘endogenous morphine’).
The same electro-chemicals that carry our thoughts also carry the very same messages to other cells throughout the body. Quantum biologists and physicists tell us that neurotransmitters bathe every cell in the human body; therefore, what we think affects every single cell in the body. Effectively, we are constantly sending messages and talking to our bodies. It is this exciting link that brings us to the mind-body connection that makes self-healing, full health, and being free of dis-ease possible. At some point, an unconscious link is formed as to exactly how we will react physically to our thoughts and emotions; hence we manifest dis-ease, illness, and conditions differently. This physical manifestation has metaphorical significance when we take the time to analyze this link.
Think of the ordinary cold. Colds are yet another example of a particular mind-set escalating to the point of manifesting physically in the body. This is why the way we think is so imperative to our health! Always of this belief, Dr. Mardin never had her ‘priority/ vulnerable group’ flu jab for more than 18 years, and also never had the flu, either. On the rare occasion she has had a cold, each, every time she has known exactly why – Either been run down or the cold has been a physical expression of her emotional state. Any colds have passed very quickly; in fact, she has worked some intense 18-hour days during colds, and they have never stopped her. So there’s a lot to be said for emotional well-being and awareness of our internal emotional state in managing our overall physical health.
When she talks about ‘lifting the lid’ on diabetes, she’s referring to the unexpected results we can achieve by working to positively influence our mind and thoughts. Incredibly, we can do this by using a series of techniques, resources, and above all the right mind-set. will enable us to really utilize
Sheryl says that she especially appreciated the story documented by Dr. Deepak Chopra This case involves a man who began to experience dizzy spells, vomiting, double vision, loss of balance, and loss of motor co-ordination. Following a CAT scan, he was diagnosed with a brain tumor found to be a deadly, rapid-growing cancer; Due the location, it was considered inoperable. The doctors recommended intense chemotherapy and radiation and predicted that without them the patient would be dead within six months. Such treatment would have severe side- effects, worse than the present symptoms, and would have induced anxiety and depression, and the prognosis would still not be good for full recovery. This patient could not accept the reasoning behind undertaking this treatment. Instead, he moved to California, joined a meditation group, and undertook a series of healing diets, engaged in exercise, and practiced visualization techniques and other mental approaches. In essence, he worked with his mind to activate the desired healing effect in his body. The man soon began to feel better, and within six months, his symptoms were almost completely gone. He returned to his hometown and underwent another CAT scan, which showed no traces of cancer and no sign that any had ever been present! Conventional medicine conveniently put this down to a mix-up in the patient’s files. However, in analyzing the man’s personal experience and earlier symptoms, and the fact that it was an unusual situation, we may conclude that this patient is yet another example of the true power of the mind-body connection – a frightening notion to some.
Sheryl tells Dr. Mardin she has interviewed many people who have overcome similar life-threatening diagnosis’s. Whatever the mind can think can be created if it is within the blueprint or life journey of the soul. People have overcome cancer among other problems with the right mindset and shift in lifestyle that helped their body Heal naturally. The body often reflects what the mind thinks..think you will catch a cold and you probably will…think you will die from cancer like other relatives in your family and you might. Let’s start believing that we have as long as we need in this present life to accomplish what our soul came to find, and enjoy not put negative spins on anything. Deal with issues as they arise, but don’t manifest them by your own fears inactions or actions. Simply BE in love with life.
In summarizing today’s episode of Healing From Within we have seen how with the proper mindset and tools to deal with the possible situations that one might encounter with Type 1 Diabetes you can live well long and never be defined by any that label that disease or any limitation as there are ways to conquer the challenge and be forward thinking.
Dr. Emma Mardin writes, “As we know science has proved the body has infinite healing possibilities. Further evidenced from the case studies I have included above, we have a lot to be excited about. Knowing how the mind and body are inextricably linked, we have infinite power to self-heal, given the right mind-set, core belief system, and deep rooted change work. There’s no excuse to ever give up; in fact, every reason to be permanent reversal of any type of diabetes. The case studies in this book should convince you that rejecting negativity is worth it. But if not you’ll only ever believe it when you do it yourself. You have nothing to fear or lose, and everything to gain. It’s your personal choice.”
“If you need any further inspiration, read the following stories of triumph over the odds in Dr. Mardin’s book Mind Body Diabetes and others in the book. Swimmer, Gary Hall Jr. Olympic swimmer is an amazing success and inspiration. In 2000, just one year after he was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes and was told he would never again be able to compete at an Olympic level, he took home his first individual gold medal in the 50-meter freestyle race at the Olympic Games – a great achievement, which he repeated in 2004. Gary Hall is testament to the power of an indestructible mind-set!
Then we have Actress, Halle Berry a successful actress. Halle Berry has never let her diagnosis of Type 1 diabetes get in her way. She now refers to herself as having Type 2 (like) diabetes, as a result of weaning herself off insulin. She is another inspirational public figure among many, living with diabetes, who demonstrates an incredible mind-set and the power of saying no to the negative’s. There are so many amazing people in the world, capable of infinite courage to live out their dreams and goals.
There are many people who defy the odds and become champions of Spirit and live extraordinary lives possibly as their hearts minds and passion strive to live life generated and assisted by souls who are beloved by life and a creative force that ultimately heals all.
Dr. Emma Mardin and Sheryl would have you remember yourself as a soul being having a physical life complete with a life plan, that often may hold challenges to stabilizing your physical and emotional well being. However, know that nothing is random, nothing is good or bad, but simply experience that leads us to remember we are not alone, and there are tools and people to help us from both the physical and spiritual perspective. We must visualize, meditate, pray, ask for help at times, and set intentions for a good run of things, for a good life. The choice to trust that all is as it should be becomes a great mantra and healing possibility.