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Special Guest: Janie Boisclair
Sheryl Glick host of Healing From Within and author of The Living Spirit a tale of healing energies, spiritual communication miracles and a guide to your inner soul awakening welcomes Janie Boisclair author of The Clairvoyant Gourmet who like Sheryl an intuitive healer-medium uses all five senses…. sight hearing touch taste and smell to receive impressions or messages from Spirit. Boisclair finds a developed unique gift in her work and connects to Spirit receiving many loving messages through her sense of taste and smell and for years has given some type of food element in all her readings.
Sheryl and her guests share intimate and empowering stories: glimpses into a world beyond the physical, into the energy of Universal Laws and a greater understanding of our ego/physical life and spiritual/soul life so we may discover our life plan, remember who we are, and why we have chosen to have a physical incarnation. Moving beyond physical reality to know our inner self helps to improve our health, relationships, and find greater meaning and joy in our life journey. In this episode of “Healing From Within” Janie will share how finding her talents as a clairyoyant gourmet has brought her and her clients a greater realization of our spiritual essence through her work. She will describe her readings and how she discovered her specialty as all mediums share some common elements, but are each destined to practice in ways that serve themselves and the public in specific areas.
In remembering her childhood Janie has many vivid memories. She knew from around five years old, that she was able to communicate with outside energies. Her mom would say that she had no problem hanging out with herself in the corner of the room for hours talking with pretend friends. She was referring to her friend Suzie whom she continuously spoke to from the other side, but nobody could see her except me. The older she got, the more her skills continued to grow and she was able to do more than just speak to the other side. As a young teenager, she found that she had strong “insights” with regard to people around her and other universal life happenings. She was fascinated that she would know of disasters happening around the world before they actually happened. She would physically feel the heartache and pain of the people who she watched on television as they recovered from tornados and floods and other natural disasters and wondered why they didn’t know it was coming like she did. In those same years she started to really understand how sensitive she was physically. She started having a difficult time watching scary movies or war shows or anything that involved people hurting other people
Sheryl concurs with Janie’s sensitivities as it has been much the same for her since childhood, but Sheryl is simply grateful for the ability to feel in a world where many have shut down into a state of numbness overwhelmed by the energy of emotion and fear. However, we can only fulfill our soul need to empower ourselves with greater love and compassion by feeling our emotions and mastering them.
Janie describes herself as a 5C Clairvoyant meaning I have very strong senses (Clairs) in all five areas. Let’s start with vision. This is known as a Clairvoyant. The word itself means Clear Vision. By definition, a Clairvoyant is someone who receives extrasensory impressions and symbols in the form of mental images without the aid of their physical eyes. That allows them to clearly see those who have passed. For me, I often see photos, videos and images I am shown from another time period. It helps me to describe something that happened in my client’s life which could be a certain important marker of change. Janie can also see the actual person that is coming through. If you were to see it like I do, it’s very much like a fuzzy cloud over the face of a human. This ability allows Janie to see eye color and hair color of the person speaking as well as height, size, weight etc. Something Janie finds very fascinating about herself is that she can read lips extremely well. There is some type of connection between my inner sight and my brain’s ability to match together the movement of lips to actual words processed no matter how far away the person is from me. If I can see their face, I can process their lip movement into conversation. I am sure that this is a result of the Clairvoyance. The next sense mediums work with is sound. The word Clairaudience means Clear Audio or Hearing. The definition is to perceive sounds or words and extrasensory noise from spiritual or ethereal realms which are perceived without the aid of the physical ear. How I experience this is through hearing the spiritual contact’s voice or a specific song they may be singing or a noise that took place that may have startled the client and needs explaining. Janie has noticed a great increase in her ability to hear over the years. Her mom says that when she was little she used to cover her ears or move away from an area because she experienced noise at a different level than my siblings. Sheryl also is extremely sensitive to sound and smells as being empathic heightens all natural senses.
Smell follows in strength of senses. The word for smell is Clairscent which means clear smell. The definition is to smell a fragrance or odor of a substance or food which is not in one’s surroundings. These odors are perceived without the aid of the physical nose. In a reading setting, aromas from memories and times past will often come in. A great example of that is when I connect to a family figure, perhaps a grandmother, who reminds their grandchild of a specific spaghetti dinner where the child was present and where perhaps something magnificent happened to create an amazing memory. Janie will actually get the smell of the meal- perhaps the sauce or the garlic bread accompaniment or the fresh greens from the salad, etc. Janie can then express things like “your grandmother’s sauce is very strong in basil, etc. One of the reasons this is so helpful in a reading is that it helps the person I am working with to really solidify in their mind that this is truly a conversation with the other side. When they can be relaxed in knowing this is in fact happening, then they open themselves up better to hear the guidance coming through. One of the things Janie loves about the getting the smell is sometimes she gets the most amazing aromas that she has not personally had the experience of. Certain foods or flowers or buildings pop in for me of places I have never been or things I have never eaten so it is a new experience for my brain as well! Hand in hand with smell comes taste. The word for taste is Clairgustance meaning Clear taste. The definition being an inner tasting or the ability to taste a flavor without actually putting anything into your mouth. This Janie must say is a double edged sword! Sometimes she gets to taste the most amazing heirloom recipes and gets to experience the meals of a premium home cook that is just delightful. The opposite of that experience is when I get the taste of meals that were loved by someone but are not to a taste that pleases my palate!
Sheryl says that all mediums have specific specialties for example, Sheryl thinks of herself as a Soul Healer for through her combined readings and Reiki energy work she helps people discover and remember their energetic soul presence, soul needs, and their personal connection to Spirit. As Sheryl is extremely empathic or Clairscientient which means strong in feeling or simply knowing people’s emotions and or pain in the body she helps people make decisions about their health, work and personal relationships remembering their life path or destiny and what their soul needs to accomplish in this life. Sheryl has interviewed many mediums who work with animals, bereavement and loss, helping police enforcement in solving crime, soul rescuers helping others move past death to the higher state of consciousness leaving the earth plane and others.
In Sheryl’s book The Living Spirit: Answers for Healing and Infinite Love she describes how messages from Spirit are received and she wrote, ”Whether you realize it or not, everyone receives messages from Spirit. These messages can take several forms: visual olfactory or auditory. Mediums are no different –each receives messages in ways that are unique to him or her. The key is learning how to recognize these messages and begin to uncover your personal “system” for communicating with Spirit. First, you must work on becoming a clear channel for those messages, which essentially means quieting the egocentric mind chatter that can muddy and even block a connection with the Divine.”
Janie originally connected to her father when at a class on Nutrition and there she met a woman who told her that she really looked like her father and he was standing behind me and saluting, a game we played when I was a kid. Then she said to me, ”Well, you asked your dad to communicate with you when he was leaving this earth, didn’t you? Why are you so surprised he is?!” That statement took my breath away as I had never told her the story of our last moments together and what I said to him in the hospital. It was a bit creepy and exciting all at the same time! That was the beginning of a very magical day that truly opened Janie’s eyes to the unknown land of communicating with the other side, angels, spirits, gods (whatever or whomever you believe is up above us). She learned all about this space you can’t see, that some call heaven and some call the universe, and which Sheryl calls, “Upstairs,” where you can communicate with not only crossed angels, but others from other planets and universes, if you allow yourself to go there mentally! Janie found it extremely fascinating information. She decided that day that she wanted her to be her mentor in this realm so she could show Janie how to work with these amazing abilities that all were an extension of our senses and what that could mean for Janie in her future healings. For the next several weeks, she walked Janie through a complete understanding of what a Clairvoyant is, along with both the scientific and spiritual aspects of being Clairvoyant, and the moral duties attached. Janie as Sheryl learned from their teachers that when you decide to use these gifts in conjunction with other people, that the accepting of the gifts comes with the personal oath of saying exactly what you hear, bringing none of your own thoughts into the mix. In other words, you have to move your thoughts and brain aside and be a pure channel of the guidance you are receiving. By using my finely tuned senses, Janie could now bring them to a new thought space that made them feel comfortable growing to an elevated level of forgiveness for situations that took place in their life
Somehow this would also make me feel empowered as a vessel that could assist others on earth to live a happier life. WOW! What a beautiful gift. It has now been many years since my father left the earth and kicked that Clairvoyant door wide open for me. Over the years Janie and Sheryl have discovered to greatly embrace their gifts with gratitude and have been blessed to see so many lives change before their eyes as a result of their readings, which is always a beautiful gift in itself for both clairvoyant/medium/client to experience.
Sheryl shares with Janie that she was probably a skeptic in regard to belief in an afterlife as her family only spoke of people being remembered in our memories and heart, but not actually being around us in soul or spirit….but once I became aware as a result of a spiritual visitation from my grandfather the night before my father passed telling me I had to write something for my father and then learning the next day he had indeed died I was on a quest to understand where my grandfather was living or residing, as he had been dead for 35 years, and how he was able to visit me at such a difficult time to help me weather the loss of my father. I began to study psychic/mediums in hopes of finding out more about spiritual communication as now I thought that perhaps there was NO death…only a transition to a new life beyond this. But Sheryl needed proof. So she volunteered for hospice work and that greatly helped her sense and understand much about energy, souls and the afterlife. Studying Reiki energy healing further opened up her spiritual ability to channel energy and receive messages from spirit. It was a consistent effort and discipline to heighten her awareness and skill to work in this area.
Since food is a big part of most people’s life Sheryl asks Janie about her connection with food and relays to Janie that as a very skinny child her grandfather was always calling her skinny and trying to get her to eat. As a kid he used to say to her, “Eat, eat you are too skinny.” Sheryl’s daughter Stacey was the same way and Sheryl tried in so many ways to entice her to eat …anything. Stacey was a successful child actress for ten years and is today the Vice President of Dystel Goderich & Bourret Literary Management in New York. One of her specialties as a successful agent are the amazing Cook Books she helps to get published and she is much interested in the culinary arts. So sometimes our challenges in childhood are overcome, and we find great ability to find positive results well past our fears and any limitation.
When Janie analyzes her cooking patterns looking back at how this whole cooking thing started, she notices that she had been primarily driven to shop at farmers markets all of my cooking life beginning as a girl. When she was growing up, at around the age of 6, she had a neighbor with a daughter her age that raised chickens and had a very large garden. At that time she was living in Connecticut. Every weekend he would load up his daughter and Janie and take us to the farmers market both to sell his raised crops and eggs, as well as pick up plants and food he was not currently growing. Janie was obsessed with going with him weekly. We would walk all around the farm and pick things to snack on (green beans, sugar snap peas and cherry tomatoes were my personal favorites) Janie would even scramble to get her chores done so she did not miss out on the adventures of touching and smelling all the produce
Smell is strongly linked to memory and Janie and Sheryl believe our spirit guides and deceased loved ones use smell to evoke important memories. Sheryl says…In one reading she was doing Sheryl smelled a damp woodsy smell that she personally remembered from a restaurant by the water and when she mentioned this, the client started to cry because it was in such a place that her deceased husband had proposed to her, and she still went there with her family on some occasions…so the husband was reaffirming his love and the pleasure he had there while also showing her he was aware that she still enjoyed going to that place. Spirit used a memory I had that also coincided with a memory that this women had.
Food does bring people together. So often a certain food or recipe can evoke certain memories of time spent together with family and loved ones. Janie says that deceased loved ones will often show her foods and dishes that connected them with the person being read.
Janie goes on to say…..As an additional thought, many readings start out with a food memory. What does that mean? Let’s say Janie is connecting with a family member and they are unsure that you are ACTUALLY communicating with them. They will often come through with a family celebration and highlight something that was served. For example “Remember your fifth birthday when Uncle Billy knocked your chocolate cake off the table when you were blowing off the candles?” or “Remember the family barbeque where we all sat around the picnic table and shucked 50 ear of corn?” Food plays a big part in family memories and is a great way to let you know that you are actually communicating with a loved one so that you settle into the reading quicker and open up to the guidance you are about to receive.
Those stories remind Sheryl of a message she received years ago where the smell of peppermint and the message to a daughter were so poignant. Sheryl sensed the man in spirit, her father reaching into his pocket and pulling out a handful of wrapped peppermint candy and Sheryl smelled the peppermint and immediately the young woman began to cry because she wasn’t with her father when he died and she felt so guilty about not being there. The thought that came into my mind from the father was, “I am showing her the sweetness I shared with her and others, and that is why I always had candy in my pocket wherever I went. She had nothing to be guilty for as all events happen just as they are supposed to. WE are not in control of anything that happens, only how we choose to respond hopefully with love and compassion no matter what challenge we face.”
Janie tells us she often gets recipes for special dishes, recipes that may have been forgotten and they are often very specific and give exact measurements.
Janie has had a fun adventure channeling specific recipes from friends or relatives or even at times, complete strangers that I have met through other people’s reading sessions. Usually it all starts out with getting the aroma followed by a visual of what I am connecting with and finally the taste. When I receive the details, it is often through visuals. Sometimes I will see a measuring cup with flour in it and can clearly see that it is at 3Ž4 cup. Other times, I see it is three fourths of the way full and have to figure it out. I will be shown specific pans or bowls or utensils to use for different portions of the process and see a bright light up glow around the areas or conversations that involve the “secret” to the recipe. I get it as a signal that this portion is special. In receiving some of the old recipes from generations back there are ingredients in them that either we cannot get or have access to or are no longer a healthy option for us that has been realized since the day of their existence. In those cases, for something I am creating in my own kitchen, I will start with asking my angels to enlighten me as to what I can replace that item with. If I am not clear on the result or answer then I resort to going online and asking the same question so I can convert that retired item into something that works for the recipe. When I actually make the recipe, I can often know that I have made it correctly by the ability to recall the taste I had in my mouth at the time of the reading. I want to share with you some of my favorite fun and memorable recipe stories:
One story begins with a gentleman and his sister who reached out to me after hearing one of my show interviews. The brother was in Canada and the sister was in Florida on a conference call with me to connect to their parents. Toward the end of the call, the brother says to me that he would love to get the recipe from a restaurant in Canada that he used to go to. He did not remember the name of it, but knew the town. He described the amazing pasta dish he used to eat there and how he still craved the sauce from time to time, but that he heard the owner had passed and the place had closed. As he was telling me this story, I suddenly see this beautiful Italian woman who was giving me her name as Celeste. She said she not only knew who he was but remembered him frequenting her restaurant. I asked her if she would be kind enough to share this recipe with him as he was opening a restaurant of his own and wanted to honor her recipe on his menu. For the next several minutes she rattled off the ingredients and how exactly she put them together, how long she cooked them for and at what temperature. Then to our surprise, she blessed him with the additional instructions for her delicious accompaniment of garlic bread with her own special sauce on top. He was delighted to have had the experience of connecting with her and it was quite a compliment to her that he was going to honor her creations on his menu. It was a very exciting experience for all of us!
Janie and Sheryl suggest listeners begin to refine their own awareness of spirit and begin to use all their resources to learn more about the truth of our being as spiritual beings having a physical life. We might begin by being in a state of quiet listening, to nature, in prayer or meditation, in service to others in being more comfortable in our body eliminating tiredness, stress, dehydration, and becoming aware of our more joyful thoughts while sending away negativity fear and too much interest in the material world. We might also begin to appreciate life in its many aspects and conquering the fears worries and limitations of the mind or ego which often are just not quite accurate. We might also become more in tune with how we feel and react to people and places and most importantly ASK FOR HELP AND GUIDANCE IN ALL THINGS: TALKING TO SPIRIT AND BEING GRATEFUL FOR WHATEVER IS IN YOUR LIFE: GETTING RID OF ALL BLAME JUDGMENT AND ANGER ON THE WAY TO PEACEFUL ACCEPTANCE.
Janie Boisclair author of The Clairvoyant Gourmet has shared the way she uses her spiritual gifts to help people remember loved ones and the joy they shared in times of celebration and family gatherings, enjoying food and love as they journey through their physical life in search of higher awareness of their soul potential.
Janie and Sheryl have shared a comprehensive study of the way mediums use an intuitive awareness of soul moving past the five senses to an inner sense of energetic knowingness in various ways in order to serve humanity in their ability to raise their level of consciousness and remember once again the truth of life as both a physical and spiritual endeavor, and that life is continuous fluid and transcendent…there is no death only renewal re-growth and moving past the restrictions of old ways and beliefs to find the Oneness and Unity here and beyond, as we refine our intuitive essence and move towards the lightness of Being and eternal life, finding joy, peace and love.
Guest: Janie Boisclair