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Why Collaboration is Crucial to Success with Ronan Leonard

Today, Steve Kidd is joined by Ronan Leonard, a Mastermind Connector (peer-to-peer mentoring) who has been in business for 15 amazing years. In this episode, he will be talking to us about masterminds and collaborations for small business owners.
We’re all on our own different journey. There is no cookie-cutter advice out there that’s going to show you the right path. You’ve got to try a few things. But, ultimately, if you can find those people — the champions, mentors or an accountability partner — that is one of the best things to do in business. My encouragement is not to go alone because the lonely path has a lot of wrong turns and it’s so much harder, so find those people around you that get you and that you can work together with. — Ronan
No man is an island.
This saying applies in all areas of our life. Things always turn out better when we work together with other people. But always remember to be smart on who you invest yourself and your time into.
Now is the time not only to thrive in your life but in your business too. Join Steve Kidd in this amazing interview with Ronan Leonard.