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Sheryl Glick


Special Guest: Cindy Locher
In today’s episode of “Healing From Within” your host Sheryl Glick author of The Living Spirit which shares stories of awakening spiritual communication healing miracles and is a guide to your inner soul essence welcomes Cindy Locher a certified Hypnotherapist and master NLP Practitioner whose passion is to help others cultivate a mindset for success and realize the potential of their “Magical Minds.” Today we will discuss her contribution to a new book entitled The Art of Spiritual Hypnosis.
Sheryl and her guests on “Healing From Within” share intimate stories and their growing awareness of our duality as both energetic and physical beings who through self-investigation and self-mastery of their emotional life discover intuition and a sense of inner knowing that helps them transform many challenges so they can enjoy a happy, healthy lifestyle.
Cindy Locher can be heard on a former show for “Healing From Within” discussing Mastering The Art of Success co-authored with Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen. You can listen to that show on the radio page of my website In this show we will now discuss The Art of Spiritual Hypnosis learning how to use language patterns to prime yourself for success, use medical hypnosis for what is happening in your mind when you feel stuck and learning to know that if you are able to imagine something, the capacity lies within you to create it. We will also discuss five ways the subconscious mind learns so that you can intentionally program your own subconscious mind using these hardwired learning pathways.
Cindy thinks back to her earlier life to remember her father whose values and lifestyle guided her to her own life plan and to the work she does now. Cindy grew up in a spiritual household with a father who practiced hypnotism and so I was intrigued when Roy asked me to be included in his new book The Art of Spiritual Hypnosis. Cindy has believed in a higher power as the source of constant wisdom and guidance in my life since as long as she can remember. Cindy tells us when she was around eight or nine years old she experienced a voice of that universal wisdom telling her she was here on earth to help others. When she revealed this to her mother, she was shocked or taken aback that Cindy would have such a revelation at that young age. Another of Cindy’s earliest memories is being in her bed just on the twilight of sleep and this benevolent image of a hand coming down from her ceiling and touching her on the forehead with loving intention. Cindy always remember this event and believes that we are now at a time where we will be able to be in tune with those voices of wisdom from the spiritual realm. Cindy also tells us the story of when she was a little girl and ran to every drawer in the house looking for her tiara. Many years later during a past life hypnotherapy session it was revealed that in a former English or Victorian past life Cindy was married and the tradition of those times was for every married woman to have a tiara to show their married status. Sheryl gets excited and tells Cindy that just the day before she saw a movie, The Lost City of Z which told of an English explorer who went to the Brazilian Amazon and whose wife in the movie when getting ready to attend a party, opened the drawer and put on a tiara. Sheryl thought to herself , “Why would she have that as they were not wealthy or aristocratic people.” It seems it was just a custom of that time and culture and Sheryl’s question was answered the very next day when Cindy shared her own remembrance of a past time and life time.
Cindy goes on to tell how the Trans state or hypnosis can help a person to sudden miraculous healing and other benefits. In the Western world Anton Mesmer is considered the forefather of what James Braid converted to hypnotism a word that literally means sleep. Hypnotism was rejected by both medicine and most psychologists until well into the latter part of the 20th century. Today we know hypnosis can lead to sudden miraculous healing. There are indeed many spiritual uses of hypnosis induced by sound, music, light, vibration and thought or mantras. Self-hypnosis is also possible. Religious literature is filled with discussions of sudden mystical transformation experiences.
C Norman Shealy, MD has personally practiced Past Life Therapy as one of the most effective treatments for almost any disorder. Many doctors have found that Past Life Therapy, similar to Near Death experiences can lead to spiritual transformation and new perspectives on the true nature of life, death and healing. Since a huge majority of people trust and believe in God so the incorporation of prayer and spiritual expectation into the guided imagery of a therapist is an ideal marriage of special techniques for ultimate healing.
It has been found that Hypnosis can be used for health and wellness, elimination of certain fears and phobias, curbing of anxiety, assisting with ADD/ADHD symptoms, smoking cessation, weight loss, sports performance, sleep deprivation, self-development, academic improvement and Asperger’s.
Some of the most common misconceptions about professional hypnosis are that only gullible, uneducated, or less intelligent people can be hypnotized and that hypnosis is a state of unconsciousness or sleep, when in actuality you are in a state of relaxation, and another misconception is that you can be forced to act against your will or contrary to your morals or may reveal private information. Some people think you may not wake up from a hypnotic trance. All these thoughts are misconceptions.
Cindy refers to the “Magical Mind” and talks about what is happening in one’s mind when they feel stuck. Cindy discovered the magic mind when she was a young girl, as she was aware and in tune with those voices of wisdom from the spiritual realm. Cindy believes and fears that it is the noise and confusion of the world and the messages we hear growing up from parents, teachers and friends, along with the brain’s natural maturation process that distances so many of us from those inspiring healing, loving messages from spirit as we grow older. Cindy feels it is an opportunity to work with others not just helping them to get in touch with their higher self or soul essence but to really reestablish a communication that they may have forgotten from their younger years…the more you listen the more you’ll hear and the more you hear the more you’ll listen, Spirit Trek Experiences as Cindy calls them can happen in hypnotherapy session.
We know that if you are able to imagine something then the capability lies within you to achieve that goal. Sheryl remembers when she first saw Star Trek on television so long ago and watched the transporter machine taking an entire person from one place to another by rearranging their molecules. Sheryl felt that everything we think and focus on can become a reality, and while she hasn’t transported yet to other realms physically, Sheryl’s energy does interact with the Unified Field of Consciousness and as a medium downloads and channels information from departed souls, spiritual guides and teachers, living beyond this life plane.
Cindy believes that our mind can create many new realities. In trying to show us how our mind can create many new realities Cindy tells an exciting Spirit Trek session she engaged in with her client Carol who experienced the life between lives and prior to this session didn’t know it existed, yet after the session she described it perfectly. Carol had difficulty feeling love for herself and suffered with bouts of insomnia and remembered always “pushing people away,” and not being able to develop the friendships most children have. Carol came for a hypnotherapy session because she wanted to know why she pushed people away. During the session Carol described her Higher Self (soul essence) was in a white grey mist not in a body and was waiting to move into the physical realm. This experience that Carol described matches that of “the Bardo of life between lives” as described by Joel Whitton, author of Life Between Life (1986 Warner Books). Whitton wrote, ”Life between life is not a fairy tale world, nor is it an atmosphere of free floating cottonwood emptiness. “Those who have tasted its richness know that they have visited the ultimate reality, the plane of consciousness from which they embark on successful trials of incarnation and to which they return at the death of the body.” The state of meta-consciousness that characterizes the inter-life is one where the individual merges with the quintessence of existence: but paradoxically, in surrendering his own identity he becomes at the same time more intensely self-aware.” Carol’s experience helped her to see that what had happened to her in this life was just a path to learning and rather than taking these things personally which is the embodied ego’s reaction, her soul could rise above and beyond the experiences that she was previously concerned with. Carols new awareness allowed her to release and let go of any guilt about past behavior and allowed her to open up to new possibilities which ultimately made her say yes to new opportunities as they arrived.
The five ways the subconscious mind learns and we intentionally program our own subconscious mind to create a healthier more joyful life experience are:
1. Subscribing to the idea that life is a destination…Life is a journey not a destination. When we decide upon markers which constitute success, and then set about achieving them with a gritty determination, when we get to the point of success, we find that it has not made us feel any better about ourselves. The feeling of success is fleeting. Nothing lasts forever, everything comes and goes. The only thing that remains the same is that change is inevitable. Concentrate on the journey and how it made you feel, what you learned in the process and the connections you made with other people.
2. Planning and Worrying Your Life Away; All we have is this moment the past is gone forever and the future is yet to come. We know this but often we act as if we didn’t. If you spend time worrying about what might be, you are wasting the present moment. George Papadas, of Visual Meditation, has written that our subconscious is at its most powerful when we are giving our senses a rest, this happens when we are calm and relaxed. You can work with your subconscious mind at times like this to affirm the change you want to see in your life, however the subconscious mind only in the present tense, So begin with the affirmation “I am”, instead of “I will”. “I am” acts promptly in a very powerful way.
3. Reducing Yourself to the Sum of Your Actions; The human mind and body is a complex system of processes. To reduce yourself to what you have been or done in the past is hugely underestimating yourself. Our past experiences and memories are stored within our subconscious ready to be pulled up at any moment. These thoughts can be good or bad but at the end of the day they are only thoughts. The past is gone and the way we recall events can be skewed by how we feel in the moment. If you feel good you may recall a pleasant memory but if you happen to feel like a failure your subconscious mind will supply an abundance of memories which reinforce that feeling. Dwelling on these can really make us believe we are simply a failure. Try to remember the subconscious is a database full of every emotion you have ever felt. Treating these memories as facts is no longer accurate because as memoires they are not real in the moment. So try to accept these old emotions and let them remain in the past. Then focus on the present moment and create a positive scenario.
4. Comparing Your Success to Others; Measuring success in terms of randomly assigned benchmarks does not tend to result in lasting satisfaction. As young children when we learn most of our closely held beliefs, it is instilled in many us that success looks like getting married and having a family by a certain age, and that is particularly true for women. If it doesn’t happen according to this held belief, then often they’ll feel like a failure. It is possible to retrain the messages in our subconscious so we can walk our own path without being afraid of being left behind our peers.
5. Accepting Beliefs As Facts; Our subconscious records the messages we send it via our senses. When messages are repeated over and over we begin to see them as truth and a pattern is developed. These beliefs you inherited from your parents, the ones you don’t agree with but somehow end up believing them, can be let go of. You can reprogram your subconscious mind by feeding it new beliefs in a conscious state.
Sheryl gives us concrete evidence that we are capable of more than we previously thought possible and says since most people are influenced by the beliefs, experiences and training of their childhood they are often limited in seeing the larger picture for their soul development and so act redundantly repeating the same behaviors and often getting unsatisfactory responses or results. When we change our actions and work from higher emotions of joy positivity love and peace in alignment with our higher self or soul knowingness, rather than negative emotions of fear anger, guilt, sorrow, greed and our ego thought patterns, we begin to feel better, act better, and have better results. Begin to use your body as a barometer for personal growth. Awareness of the comfort or distress one feels when encountering people, events or making decisions often tells us what makes us feel comfortable or uncomfortable; what is right or wrong for us, and we can determine what choices we must make based on our feelings within our body. The body reacts to what the mind or spiritual sense tells us, so many illnesses first begin in the mind and if we change the mind we change the results. We are creating and manifesting our own life story. Sheryl believes anything the mind can think of is possible with effort, consistency and hard work.
We can learn to use language patterns to prime ourselves for success. Cindy tells us that N/LP Or Neuro-Linguisitic Programing has the power to instantly dissolve problems and old worn-out mindsets. NLP is a cognitive psychological art form developed in the late 1970’s by Richard Bandler and John Grinder, and expressed the thought that there is a connection between neurological processes, learned behavioral patterns and language. NLP can be used to change ways of thinking and behaving to reach goals. NLP is a covert form of direct hypnosis, Hypnotic language patterns like daydreaming, can feel like you’ve taken a journey. When you are influencing a person in a conversation you need to be steering their mind in a certain direction, when used incorrectly, language patterns will derail a conversation even before it started. We begin with the explosive power of “Presuppositions,” something that is thought to be true, so your message can be heard loud and clear. An example of this is: “Would you like to pay with cash or credit card today for your new car?” The assumption is you have cash or credit card with you and you’re ready to purchase today, or the car you are checking out is your car already now. But if you say, “I assume you want to buy this car right now, so why don’t you just choose between cash or a credit card for the car you’ve been checking out?” The customer will most probably decline to purchase the car.
Cindy and Sheryl go on to suggest that most people need to reinvent and empower themselves to be the person they want to be and most people find that they need help along the way to make their lives more enjoyable fulfilling and to change habits that they just can’t seem to change themselves.. Change Work Hypnosis center where Cindy Locher and others work offers sophisticated techniques to help move forward. Cindy tells us about some techniques she offers and recommends. Those techniques include spiritual hypnosis which can help people find the balance in their lives transforming old beliefs and habits to find true healing of mind, body and spirit, as we are not composed of separate parts, but of one mind body and spirit which communicate through consciousness. Bernie Siegel MD says this in his endorsement of The Art of Spiritual Hypnosis and in his books The Art of Healing and A Book of Miracles. Other services include autogenic training, essential oils consult, hypnosis sessions for weight loss, anxiety chronic pain academic improvement, sports, sleep and to reach your potential.
Sheryl has found as a Reiki energy practitioner and medium, that there are many modalities that can allow for an integration of mind and soul connection for understanding human and spiritual development. The different modalities for this purpose might include: Reiki, hypnosis, past life therapy, reflexology, cranio-sacral therapy, massage, chiropractic, osteopathic manipulation, acupuncture, acupressure, and other mind body spirit healing methods. In my book The Living Spirit, I addressed alternative healing therapies as a vital enhancement for the needs of our changing health care system and wrote, “Healing is not a science, but the intuitive art of wooing nature. This was written by W H Auden. “This line like so much of Auden’s poetry captures an essential truth about life, love and what it means to be human. The human body is hardwired to heal itself, a fact that until recently was largely ignored by Western medicine. Not long ago if you told someone particularly an MD that you were an energy healer they might have laughed you out of the room. Now decades after W H Auden penned the poem The Art of Healing and dedicated it to his personal physician, the medical community is finally catching up to him. The concept of what constitutes good health practice is continually evolving. In the past you took a pill or were scheduled for surgery. These days, however, health is not just about the physical body. Perhaps, that’s why mainstream magazines, websites and blogs now include methods for meditation, yoga, breathing exercises and relaxation practices for the body and mind. Even some of the most traditional doctors and nurses now acknowledge that alternative heath practices are a vital piece of the holistic puzzle.” So much has changed in all aspects of our understanding of energy and human potential.
The purpose of the book The Art of Spiritual Hypnosis is to share a greater understanding of methods for those who would like to know there is hope beyond this life, and to know whether this life is all there is, or whether Consciousness continues after physical death. Hypnosis and other spiritually based practices help readers and clients find an inner basis for realizing a greater truth of their being. Sheryl shares with Cindy that the mission of this show Healing From Within is to offer to listeners the truth through an exploration of Universal Energy, Quantum Physics and the many mystical experiences that she and her guests have had that have exposed them to a new awareness that indeed the Oneness of our Being, the Seen and Unseen World, the World of Form or the Formlessness, the Spirit or the Physical body, are when understood show us the truth of who we are: Spiritual energy beings projecting our thoughts into creating or manifesting our physical life.
We can draw on the spiritual experiences of scores of people to help provide faith hope and love as well as reasons to believe in God or Universal Source and life after life.
In The Art of Spiritual Hypnosis, Raymond Moody M.D. and Eben Alexander M.D. and their experiences are mentioned. Both doctors have been former guests on Healing From Within. By going to my website you can listen to their interviews. Both doctors skeptics at one time, like myself, looked and found much proof that a higher dimension of life is real. Dr Raymond Moody a psychiatrist in looking for actual proof of survival of life after physical life studied near death experiences and found similarities in all accounts in that spiritual realm, the unseen world or the other side. Dr. Moody’s most recent book Glimpses of Eternity shares inexplicable experiences of healthy friends and relatives at the bedside of people at the moment of death who saw spirit in the room. Scientists might try to explain that chemicals in a dying brain could cause hallucinations but when other people at the bedside of a dying person share the same experience it must be true. Eben Alexander M.D. neurosurgeon at Harvard University, was an NDE skeptic till he had his own NDE while in a coma from an inexplicable brain infection. He shares that there is that elusive something that survives physical death. Elisabeth Kubler Ross M.D. was co-founder of the hospice movement and her most famous book On Death and Dying (1969) and her study of more than 20,000 people who had NDE’s reveals the afterlife as a return to wholeness of Spirit. Kubler Ross practiced medicine for the soul and not the body. Sheryl interviewed Vernon Sylvest M.D. author of The End Of Fear who purchased Elisabeth’s spiritual retreat center in Virginia, which Sheryl visited and interviewed Dr Sylvest who like the other doctors understood energy, our eternal life force and the need to coordinate Western and Eastern beliefs to truly understand the cycle of life and death.
Cindy Locher participant and contributor to the book The Art of Spiritual Hypnosis shared effective methods for helping clients to access their higher Self and to through sessions discover more about their soul’s purpose for experiencing a physical life which is uniquely designed for their own personal soul growth.
In summarizing today’s episode of “Healing From Within” we have discussed how people of all faiths pray seeking answers from a higher Power and many claim to have instant answers. Others have prayed repeatedly for ongoing concerns that seem to go on and on before clarity or answers are known. Many people would truly like to believe their prayers are heard and that they could receive words or messages from God or Spirit that would offer wisdom and inspiration, encouragement and love. Cindy and Sheryl and those who have contributed to this book The Art of Spiritual Hypnosis know that mediation and hypnosis, along with prayer and other healing modalities are tools for making this desire a possibility. All forms of self help seek ways to understand oneself, the world, nature, and the continuous process of life, death and renewal, in ways that can give us skills to redefine ourselves and to empower us with hope faith and trust in a plan that is bigger than the immediate reality of merely our physical body or material world.
Cindy and Sheryl would hope that as she wrote, “So I saw this opportunity to work with others not just help them get in touch with their higher selves, but to really establish a communication a connection that they may have forgotten having in their earlier years. I am certain that the Higher Self connection is always available to us and that we need merely to be open. As I tell so many of my clients, the more you listen, the more you’ll hear: and the more you hear the more you will listen…”
Sheryl would hope you see the world with new perspective: as a symphony of sounds sights and delights that help us discover or remember we are not alone, and life is but a gathering of experiences to refine our inner divine soul potential so we may truly know greater compassion love and respect for the gift of life, render any challenge unable to harm or alter our true eternal essence and trust in a greater reality for us all.Guest: Cindy Locher