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Reinventing Yourself and Realizing Your Self-Worth with Anissa and Julee

Today, I am joined by two amazing Bestselling authors, Anissa Zabriskie and Julee Hunt, who will be pouring into you more the importance of believing in yourself and to know that no matter what has been, you are on a path to success.

Sometimes, the path that we take in our life isn’t the direction that we should go on. Sometimes it’s a bad thing, but sometimes it’s just a change that needs to happen. Either way, sometimes you need to change the road you’re taking in life.

REROUTING…: A Guide to Changing Your Pathway In Life by Anissa Zabriskie MBA

Anissa encourages you to embrace your purpose, and fulfill your destiny. She reminds us that to get from where we are to where we need to be, we have to reinvent ourselves.

You Are Worthy: A Guide For The Overwhelmed Perfectionist by Julee Hunt

Julee Hunt reveals a deep insight into the concept of worthiness. Through her own journey in finding her worthiness, Julee encourages you to believe in yourself, love what you do, live life fully and know that you are worthy of the life you dream of.

Join Steve Kidd in this amazing interview on Thriving Entrepreneur.