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Fatherless to Fearless with Kevel and Tyrone

Today, we bring you a great show with two of our Bestselling Authors, Kevel A. Anderson Sr. and Tyrone Stevenson, and we will be talking about a topic that we overlook a lot — our fathers. Today, we’re going to talk about dads and celebrate them.
The one thing that we all have in common is that all of us were given the privilege to have a father. However, not all of us were given a chance to be with them. Some people don’t even get to know who their father is. But our guests today will undoubtedly inspire you that you can still have everything in spite of being fatherless. You can go from being fatherless to fearless and flourish in your life.
One of the impacts of fatherlessness is feeling a sense of rejection and having some insecurities. Those insecurities, trust issues, and struggles for acceptance began to show up and manifest in my marriage. It affected how I was connecting with my wife. — Kevel
I have found that young men and young women have the same pain when their father is not there, but my goal is to try to heal young men so that we don’t repeat this again. — Tyrone
If you want to know more, tune in to Thriving Entrepreneur as we celebrate our fathers!