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Philip Comella

John Dee, Scientist, and Medium of Angels

Although today science and angels stand on opposite ends of the credibility spectrum, this was not always the case. In the 16th Century, Dr. John Dee, court advisor and astrologer to Queen Elizabeth I, was considered the foremost scientific genius of his age. He helped lay the foundation for modern science and made pioneering advances in navigation and optics.

His theoretical work extended to the concept of light speed and he made prototypes for telescopes and solar panels. He is also credited with inventing the concept of the “British Empire.”  But showing how the distance between science and the occult was much closer 500 years ago, he spent the last half of his life developing a way to contact angels.

Yes, angels.

In this new book, John Dee and the Empire of Angels, this week’s guest, Jason Louv, gives an engrossing account of the life of John Dee, while offering parallels and contrasts with our modern worldview.  At the end, an intriguing question is raised:  with the increasing evidence for near-death experiences, mediums, and parapsychology, and the often incredible theories of modern cosmology (see the multiverse, dark matter, and the inflationary Big Bang), are we entering a new age where the distance between science and the occult will grow closer? Is this good?

Listen in as Philip and Jason explore this and other intriguing topics.