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Doc Holliday

Texas Congressional Fight on our Nation’s Border with Mexico

Doc Holliday interviews Dr. Rey Gonzalez who is running for a seat in Congress now held by the progressive, left-wing of the Democrat Party.  Many consider this district will always be painted deep left-wing blue but Dr. Rey aims to split that like a rock!  That is why Dr. Rey Gonzalez is speaking with Doc Holliday and why everyone in the 34th Congressional District of Texas should listen to this show.  But all Americans should listen to this show and help Dr. Rey if they believe that to make America Great again, we must keep the Republicans in charge of the house rather than letting Nancy Pelosi be put back in charge.

What does Dr. Rey think about building the wall? And what do the good people of his district think about the wall?  Listen to this week’s show and find out!  Don’t forget to check out our Facebook page where Doc Holliday has his replacement plan for Obamacare posted. Hey, and why should Dr. Rey’s opponent be nicknamed Junior?  click on now to listen!