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Sheryl Glick


Special Guest: Elizabeth Joyce
On today’s episode of “Healing From Within your host Sheryl Glick author of The Living Spirit Answers for Healing and Infinite Love a story that shares a look into the world of psychic mediumship, intuition, healing energies, miracles and ways to know your soul nature is delighted to speak with Elizabeth Joyce author or Unlimited Realities which shares her gift of inner sight and natural healing with love honesty and integrity, qualities that often accompany a life of service and caring for working with the gift of Spirit true awareness and higher consciousness.
As listeners of Healing From Within are well aware Sheryl and her guests share intimate stories and insights into the world of human and divine expressions of living as we all try to balance and utilize our physical and energetic duality for a personal, collective and universal evolution and quite frankly, to improve ourselves, our health and state of emotional well being.
Elizabeth thinks back to her childhood and remembers the influence her grandmother a shaman had on her future development.
“Destiny tapped Elizabeth on the shoulder when she was eight years old and diagnosed with TB. Elizabeth was shipped off to Grandmothers house in New Hampshire to be cared for and to heal. Grandma turned out to be Elizabeth’s teacher and those lessons were two- fold: first, that True Wisdom encompasses every aspect of our being, body mind and spirit. It touches our personal life relationships with family community and the world. This lesson was so simple that there was no need for fear or running from her gift as a psychic medium. Her grandmother prepared her for her transformation, improvement of family relations, and taught her tools to conquer any struggle. Her grandmother instilled in her the courage to know past life talents and use them in this lifetime and to teach others how to enhance their understanding of “Who we are” and how to release the constraints of the past and walk in divine love.
Sheryl shares with Elizabeth that she always feels that each special guest and author on “Healing From Within” are divinely brought to the show and that she usually has meaningful coincidences with them. Sheryl’s first book Life is No Coincidence: The Life and Afterlife Connection was the story of her awakening, realizing her special spiritual gifts and to put on onto her path or destiny of healing, evolving, and sharing the truth of spirit and of higher consciousness.
One of the coincidences Sheryl shares is that she is aware that Elizabeth had an identical twin sister and a grandmother who helped her recognize and develop her mediumship abilities and Sheryl has four granddaughters and a set of identical twin granddaughters and shares her gifts of healing and the world of metaphysics with them.
Elizabeth tells us the uniqueness of her relationship with her twin sister who was so very different from her and grandmother. She Also sharing her belief that souls with these gifts pick the family they need to live their most successful and purposeful lives according to a Divine plan. Elizabeth
wrote “Children long for inner certainty and hunger to know that nothing can make their parents stop loving them. In our house dishonesty secrecy disobedience and wrongdoing were the norm. There was little sharing or joy and obedience was enforced through corporal punishment and fear. …Money recognition and fame were the life goals. There were prizes to reach for and it didn’t matter what you did to get there or who you hurt in the process. Because of this breakdown in our family structure we learned how to manipulate take rather than to give. We learned competition and control pushing others back to gain the lea and were unaware of our underlying sense of disconnection to each other and Spirit. At the core, we were troubled fearful anxious kids unsure of what caused our apprehension. …..The only thing my twin and I had going for us was our unceasing energy and our active minds. As we grew my twin became more difficult to be around. She lived to satisfy her own desires and her heart grew hard. She developed a heart that feared scarcity, a belief there isn’t enough to go around and so she must grab what she can. Such a heart inevitably suffers decay pain and death….every time I was with her trouble brewed. Sheryl thinks that unfortunately in our materialist progressive environment many families are living with values and goals that do not feed the spirit or heart and as we all mature and develop hopefully will find a kinder way to live with the higher Universal laws of energy, balance polarity, harmony prosperity attraction and love.
Elizabeth shares her understanding that in order to find wisdom and strength in making life decisions the key is to go within listen and trust that we will have all they need to create a fine life. As thoughts create our reality it is imperative to monitor our thoughts and discard any fears or negativity as what we focus our attention on does eventually manifest in our lives.
Sheryl feels that in order to find wisdom and strength we must go within and remember we are souls having a physical life simply to remember life is not random and we are never alone. In her book The Living Spirit Sheryl wrote, “We have been taught in our formal school days to read calculate and create through music dance art writing and verbalization. Yet most of us were not shown how people’s interactions with us affect our physical emotional and spiritual well-being…..I believe that a well-balanced healthy life style requires being surrounded by supportive people and situations that enhance our positive thinking and produce positive results in our endeavors. Even when some forces may disrupt the flow of events, if we are working within the framework of spiritual or higher values, paying attention to our inner guidance, our choices will be wiser our recovery from any tragedy will be faster and we will have a chance for a better outcome and more lasting impact on others.
We may discover the antidote for stress, worry and fear. Perhaps, the antidote is in knowing we are eternal soul beings interconnected to Spirit and all living things and there is reason to everything that happens or doesn’t happen: Life is not random, but part of a tapestry of evolution- individually and collectively. There are many dimensions to our multi-dimensional life force. Also we are never alone and are guided by loved ones guides teachers angels and spiritual teachers throughout our physical life time.
Elizabeth grandmother told her of her personal challenge and mission and that she was very different from her sisters even her twin sister who was the exact opposite of her. She told her she must break away from her family roots and continue on alone teaching God’s work. She told her she was shrouded by God and protected by His angels. Sheryl also shares with her clients that indeed we are each unique and here to unfold into our own wisdom and magnificence and often are slowed down by trying to honor the expectations of others. We all must respect our own interests talents and dreams and follow them to the best of our ability for that is what happiness is really about. Living in alignment to your own life plan and destiny brings fulfillment and a true sense of accomplishment.
Grammie actually used several terms from the bible when she told Elizabeth that the gift she had was The Gift of Knowledge and this particular gift came from God. She told her that the Gift of Knowledge is not just imagination. You really do see things that other people can’t. You know some things before they happen. I think you sometimes can tell what people are going to say before they say it She continues to tell her that from the day Elizabeth was born she believed she was a special child who had quite a life ahead and her life was about spiritual development. You have been given two gifts: the Gift of Knowledge and the Gift of Healing. Elizabeth also spent time with a cousin who lived near her grandmother and who she had a lot in common with.
Sheryl says that she didn’t know it when I was young, but there were several people in my family who like your cousin Lois knew when people would be born or die and like you Elizabeth my daughter and her family live in Bergen County New Jersey where you grew up. So much synchronicity in our family dynamics.
We discuss transforming failure into success. Sheryl says…”Perhaps by realizing that everything in your life is exactly the way it is for you to remember your True Self is a soul with unique abilities, challenges and a life plan which you prepared for before incarnating into this physical life. You have the family live in the right place and “Nothing is random.” So, no matter what your challenge, attitude fortitude and asking for guidance from above, are the necessary tools for success and can lead to a productive purposeful existence: no matter where you begin, the journey is where you end in each moment.”
Elizabeth wrote, “On the surface my family was like one of those pretty Easter eggs, all sweet and pretty and perfect: beautiful house in a genteel suburb of New York City: handsome corporate executive father: lovely Christian mother, and four attractive talented daughters: two sets of identical twins. But a closer look through the window of our particular sugar egg told a different story. There wasn’t any blue-skied paradise, that’s for sure. Instead there was a stormy distorted landscape. Among the little figures under the gray sky, there was a cold tyrannical father: frightened submissive mother and abused resentful children. Love was there too, but all twisted up and hidden in the general chaos. This was my family and this was my life.”
Sheryl suggests that if we look more deeply into most families we find the hurt and confusion or trauma of growing up. Each of us must later on in life realize these childhood patterns that thwart our emotional development and rediscover the truth of our Being. Through the maze of Life in its physical inconsistencies and lower emotional energies fear self-doubt anger loss of trust and so on the path to light love and our divine soul nature is there.
We can develop inner security in an insecure world. Grammie told Kathy your cousin and you about The Law of Balance and Equality when you were playing the game of Sorry and got upset because you were losing and what she said is a great thought to remember when you are feeling insecure or threatened..This law working within the Universe sees to it that you win as many games as you lose in life. For each win there must be loss. For every happiness a sadness, and for every positive move forward, a negative challenge. This is the Law of Polarity. You cannot have one without the other for that would be like having moonlight without the sunshine. She tells the girls that you’ll win the next game and Kathy another after that. Trust the universe and know that everything happens as it should”
In showing us how we can perfect and refine human relationships and learn that every relationship lasts as long as is needed by our soul we can learn to live with more soul compassion love and rid ourselves of prejudice hatred and judgment. The story Elizabeth tells of meeting Bobby Darin when she was 15 and he was 6 years older brings to mind Sheryl’s first boyfriend Ira who came from across the water New Jersey and from a different kind of family. While he was not meant to be my husband but a great and loving first boyfriend. Elizabeth tells how Bobby Darin met her on the Dick Clarke show and how you told him intuitively and emphatically that he was going to make it big and his music would be everywhere, even overseas. When he came in his broken down Chevy to visit you, your father didn’t invite him to sit at the dinner table and said in a voice that Bobby could hear “ That kid will never be good enough to sit at our table.” He doesn’t belong here and he’s too dumb to know about rudeness. He’s Italian and from the Bronx. What kind of education or manners could he possibly have.”
Sheryl says that she knows how hard that was for a sensitive and messenger of God and how it wounds us greatly to hear such injustice and prejudice
You got a call from Bobby in the fall of 1958 and he told you about a song he was working on and called you dreamboat He said Every time you hear it I want to you to think about me thinking about you” The song was Dream Lover and of course it was a big hit. He had a wonderful voice just like Sheryl’s first boyfriend who wanted to be a radio host. It seems we both had two rewarding first experiences with our first young love interests and then life became more challenging as we developed our spiritual talents It also shows that when souls seek each other out it goes often beyond location religion age and are necessary events to happen for our soul development.
Elizabeth tells of one of several car accidents and a near death experience and as a result a renewal of faith even though as she wrote, ”The world seems nothing but a storm of injustice and chaos. Everything we love is taken from us. Tragedy can come any moment and there is nothing we can do. If God is real, He either doesn’t care about us or He can’t help us. I was filled with fear and despair. Please, please I prayed although I wasn’t sure anyone was listening…Strangely when I slept, the hollowness and terror faded away. Asleep I reveled in the memory and feelings of my experiences in the spirit world. During this event she saw spiritual angers and felt enveloped in love and peace and was reminded that life with all its challenges is a great gift to be treasured. Elizabeth also tells us about what she experienced when out of her body during the car accident. She wrote, “I hung suspended, lost in timelessness as the light blinded me for a moment. Then I surrendered to it. I received my answer in the brightness of the experience. I knew the angels and God were real and ever present. My faith had been renewed and restored. My teaching and life time training became an active part of my being. At that moment all I wanted was to be completely immersed in the light and be filled with the great love that was there. I wanted to realize and receive more and more knowledge. I had been given the golden key. What was I to do with it?
It is important to develop a personal relationship with the Divine using The Law of Surrender The Law of Trust the Law of Grace. And Elizabeth knew she needed a spiritual teacher to aid her in her development. A growing desire for a spiritual teacher grew within Elizabeth. Life seemed to be all questions and no answers. Her clairvoyant experiences weren’t making it any easier. Why was I having prophetic dreams? Why did vivid pictures appear unbidden before me: these angels lights sounds these visions of people who had died? Where was all this coming from? What was I supposed to do about it?
Sheryl had felt much the same after having a spiritual visit from her Grandfather who told her to write something for her father and the very next day discovered her father had passed and so she wrote his eulogy. Like Elizabeth as her abilities developed Sheryl wasn’t sure how to use it, how to help herself and others and worried if this psychic stuff could be dangerous.
Learning about the white light, an unseen universal energy available to all of us and the hidden energy centers of the body telepathy intuition and how to understand the meanings of our dreams and the laws of Karma along with the fact that our lives are planned before we are born and that certain experiences and people come into our lives was taught to her by Meg Stettner who her friend Brenda found in a local Penny saver. Sheryl has a cousin Brenda who resists truly knowing her own awareness and Sheryl found her second Reiki master teacher in the local pennysaver.
Perhaps one of Elizabeth’s greatest joys was her husband Joe….Elizabeth writes that when two destined souls connect there is a vibration set up between them. They can see beyond the outer personality straight into each other’s beauty. They can choose to connect their true selves together on the deepest kind of level. It is a kind of mutual recognition, almost as if both had been together sometime and somewhere before. Perhaps in a past life….a sacred alliance…..It is what the Sufi poet Rumi wrote about fifteen hundred years ago;
True lovers don’t meet somewhere.
They are in each other all along.
Elizabeth would like readers to take away with them after reading Unlimited Realities the feeling that the more we tap into our deepest potential, the deeper our souls become. Our responsiveness to our lives and to others becomes greater. We recognize our special qualities and unique aptitudes. Many of us find our unique path of soul work.
In summarizing today’s episode of healing From Within it has been Sheryl’s pleasure to share the authentic journey of Elizabeth Joyce from the challenges of her early childhood days through illness loss and the finding of the true nature of our human and divine reality discovering her beautiful Gift of Knowledge and Natural Healing which she continues to share with others.
As Elizabeth wrote, “ When we are youngsters our soul richness shines forth in a simple spontaneous way. Babies simply are what they are. As we grow older and get caught up within the confines of our false self, we isolate ourselves from our Higher Self. We are separated from the vast place of power, of unlimited possibilities and potentiality that is our birthright. Our soul loss: loneliness, alienation, separation, dis-empowerment, meaninglessness and the inability to trust and love deeply. Our soul suffers this loss, but it also finds the inner strength to see us through and spur us on its search of our lost birthright. Our soul recognizes those who can help it along in its search and it cries out to them.”
Elizabeth and I would have you shed the worries and fears of your past and embrace your true soul nature, fill it with love and compassion, enjoy the beauty of each day, and know you are not alone and are an eternal force of creation and beauty.
Guest: Elizabeth Joyce