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Host: Sheryl Glick R.M.T.
Special Guest: Anita Russell

Welcome to ³Healing From Within² I am your host Sheryl Glick author of The
Living Spirit a tale of spiritual awakening, spiritual healing and
communication, miracles, and a guide to your inner soul wisdom. Today I am
delighted to welcome Anita Russell an independent consultant and network
marketer, host of her local talk show featuring guests who live purposeful
lives and share their experiences with others. Anita is a contributor to
the book Motherhood Dreams and Success with other authors.

Listeners of Healing From Within are well aware and look forward to
hearing Sheryl¹s guests share intimate experiences and views in order to
more completely understand the seemingly dual nature of life: both the
physical and spiritual, in hopes of creating and manifesting a better
quality of awareness. As self-investigation and self-mastery of emotions
are the keys to that pursuit and life is what you make it through thought
intention and action it is in our best interests to achieve a higher level
of that allows for change and evolution to take place.

In today¹s episode of ³Healing From Within² we will discuss the levels at
which awareness manifest and how we each may help develop better
interactions with others, take some risks, and ultimately make our reality
more human and humane.

When Anita thinks back to her childhood to remember a person place or
event that might have been an inspiration she shares a heartbreaking

Anita writes, ³At the tender age of five three things happened‹my first
brother was born: I lost my sister and my house caught on fire. My sister
was my best friend and even now, I have vivid memories of her. One day we
were playing outside when she was struck and killed by a car. My entire
world changed as I peered into my sister¹s eyes for the last time. Unable
to comprehend what happened, it felt like I was in a black box. I have no
memory of the time between the accident and the funeral. But at the
funeral God graciously showed up and I experienced a physical
manifestation of His glory. The words He whispered into my young spirit
were, ³I AM always with you.² In that moment, God brought me into a
lifelong friendship with Him, and I now connect this experience to one of
God¹s greatest promises, ³I will never leave you nor forsake you.²
(Hebrews 13:5) Thus a foundation with God was laid as He prepared me for a
lifelong journey of self-discovery. Anita tells us how she felt so guilty
about that day and the death of her sister, but Sheryl as a medium and
energy healer reminds her that nothing in our life is random, and each of
us has a time to be born and pass, and nothing anyone does can change our
destiny or plan.

Anita shares with us that she wrote the article for the book Motherhood
Dreams and Success because she has always been involved in helping people
especially children, and when she meet the woman working on this project
on the internet she sensed it was divinely planned and said, ³Yes² to

Sheryl and Anita go on to talk about a statement in the article where
Anita says, ³Creativity is to be fruitful and multiply, Creativity is the
driving force behind the first commandment given by God.² Sheryl has
always given much thought to that expression and surely feels there are
many layers to the thought. She asks Anita to give her take on it. Many of
us thought God meant to go out and have families, but Sheryl always felt
that was too limiting and he must have had other intentions when that was
created. Anita tells us that creativity is one of the attributes God
endowed to man and how we use the power of creativity is reflected in the
overall state of the world around us. It appears then that we can be doing
better as poverty war political discord and lower vibrational emotions
such as anger greed distrust evil and complacency are prevalent and there
is too much division and unhappiness.

Sheryl tells Anita ³I always think in terms of God as a creative force and
as God is within us, as we are within that same eternal creative force. I
would agree that as energy beings having a physical life we are here in
this three- dimensional plane to gather experiences and refine our soul
energy to a level of greater compassion and love. In Sheryl¹s book The
Living Spirit: Answers for Healing and Infinite Love Sheryl wrote, ³Spirit
allows us to face challenging situations that our energy emotions and
thoughts bring into our lives and help us to see that we are either on the
right or wrong track. Therefore we are co-creating our life by observing
what is happening and by seeing how to make the best of any situation.
Through our faith and surrender of some of our personal needs we allow the
universe and a higher source to help us find new ways to search and
remember our time in this world, in this life and other lives and beyond,
to find our greatest means for developing levels of infinite love and
healing as evolving compassionate expressions of the divine. We can
observe that in addition to our ability to heal and change, certain
patterns that separate us from our natural state of well-being, difficult
and tragic events are occasionally the precursors of taking a soul to the
next level of their development.
Anita¹s chapter ³Eden Spirit² for the book Motherhood Dreams and Success
means that she believes something powerful existed in the Garden before
the fall. The essence of this power is what she calls ³Eden Spirit,² the
inclusive and purposeful union that defines men and women in terms of
spirituality and God-given humanity rather than gender. I believe that
women have a distinctly different, yet fully complementary purpose
designed by and for God
Women have power creativity and innovation beyond measure. Women are
filled with dreams hopes and aspirations that we birth into the world for
ourselves and others. We can move mountains like South African
grandmothers who care of children orphaned by the epidemic or Rwandan
women who harnessed the power of forgiveness in the aftermath of genocide,
or the Liberian women who stood up in collective prayer to end a civil war
or perhaps in Proverbs 31 woman whose children rise up and call her
blessed. I believe therefore, self-discovery unleashes the power of
dreams, hopes and aspirations.

Anita shares with us certain events that guided her to do research work at
the University of Pittsburgh, move to New Jersey and get involved in the
national science education reform movement. She took early retirement to
build a family business in the travel industry and like most spiritual
people, filled with curiosity and energy are open to change and new
challenges while working on conquering any fear that might put a damper on
moving forward. Anita tells us her life is exciting now and she knows her
purpose in life or mission is investing in the growth and development of
others through ministry, income leadership and education.

When she answers this question..²Do you know your worth? she encourages
women, especially mothers and caregivers ­to know that their worth is not
defined by circumstances, people money or society. Your self- worth is
defined by a higher power transcending ordinary human existence‹from the
beginning of your life you were filled with dreams hopes aspirations and
purpose reflecting your true worth in the eyes of God. Again referring to
Proverb 31 it is saidŠ Embrace the Proverbs 31 woman in you and know that
your worth is far more than rubies.

Sheryl says what Anita wrote reminds her of a story she was once
toldŠ.²When Moses went up the mountain to receive the word of God- the Ten took longer than the people expected. The men got anxious
and took all the gold from their wives and crafted a golden cow to protect
them. When Moses returned and saw this he was so angry. God told the women
of the community that because they trusted that all was well, they would
be held in great spiritual love and esteem, and of course the ability to
bear children and be blessed in that way is his expression that they hold
a close place to Him and to the children or future of the world.² So they
are like rubies which represent healing, a great gift to the world and to

Men and women are biologically emotionally and spiritually quite
different, but equal in energy oneness and in God¹s hope for humanity¹s
evolution he wishes for them to see themselves past gender and as divine
beings capable of love and compassion. Sheryl who recently interviewed Dr.
John Gray author of Beyond Mars and Venus and a leading educator in
relationships between men and women discusses the needs of both men and
women in realistic not judgmental or exploitive terms. We find that it is
not in the biological differences but in the energetic or soul connections
to higher consciousness that we do find all of us blessed and grateful to
have a physical life and rediscover our connection to Universal Source
through all our experiences.

Anita tells us about Life Transitions or how To SOAR to fly fearlessly
with vision and purpose and sometimes how structured religious belief and
work with this process, might help or might perhaps hinder it. The reason
Anita says this is because she knows many religious people who can follow
the rules of their church or religious institution yet retain so much fear
in their thoughts and physical body. Sheryl as a Reiki Master Teacher
using a spiritual hands on healing technique channeling higher energy to a
person¹s inner soul essence for greater self illumination and awareness of
what is working or not working in their daily experiences knows that many
of the back pains or knee pain or other pain or illness or dysfunction is
simply the inability to release fearŠ a failure to really trust in God¹s
larger plan for them.

Anita tells us about her idea of Prevenient Grace and how once you realize
your true identity as a spiritual being having a physical life it opens up
a pathway to fulfillment and greater joy. Prevenient grace is the grace
that draws us to God before we are even aware of its presence. It is the
grace that holds mankind in eternity embracing us as we go through life.
It reflects the deep relationship that God desires with us because we were
made in His image and likeness.

Sheryl says she believes God is an energy and force of creation that
allows for constant change and renewal and that the Universe or God is
within each of us as We are within that same force. She doen¹t conceive of
God as He or Him or She and therefore, we are all One or United in his
love rather than in a physical nature or resemblance. The Abrahamic
religions: Judaism Christianity and Islam see God as perhaps a judging
father-like representation, but many believe God is simply purity Love and
loves all of us and knows while there is no perfection in the physical
world as humanity is fragile, we can only experience All That Is and
therefore, with a understanding of duality learn to move beyond judgment
thoughts of good or bad and learn acceptance allowing ourselves to be kind
to ourselves and others: ultimately surrendering to this Universal Force
and growing closer to the freedom of change acceptance tolerance and love.

Anita believes she was guided to create Soar Travel Ministry and that
travel serves as much more than recreational fun. Man has traveled since
the beginning responding to an innate desire to break up the routine, to
experience something new and different. Travel also adds values by
creating fulfilling opportunities to build community through
relationships, to make a contribution, and to inspire changeŠSheryl would
sayŠPerhaps it helps us remember experiences our soul had before this
lifetime or incarnation, and brings unity peace and greater love to our
soul along with gratitude for having a physical life in the first
placeŠPerhaps it helps a soul awaken to a clear understanding of their
dual nature as spiritual beings having a physical life. Perhaps beyond the
obvious there is an extraordinary value to travel and opening our mind to
new possibilities for creating the best within us so we can improve the
Anita Russell has shared her experiences and open- minded approach to
making a choice to redesign her life using vision and creativity to access
the true nature of her inner goals and being courageous enough to make the
changes necessary to achieve them. To learn more go to

In summarizing today¹s episode of Healing From Within we have seen that
change is possible and necessary, and if one pays attention to the
opportunities and begins to see life beyond the mere physicality of
situations, there are always ways to hear the message within your heart
and to focus your attention on what you were called to be in this
lifetime. You do have the soul courage to redirect your life to a path
that brings greater satisfaction and beyond helping yourself personally,
you will be able to redirect your beautiful energy into the world so
others can also benefit.

Anita and I would have you begin to appreciate yourself and your life
choices and to know it is not in the doing or repetitive actions of our
life that we soar but in learning to just simply Be and to lovingly
express our creative joys out into the world.

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