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Doc Holliday

Jobs Are Up! Unemployment Is Down! Vote Republican to Continue!

Doc Holliday details how job creation should be driving turnout in this mid-term election that is almost here.  With peace and prosperity rolling into towns and cities across America, why would anyone want to vote for a democrat?  President Trump said himself that the only reason someone would vote for a democrat is if they were tired of winning!  Well, we shall soon see because Election Day is next week and the prognosticators are solidly predicting that the U.S. House of Representatives will go to the democrats. But on this week’s show Doc plays a clip with Newt Gingrich’s thoughts about which way the house may go.  Doc also wants to praise the FBI and all our law enforcement agencies for their fast and awesome work in arresting the suspect involved in mailing the pipe bombs last week.  Remember the 70 year itch that Doc has talked about in the past?  He will talk about it again in this week’s show.  Go vote if you can in an early election state and then click to listen to our special mid-term election show.