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Healing From Within

Sheryl Glick


Special Guest: Curtis Rivers
In today’s episode of “Healing From Within” your host Sheryl Glick author of The Living Spirit a tale of spiritual awakening, communication, healing energies, miracles and a soul approach to understanding your true potential is happy and delighted to welcome award winning stuntman Curtis Rivers author of The Fearless Path.
Curtis as you and our listening audience have discovered Sheryl and her guests seek to share intimate revelations and experiences of metaphysical origins to understand the duality of our human and energetic aspects and thereby ultimately recognizing that we are more than we seem and life offers us the opportunity to remember truly who we are, have always been, and will always be.
In today’s episode of Healing From Within Curtis will share a mystical mountainous trek to unlock the secrets to eliminating the fears that hold most of us back and to discover the clues that guide us to create a life of purpose fulfillment and unlimited success sharing his truthful exploration of Self and his gratitude for living the life he envisioned as a young boy.
Curtis thinks back to his childhood and remembers how he always wanted to travel and try adventuresome feats and to help people, and he believes his grandmother expressed her joy in traveling and may have ignited that spark within him to reach out in new ways and to explore the world in its beauty and grandness. He thinks back to the time he was twenty two and had never left the U.K. as summer vacations were always in England not too far from where his family lived. Neither of his parents could drive so the family used buses or trains. The holidays were always good and it never occurred to Curtis that they were poor and lacking anything. Not long after the Romanian Revolution Curtis decided to get in his Citroen Visa fill the car with life-saving medical supplies and drive overland from England to Romania where he would stop when he reached the Black Sea. He had no money but held the image in his mind of arriving in Constanta with the medical supplies. Curtis traveled with Sven an older guy he’d met at a local Family History Center run by a church. Curtis knew he was a former manic depressive, on medication, and thought the trip would be good for him. Curtis had a clear plan for achieving his mission and within a few days they had enjoyed the diverse cultures of five different countries, from western France and Holland, to the snow capped mountains of Austria. They had the grace and help of strangers and also some extremely dangerous encounters. Curtis gives a good description of some of the problems he encountered in dealing with his traveling partner Sven and his discovery that it is indeed at times overwhelming to deal with the many challenges of mental illness, poor choices, and the consequences from from those choices. Curtis returned home a month after he left a completely changed person. That is the power of transformation good, bad, whatever happens, is all necessary for growth and soul maturity.
Curtis book relates in descriptive and powerful messaging the mountain trek he made and talks of what he learned from a wise man or guide Pierce who did more than merely led him up the mountain.
Pierce was a wise welcoming man who likened this wonderful gift of life to a shipwreck and Curtis wrote what he shared with him, ”You see he continued, “We are born into this life like the survivors of a sunken ship who wake up the next morning adrift on the ocean with their fellow passengers. Carried like corks upon the water, we drift with the ebb and flow of the tides, at the mercy of where nature takes us. Like everyone else we accept our lot and hope beyond hope that we will reach dry land before it is too late. Most people do not realize that all they have to do is swim away from the others….Save yourself, Swim away with your sights firmly on paradise and you will feel that warm dry sand beneath your toes.”
Pierce also suggested that if you do nothing with your mind it will be like an untrained muscle and that it still works its wonders but at a tiny fraction of its potential. Curtis shares that his dream to become a stuntman encouraged him to develop many physical skills and strength but he also needed to train his mind and spirit to deal with the everyday changes and challenges of life. His will to succeed never seemed to falter even though getting an equity card and becoming an actor were necessary prerequisites to achieving his goal, and that was not easy to do.
Curtis wrote, “ The person who mediates early in the morning, last thing at night, and even at mid day for a few minutes, is in a position to experience heaven on Earth.” Heaven on earth as we know is not a destination but a state of mind and the finding of peace within, while accepting and allowing life to unfold as it will.
Then Curtis tells a story about a man who dies and is greeted by two angels. One angel has a happy broad smile and the other angel wears a smile that hides sadness…they all ascend to the light and finally are standing at two doors. The angel unlocks the door to the right…and says that it’s time to relax in a warm bountiful afterlife for all eternity. And the man feels truly blessed. He asks what is behind the door to the left and the angel says you do not want to see in there…for it is a dreadful place. “Can I take a look,” the man says. The scene looks familiar. This is my old house the one we had to sell when times got tough. How I loved that house. But this is too perfect he says as he sees the garden with the beauty and foliage he had always wanted to create. There was the hot tub and pool and a new double door garage he never built for the car he wanted but never had. You told me this was like hell, but it was filled with the best of everything, a perfect life.” The angel closes the door and says, “My dearest child. This is the life you were destined to live on earth, if only you had believed. It was the life you were born to live but didn’t. You are meant to live a full happy and bountiful life full of wonder and awe. You were born to live a rich abundant life.”
In reference to that thought Sheryl wrote in her book The Living Spirit Answers for Healing and Infinite Love the following observation, “ Once we learn to focus and concentrate our thoughts in a consistent manner, without self-doubt and negativity, many of our best intentions will come to fruition. I have observed and concluded for myself that happiness is not based in power or in the accumulation of monetary goods and possessions. Rather, happiness is in the joy of giving and receiving and elevating oneself in the positive eternal energy dance in this physical dimension and with growing awareness of our higher spirit.”
Pierce also shared a wondrous truth that has echoed through the centuries to only the few that would listen
A wise man once said, “ Faith is to believe what you do not yet see, the reward for this faith is to see what you believe. This is the Law of Creation. To appreciate one’s surroundings is a fantastic send out vibes of gratitude into the Universe is a powerful thing. We attract into our lives the very things we think about most often. The very feeling we vibrate at attracts things to us, be they material goods, people or experiences which vibrate at the same level. It is so whether we like it or not. The truth is anything is possible.”
Curtis wrote, “‘If I could teach you how to hold a worthy thought in your mind, then you must believe me when I tell you that you will observe that very thing in the real world. It will cease to exist in the world of thought and come to exit in the world of form.”
Curtis also mentioned a quote by Abraham Lincoln that is most supportive of an understanding of energy and its many manifestations. “To believe in the things you can see and can touch is no belief at all: but to believe in the unseen is both a triumph and a blessing Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865) Therefore to have hope in a Universal Plan of creation allows one to strive and accept all challenges and to realize many dreams with effort consistency and resiliency and that is the way many successful people use the Universal Laws of Energy to manifest and create their best lives.
Curtis had to go to a drama school as part of his training to become a professional stunt performer and learned many skills that helped him on his spiritual path also. Curtis learned a technique known as intercoastal diaphragmatic breathing which allows an actor to recite on a breath for a long time from Shakespearean plays. Most people breathe from high up in the chest when in actuality we must fill our abdomen with the breath and expand our entire chest cavity. For greater health and to achieve better results in physical activities and meditation this type of breathing is quiet helpful.
But in order for Curtis to get his much needed Equity Card there were what appeared to be coincidences or help along the way. Curtis tells us how he had watched a documentary “The Visit,” about a man named Paul Jennings Paul who had the same difficulties as he did in wanting to be a stunt man and the documentary followed his progress through his years of training and to his acceptance onto the British Stunt Register. Curtis saw it at the time of his training when the dark curtain of doubt was beginning to descend. The climax of the documentary was Paul’s first stunt job for a famous stunt coordinator named Wayne Michaels. Wayne had doubled for Peirce Brosnan as 007 in the famous jump from the Verzasca Dam in Switzerland in the opening sequence of the Bond Film Golden Eye. More interesting was that Paul got his so necessary Equity Card in two ways. He performed in medieval banquets as a jester and he performed in a live jousting show—the medieval sport of charging on horseback towards your opponent with a heavy lance trying to knock them off their horse. Finally spirit gave Curtis his break. Curtis met Davey Slater the director from Soar Lechestershire. There was a performance at a banqueting hall, a former primary school converted into a permanent medieval hall. The actor playing Robin Hood backed out of the production and Curtis was offered the part. It was the Law of Attraction at work, much thought and intention invested in getting his Equity Card and then the right opportunity appearing to do so.
Later on Curtis took great delight in telling Peirce Brosnan who he worked with on a movie years later that his realization through visualization had been the key to his gaining his Equity Card.
Conquering any fears to Curtis’ ability to transcend the ordinary and reach for the extraordinary allowed him to develop that awareness or state of mind. Perhaps the climb on the mountain or trip to bring medical supplies to those in need showed me the possibility of creating the future I desired through relaxation meditation visualization the power of words and pictures to focus on and bring into reality. From our thoughts words and actions we create the life we live. People blame others or their luck or lack of luck for the many experiences they have, but in actuality, it is our life plan and the experiences we chose before being born that our soul hopes to remember and produce and also as we achieve our goals we grow in greater compassion and love for ourselves and others.
Curtis told Peirce during the mountain climb about some ways he had discovered to help process what he really needed in order to achieve his goals. Curtis had surrounded himself with words and pictures of his lofty goals. Peirce tells him without knowing it he created a dream board. Words are very important and words can create that all important feeling just as much as a photograph can. Hanging the board in a prominent place where you look at it often and seeing it first thing in the morning and before you go to sleep, can help our subconscious mind to work on the challenge while we sleep. The challenge is to move from where we are to where we want to be. Could be thought of as a Vision Book –a Dream Book, a Book of Life or a journal. A journal like a good quality book can feel nice to the touch and instead of pinning pictures, words and statements thoughts can be written into your journal. Words like love, beauty, bliss, luxury contentment joy peace serenity abundance wealth comfort. The other could be a phrase and affirmation of sorts that states your situation as if the dream were already realized. An example might include: I am so delighted to own a gleaming Lexus a car of beauty and safety that drives me safely to all my destinations.
Curtis talks about the Seven Pillars of Life and how life may be likened to a fantastic monument. On the hike up the mountain Pierce emerged onto an impressive courtyard to a whole temple. What he saw seemed even more out of place for the top of a mountain than the temple itself. At the heart of this white temple stood a remarkable structure. It looked at first like an old round observatory with a doomed roof, only instead of standing on the ground, it stood seven feet off the floor on seven stone pillars. Access to the building which had a diameter of about 22 feet was via a ladder. The domed roof was smooth and there were mystical symbols deeply carved into each of the seven supporting pillars. At the base of each column was a pond of water: the pillars actually stood in water. This structure as well as being a practical space for deep meditation is also reminding the temple inhabitants of one of the key secrets of life. If just one of the pillars made out of brittle material were to fall the entire structure would fall and if the water in the pond supporting the pillar were to freeze the pillar would collapse.
A plan was implemented here in the White Temple to insure that the pillars would not collapse. Each morning when the sun arises a ceremonial vessel of boiling water is poured into the base of each pillar and pure salt crystals are added. The sacred building now rests on seven pillars which rest in seven pools of warm salty water. We can liken our lives to this great building.
Your life has supporting pillars that need to be lovingly maintained. The Physical pillar needs us to eat good clean food and exercise our muscles. The Mind Pillar are the creative forces of our own world. We nourish this pillar by learning, by reading the great books written by the wise and inspired. We thus stretch and exercise our mind like our bodies and open it to untold possibilities. The third pillar is the Financial Pillar as important in its own way as any other pillar but not more important. The fourth column is the Pillar of Spiritual Growth. Please do not confuse or limit this to any religious beliefs you might have. Spiritual growth relates to your extremely personal connection to the Universe. The fifth pillar is the Interaction Pillar and is about the way you interact with yourself, family, partner, children, and parents. This pillar reminds you to devote time and energy into glowing like a candle so that others will be attracted to you like moth’s to a flickering flame. The sixth support is the Charitable Pillar. The last pillar is the Pillar of Service to Others. Lovingly give and stand by to graciously receive.
In summarizing today’s episode of Healing From Within we have seen how Curtis Rivers began at an early age to honor his destiny and life plan to learn more about himself and to enjoy doing what he always wanted to do which was to travel, explore the world, nature, the arts and the beauty of life, and to serve people by helping them deal with challenging situations. Curtis discovered I believe, that it is not in the receiving of All of our dreams but in the sharing of these dreams, that we find fulfillment and greater levels of consciousness, interact with our emotions, other people and cultures, and allow our soul to journey, to expand and appreciate all the small virtues of life’s delights. We may even discover the mystery of our spiritual gifts and our alignment to all living things. Curtis has done daring stunts, climbed mountains and asked questions of the guides along the way. He opened his mind and heart to the possibilities of living fully and without the fears or expectations of others and the reward for Curtis, and indeed for each of us who reaches out is to find our own soul desires: Peace, wellbeing, and contentment for whatever is happening in life, as whatever is happening offers us new ways to love ourselves and love life.
Curtis wrote a quote from Marcus Aurellius (AD 121-180) “Everything that happens happens as it should, and if you observe carefully you will find this to be so.”
Curtis and I would have you open your eyes wide with awe and appreciation for life and love even if there is any darkness or cold around you feel the light and the warmth that awaits and find the path forward. There is hope and joy in learning loving and living with soul courage. WE can all aspire to find the truth within.
Guest: Curtis Rivers