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Suzanne Harris

The Harvest Help: Organic Gardening for Vegetables by Kathleen B. deMaCarty

Welcome to Books on Air – where you’ll hear the inside stories of established authors and their work and inspiration of first time authors.     Today we are speaking with Kathleen B. deMaCarty – author of The Harvest Helper:  Organic Gardening for Vegetables.

Do you enjoy gardening?  Are you seeking an awesome garden where prize tomato’s or the biggest pumpkins can be found?  Stay tuned as we explore my guest’s new book where gardeners, at all levels, will find just what they are looking for.

Kathy’s new book, “The Harvest Helper:  Organic Gardening for Vegetables,” is a unique book that is different from every other gardening book –  in a Step-by-Step instructional format designed for the busy gardener.