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Middle Age Can Be Your Best Age

Roy Richards

Find Wholeness and Move Forward Following Loss and Grieving

If you haven’t already, at some point you will suffer loss from death of a spouse, family member or dearest friend. Grief expert Sherry Cormier, PhD had it all: a thriving marriage, vibrant career, new home and loving family relationships.
In a heartbeat, her husband died from cancer followed by the passing of her mother, father, only sibling and beloved dog. Relive Sherry Cormier’s amazing journey from post-traumatic grief and despair to vibrant energy and joy-filled purposeful living. Receive her “specific guidelines” for coping with loss, her “seeds of resilience” to restore energy and her “8 tools” to overcome pain of a heartbreaking loss.
After 15 wonderful years of marriage, designer and entrepreneur Katherine Webster lost her spouse and business partner Lex to a fatal post-op reaction to a common blood thinner. Learn how she went from fearful and struggling to confident, independent “Madam Widow,” a lady who actually feels younger and more passionate today than she did before her husband’s death. Uncover three key vital, direction-setting questions to help spur your recovery from any life-shattering traumatic event. 
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