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Releasing! The Power of Letting Go and Letting Joy Come In with Bonita Parker

Releasing! There is nothing more powerful to uplevel our lives than when we release the debts of our past and truly let go!
Learn the Amazing Power of Letting Go. Debt in our lives is not just financial, in fact the bigger debts are the things from our past that still own us because we are still carrying them around. We are stuck in the past and unable to live in joy or let joy come Into our lives because everything we do is hindered by the debt to that past thing. Whether things that we have done or things done to us, this debt is always there until we learn to release it and to see that joy is always there it is always our just waiting to be allowed to release and empower our lives
Steve is joined today with International Best Selling Author Bonita Parker as we talk about Releasing the Debt!