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Rochéle Lawson

Are you a diet Gambler?

Are you curious as to why what you eat does not have you looking like a celebrity even when you eat like them and do their quick diets that promise to bring results? Have tried “this” diet or “that” diet only to have limited success or no success at all? Are you a “diet gambler?”  Do you bounce from fad diet to fad diet never achieving the results that you desire? Have you ever heard of personalized nutrition? Did you know that you are a unique individual and your body has unique nutritional needs? Would you like to know a secret that celebrities and athletes use to get them looking good and in tip top shape without diet gambling? Dr. Gregory Tefft is going to share with us the secrets that have allowed his celebrity clients to get in top form quickly and healthy without any tricks or fad dieting. Join us to learn how you can look and feel your best and stop using yourself as a diet gambler.