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Healing From Within

Sheryl Glick


Host: Sheryl Glick R.M.T.
Special Guest: Dr. Joe Gallenberger

In this episode of Healing From Within your host Sheryl Glick author of
The Living Spirit which is a tale of spiritual awakening, spiritual
healing, spiritual communication, and a guide to intuitive functioning is
delighted to welcome a fellow traveler on the journey of love and respect
for life, and for knowing the truth of Soul Being Dr. Joe Gallenberger
author of Heaven Is For Healing: A Soul¹s Journey After Suicide.

Sheryl and her guests share intimate experiences that have often led past
the early beliefs or training of the physical world to explore the true
energetic nature of man and spirit and to know life in its
multidimensional aspects. Whatever field of work or lifestyle we pursue,
those with open minds and hearts are ultimately led to the truth of our
energy presence to discover the real reason a soul would come to
experience a physical life.

Today Dr. Joe Gallenberger reveals how his contact with his brother Pete
on the other side over two decades of communication has shown him how Pete
with the most loving assistance in Spirit has progressed in healing from
his suicide and is exploring new options for his next life. We discover
love can pierce any veil and that life is eternal. Dr. Gallenberger is a
clinical psychologist and psychokinesis and manifestation workshop
provider, and will describe the many tools available to handle struggles
with depression and grief in order to achieve a productive life journey.

Sheryl asks Joe to think back to his childhood and a person place or event
that was important to him. He writes of his family and especially his
older brother Pete who he loved so deeply. He wrote, ³My parents had four
boys, each four years apart, followed by my sister two years later. Pete
was the second child and I the last boy. All of us were born in the snowy
season which in Wisconsin lasts half the year. We moved to the East Coast
when my dad started climbing his corporate ladder. Both my parents were
very busy during that time so Pete took up the slack and often served as
my mother father friend and mentorŠEight years older he volunteered to
diaper me as an infant play with me when I was a toddler and counsel me on
playground tactics as I started schoolŠHe enjoyed competition and abhorred
poor sportsmanship. I never saw him angry at our parents. He seemed always
to be performing ³up to specs.² What I most admired about Pete as I was
growing up and what I still treasure is that he treated all life forms
human, animal or plant with an intelligent, quiet kindness and respect.
And he did so in a very manly way. Adults, peers and children all
responded to him with great attraction So he set an example which seemed
to me both worthy and reachable. If I could follow it, I felt guaranteed
to become a good man, well liked and successful.²

We fast forward to a sad time when Joe¹s brother Pete died as a result of
suicide Joe shares that though he understood and believed in Spirit and
the soul surviving physical death he still did not want people to think
that suicide was the best decision as people who get left behind struggle
greatly and those who chose to depart early while not any less accepted in
Spirit may have missed further opportunities for soul growth during their
life. Life is precious and must be valued even in difficult times.

Joe tells us that about twenty five years ago Pete shot himself after
decades of struggle with physical pain and financial stress. It threw him
and the family into turmoil. He worked on ways to meet the grief head on,
to help everybody through it, and to find out what he could about what
happened to Pete on the other side after his death. He used his many
skills learned as a meditation trainer at Monroe Institute and help from a
channeler Pam to get additional information as well as communicating with
Pete on the other side by himself.

Sheryl loves the title for Joe¹s book, Heaven is for Healing and like the
title for her show ³Healing From Within² it offers a view or perspective
on energetic soul existence which is actually the guiding force for all
life here and beyond. Joe tells us what motivated him to write this book
approximately twenty years after the death of his brother and he writes
³He was strongly influenced to write this book for his own healing and to
help others suffering the after-effects of a suicide and also for those
curious about what happens to us after death. The western world has a very
dark and damning view of suicide which causes great grief in those left
behind. I wanted a ray of reason and hope by showing that all death leads
to light and new life. In the process I explore the healing and growth
that we will encounter after we die.

Sheryl says to Joe that two years ago she lost her sister from pancreatic
cancer. In her next book New Life Awaits- Creating Your Best Afterlife by
Living Consciously Now she relays her feelings and impressions in a
reading she did many months after her passing and wrote, ³When I
interviewed Annie Kagan who wrote The Afterlife of Billy Fingers, on my
internet radio show, ³Healing from Within² where she so beautifully and
artistically expressed the value of every life even those that another
person may see as useless and wasted as expressed to her from
communications received from her deceased brother Billy, I had no idea
that before long my sister Rodelle would pass. As a medium I received
messages for my clients. I assumed that was the way Spirit intended for me
to use the gift of spiritual communication. However, I was told years ago
that I could ask to speak to any soul energy, anywhere, alive or in
spirit. I never tried to contact my own family members as I felt that
should they need to reach me they would. Eight months after Rodelle¹s
passing I decided to meditate and try to check in and see how she was
relating to her new world. Unlike Billy who reached out to his sister, I
reached out to mine in Spirit.
Usually when I do a reading, I simply write down whatever is presented to
me. It seems the information is usually perfectly tailored to what my
client needs at the moment. With Rodelle however, I decided to ask her
questions. When she was ill, I tried so hard to show her that she was in
for an amazing journey into forever and beyond, which was something
Rodelle was not able to believe in. I already knew that there is no death
for our true life essence or soul survives physical death, sadly, she did
not. I soon felt her energy around me and sensed she was surrounded in a
blanket of green glory and quietness, but her heart still hurt. She had
not wanted to depart as her love of life was quite palpable and her fight
to stay alive was most courageous. I asked her who was there to meet her.
Immediately I began to feel a pressure, a tightening on my head as perhaps
the drugs she was given before passing confused her. She was frightened.
Our dad was calling to her to move forward. Rodelle soon saw the Statue of
Liberty immense in size: the face was very close to her face. The beams of
light from the crown on the statue¹s head enlarged and many people moved
forward from the bright light to meet her- relatives, friends, and guides.
Rodelle felt free like the immigrants who had come to our shores looking
for a new life, filled with the hope that they would be welcomed. Tears
started to fill my eyes as I realized how joyful she was to find this new
world and see so many souls she loved there to greet her. There were many
other messages but Rodelle¹s final message showed me that she had found a
new soul family in Spirit and was helping others as it was the best way
she had discovered to serve. How beautiful I thought and knew that she was

Joe goes on to describe how many cultures and religions were unforgiving
and negative about people who committed suicide. From Roman times well
into European civilization nearly zero compassion was extended. Suicide
was considered a crime, relatives property was confiscated and the soul
condemned to hell. For example in 17th century New Orleans the person who
committed suicide¹s body was thrown to the crocodiles unconsecrated ground
so the demons could torture the soul for eternity. Suicide is still a
felony in many countries.. Sheryl says to Joe, ³ How sadŠthat religion
which seeks to understand life and death, forgiveness and compassion and
God, could think that the Divine would love his child any less for having
been desperate enough to commit suicide and return HomeŠ.We talk about
free will and many of us know that spirit will only intercede to help us
if we Ask because of respect for our choices in this life and in the
afterlife. I think nothing is random and we have a time to come and go and
will leave this life as it was written in our destiny. Those of us who
move beyond the mind or ego and meditate or reach the higher realms of
Consciousness can feel the peace love and safety that all souls discover
when they transition. Joe says that his communication with his brother has
validated these thoughts and jokingly says there is a sign upon entering
that says, ³No Judgment.²

Joe tells us something about The Monroe Institute and his many experiences
there. The Monroe Institute offers a series of tapes developed by that
expert in death and dying Elisabeth Kubler Ross MD, by the expert in
consciousness Charles Tart Ph.D, and by the out of body expert Robert
Monroe. This tape series called ³Going Home² is designed to help a
terminally ill person feel more comfortable and when the time comes for
death make his transition more comfortable. Sheryl says that after doing
eight years of hospice work she realized that being grateful for your
life, accepting loving and being unafraid helps one transition more
easily. During Reiki sessions Sheryl helps clients in meditation to create
a personal sanctuary Ša beautiful peaceful place where water meets the
light of the sky and mountains waterfalls meadows and peace reign
supremeŠthis Is a place between earth and heaven and in getting to know
how beautiful life is in the silence, one will begin to know what the soul
experiences when they pass. From data and near death survivors we know
that you are met by loved ones and helped to assimilate into the energy of
the Afterlife

Joe is passionate about this topic and it personal. After his brother¹s
suicide Joe watched his mother struggle not just with devastating loss,
but nearly crushed by the belief that her son would be in hell for
eternity. In thirty years of working as a psychologist, I have helped
clients with many losses. Suicide and our response to it produces some of
the greatest trauma, stickiest grief and sense of isolation of any human
event. Sheryl says to Joe she doesn¹t know if her passion is about sharing
the many mystical experiences or because of any one eventŠSheryl just
wants to share with people the greatest TRUTH: We are spiritual beings
having a physical life and there is life beyond this physical world. Our
challenges are only stepping stones to our remembrance of our reality or
true nature as souls. The biggest thing we have to fear while alive
physically is conquering the fears of childhood and training ourselves
once again to love ourselves, others and life.

The word suicide like the word death or cancer strikes a chord of horror
in many people. Joe tells us that suicide is one of the last taboos.
Suicide is consigned to the deepest shadows of shame and is often kept
secret. It is not addressed as the epidemic health problem it now is and
little comfort is extended to those left behind shamefully by the church
or community. It is a leading cause of death among our young, veterans,
and rising in the elderly. Sheryl says that she read in Heaven is for
Healing that after his brother¹s death Joe was on a plane back home from
visiting your parents and wrote, ³I became aware that my relationship with
Pete as I had known it had ceased to exist. To find him again in spirit, I
had to throw previous conceptions away and search for a transformed Pete
and perhaps a new one.² He also wrote a lovely poem on that plane ride.

My father is a gentleman
My mother a sad angel
Well, they have lit my way.

As I open my heart to them
A radiance warms my chest.

It is a joy to treasure them,
And know they love me.
But now we grow further.

One last shell to crack
Before we go clear
Into deeper intimacy
It is time to stop ³sonning²
And fathering and mothering
We release to meet again as equals.
To see each other, truly
We release forty year patterns
And find eternity.

As Joe looks back and realizes the tremendous journey that Pete¹s death
launched me on Šhow it changed me and inspired me to research and then
teach abundant creation as an antidote to depression and lack of success
in life. Wanting to know what happened to Peter after death led me to know
there are angelic beings to help those whose hearts and souls were damaged
in life and to know there is deep love no matter the circumstances of your
challenges or your passing. Through channeling experiences with Pam who
channels her guide Argo Joe discovered the upon arriving on the other side
most people who have taken their own lives feel an immediate lifting of
much of the psychological and physical pain they may have been
experiencing prior to the act. Argo says, ³The healing of the heart begins
almost at the point of death for the soul who has committed suicide.²

The biggest challenge in writing a book about a topic that for so many
people living in their materialistic world mindset who might not have an
understanding of their spiritual reality
is how to share the amazing probability of healing available to a person
who commits suicide and their family, Joe did not want to in any way to
encourage the taking of one¹s own life. Life as we said before is precious
and the best opportunity for the soul to refine and renew karma and energy
on a higher emotional vibration . However Joe shares the devastating
effects of suicide by showing how after suicide one does not escape the
consequences of their life choices and yet, there is truly no lost soul.
All experiences are necessary for each soul. Most souls can recover from
this self-destructive act and continue their spiritual journey as each of
us and will review our life and its difficulties when we pass, before
deciding on what experiences might serve the soul in the next life

Of course Healing In Heaven talks more than about Joe¹s brother¹s
experience on the other side. Joe was able to get information on how the
other side handles transition by suicide for the spectrum of people ending
their life while facing terminal illness, all the way to the heaviness of
murder- suicide. There are different processes depending on the
circumstances yet ALL contain compassionately looking at the attitudes and
events of a life without judgment or condemnation. The book also looks at
how we are helped in the planning of another life which may occur here in
the physical, but can also involve lives on a non-physical plane. Some are
so traumatized by their life here that they are very reluctant to return
to this planet. When we incarnate here our issues are coded into our very
DNA. There can be lives that are more like a very real situation where
experiences can happen but with greater awareness of the spiritual support
available. Just as in lives here on the planet, the goal is to learn to
love oneself and others despite the fears and challenges that arise. Joe
said something Sheryl had not heard before. Some souls decide to live
their next life in ³Simulation² not in a physical body, so they may not
affect their DNA negatively until they have had practice in approaching
the issues that were hard for them in a previous life. It sounds like it
could be a good idea to learn more about yourself, your reactions and
limitations, and adjust your thinking to a higher vibration of love and
compassion rather than fear and anger.

Joe shares one of these processes experienced by new souls returning to
higher life. After a suitable period of rest which may with suicide
include putting the soul in a coma like sleep where healing work is first
done unconsciously, there is usually a life-review period that may take
place much like watching a movie of your life surrounded by compassionate
support where all the major decisions and attitudes are reviewed and their
effects shown. They also see what their life would have been like with
different decisions including if they had decided to stay and complete
their lives naturally.

Joe¹s brother¹s death taught him many things, but in terms of living here
on earth he showed me that it is not sufficient to be a good person,
honest and hard working. To create a joyful life you also have to feel
deserving of goodness and continually vote for love over fear. I developed
the phrase ³ Fear is expensive, love is priceless, choose wisely² to
remind myself each day. Sheryl saysŠI am reminded when I see mindless acts
of unkindness to say to myself, ³Forgive them for they know not what they
doŠ ³ ³Help them guides to see the beauty in life lived lovingly.²

An example of something that is helpful for those who have lost a loved
one through suicide might be when my brother died, I felt as if my heart
was broken in a way that would never heal. I hardened my heart against
feeling such pain again. Over time I realized that a broken heart while
speaking to our pain is just a myth. Myths contain an element of truth,
but often not the whole truth. I learned to substitute another imageŠthat
of an ocean filled with unlimited love. With ocean heart, when you come
into my life you are enveloped without resistance, like putting a hand in
water. If you leave, the water goes back to complete perhaps losing a
drop. The new image has helped me through many deaths and partings and
allowed my heart to stay peaceful, open hearted and filled with good
energy no matter what happens. The CD that complements this book is called
Ocean Heart and guides people into healing a broken heart and establishing
an ocean heart.

Sheryl imagines that is what Joe would like readers of Heaven is For
Healing to rememberŠIn our acceptance of life and its complications we are
never alone, and experiences are neither good nor bad, just there for our
soul to have the opportunity to reach its fullest potential to love more

In summarizing today¹s episode of ³Healing From Within² we have learned
through information received by Dr. Joe Gallenberger working with a
channel named Pam and messages received from her guide ARGO as well as
well as his own experiences with Spirit during meditationŠ many truths
about being accepted beyond life without retribution or ending up in hell
as some religions suggest especially in cases of suicide. It is only those
souls who have such a deepened despair and dislike for love and for self
that would hold in their disturbed psyche a vision of hell. It is the
inner distaste for self that gives a soul a belief in eternal suffering.
Soul life both here, and beyond is a process of experiencing all emotions
challenges, fears, limitations, and then moving towards joy and happiness
and eventually to triumph over the mundane. Learning to live with greater
love for life, Self and Universal Energy or the Divine is the purpose and
goal of a physical life. Discovering that when love conquers fear, all is
possible, and realizing life is more than the physical world leads to
healing or a mind body spirit connection realized over infinite journey¹s
or many lives both here and in Spirit.

Joe shares a great regard for the freedom God allows us even though it
results in great pain as well as pleasure and he wrote. ³Still a
compassionate intelligence could not bear this without there being a
greater reality, a context in the infinity of time, or free of time, where
a full peace and a dynamic harmony exist. It had always seemed to me that
it was inelegant and insufficient that these two realities, one
pain-filled and the other blissful) proceed one after another like acts in
a play‹Earth and then Heaven. For me the blissful reality has to be the
greater eternal reality that is always present and always available to be
perceived. In some way physical matter and its suffering has to be as a
dream in relation to fully awake, pure consciousness.²

Joe and I would have you know that Afterlife exists and that contact with
loved ones who have died is possible. As souls we are able to manifest and
create many realities and possibilities and explore many emotions with our
mind. Life in a body, or without a body, is simply generated by pure
eternal energy, thought, love and beauty of our unending experiences with
soul growth.

Guest: Dr. Joseph Gallenberger <>