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Healing From Within

Sheryl Glick


Host: Sheryl Glick R.M.T.
Special Guest: Lisa K PhD

In today¹s episode of ³Healing From Within² your host Sheryl Glick author
of The Living Spirit a story of spiritual awakening, spiritual
communication, healing energy and a guide to your soul¹s destiny is
delighted to welcome Dr. Lisa K author of Intuition on Demand and if you
ever wanted your intuition to kick in and get more detailed, clearer
information to help you make better choices, today we will show you how to
begin to trust your inner guidance system.

Guests of ³Healing From Within² share life experiences and insights into
the metaphysical world in order to discern how what appears to be a
duality of life: our physical and soul essence are actually always unified
in oneness. In today¹s episode Dr. Lisa K who holds degrees in Electrical
Engineering from Columbia University, Psychobiology from the State
University of New York and a PhD in Metaphysical Sciences while also
certified in many energy healing and intuition modalities will help you
find develop and fine-tune your intuition so you can begin to find the
right answers to important questions and to reprogram your thinking, with
practical intuition exercises and more.

Lisa begins by telling us that as a child she was very curious and asked
her father lots of questions about who we are and where do we come from.
She says she was not psychic or extremely aware as a child, but Sheryl
suggests her inspiration to ask such sensitive questions came from a
source outside herself, perhaps souls or guides or the divine force of
life. In a dream her son Chris had of her being taken away in an
ambulance, very ill, she reassured him she was alright. Then four years
later what he had dreamed actually happened. Intuition is a sense of
knowing without logically thinking it through and this intuitive thought
came in through a dream which is for many of us a great source of
downloading helpful guidance from Spirit. Sheryl likes to think our guides
are always around us and whisper in our ears to help us avoid certain
calamities if it is not advantageous to our soul life plan, but, still
they cannot protect us from those challenges we are destined to experience
ŠTherefore we all are hearing the angels, but only some of us know it,

Intuition is the ability to understand something immediately without
conscious reasoning or knowingŠknowing, without knowing how we know it.
Most often the source of intuitive knowledge is seen as coming from one of
two places. One perspective is the source of intuition is a subconscious
process that produces internal information you¹ve experienced, gathered
processed at some point and perhaps forgotten, that is not conscious. The
other perspective is it is information that comes from mystical sources,
outside of you such as from your higher self, angels spirit guides divine

Sheryl saysŠ²I believe it is both just as the seemingly duality of life,
or our soul /heart presence is part of our being as is our ego or physical
reality. There really is no duality or separation, but the mind or ego due
to the physical challenges of a three dimensional life fosters that belief
of separation because it cannot conceive that we are simply energy or
spiritual beings having a physical life in order to grow and refine our
feelings of compassion and love.²
In her book The Living Spirit she gives an example of how we receive
definitive intuitive help and she wrote, ³One day as I was driving to my
office, a quick definitive thought came in and said, ³Pick up the Birthday
cake!² I realized it was my responsibility to get Caroline¹s birthday cake
as I had promised. I changed direction and quickly went to the bakery.
These souls who whisper to us may be part of this continuum of Divine
energy or God and are all working together as our guides teachers and
guardian angels. Change and growth occur within the mind and physical body
and also within the evolution of the soul or energy body. Growing our
physical and spiritual aspects equally in alignment to universal energy is
one pathway to fulfilling one¹s destiny.² Sheryl says We all have guides
and angels working with us while in this physical life and they are the
whispers of spirit that are our Intuition or inner wisdom to help us
navigate life and fulfill our promises or life plan.

Lisa K goes on to tell usŠThereforeŠ..²Improving your ability to work with
your intuition and developing intuition skills are the basis for becoming
a highly skilled psychic. Intuition can give you information that would
seem psychic. The best psychic and intuitive is someone who receives
messages from a divine source, which could be considered the Universe and
its Creator. One thing psychology does acknowledge is intuition does exist
and everyone is intuitive: there are no exceptions. Regardless of whether
it comes from within or outside of you if you can harness its power and
increase its effectiveness to help make better decisions and create a
better life that you desire then it can be done.

Intuition is not guessing: it is not deduction: it is not figuring it out.
Intuition is also not always knowledge that we have from accumulated
experience Intuition is not thinking but has very clear characteristics
that parallel the way the right hemisphere of our brain works. You could
say that this right side of our brain is the intuitive side.

Lisa gives us her way of relating to the 10 secrets to intuition and how
to recognize it as follows:

1. Be Relaxed and Be Open
2. No Figuring it Out. No Judging the Answer
3. Fragments and Symbols
4. Signs Outside of You
5. Believing=Power
6. Outside Tools
7. Trigger Your Intuition by Asking
8. You Get What You Get and You Don¹t Get Upset
9. Ask for Clarity
10. Where¹s the Bathroom?

First you have to understand the steps to developing your intuition. There
are 5 steps to developing your intuition from

1. In the beginning to know intuition from logical thought by following
your gut feeling.
2. Beginners intuition where you try to pay more attention to the messages
such as coincidences or synchronicity.
3. Intermediate Intuition Where you try to find ways to learn skills or
tools to develop your practice.
4. Advanced Intuition where you practice technique and methods as your
abilities increase to have a set pattern or practice.
5. A State of Being You now have the Intuitive Mind and live the Intuitive

In step 5 A State of Being or even before that you will know and trust and
value your intuition or inner wisdom, and it will become like second
nature to you Lisa writes, ³There are lots of stories about people who are
saints that have extraordinary psychic powers ( Joan of Arc comes to mind)
Both Eastern and Western religions have stories of enlightened saints
being connected to divine intuitive knowledge. This is the path of where
we all can be in this lifetime. Perhaps you don¹t become a Saint, but you
will and can be more aware of ³All that Is,² God and Your Creator and
connected to the Universe. That is the enlightened intuitive life.²

Intuition is the language of the intuitive part of your brain which speaks
in pieces of images, a word or two sounds thoughts feelings and symbols.
More importantly this intuition language presents information in a way
that is different than your thinking mind,ŠRecognizing the characteristics
of intuitive messages is also key to distinguishing them from your
thinking and judging mind. This awareness of personal thoughts as opposed
to messages swifty and decisively coming in is how you begin to know
whether it is a real intuitive message or you¹re just making it up.

The way to strengthen the ³intuitive muscle.² and to develop intuition on
demand focuses on

A Ask a Question
B Be Open
C Collect and Receive
D Do It Again
P Practice- Practice- PracticeSheryl says I was always sensitive and
sometimes aware of things before they happened but never thought it
unusual as I assumed everyone was the same wayŠAfter a dream 24 years ago
when I sensed my grandfather telling me to write something for my father
and though unable to see him or quite hear him, but just knew in my mind
what he was sayingŠ² You have to write something for your father.² The
next day I received a call from my mother telling me my dad had passed and
I wrote his eulogyŠthough I was not aware of exactly what had transpired
the night before. A few years later through an intuitive thought to read a
book by a physic medium that my daughter represented, I soon discovered
the difference between a spiritual visitation and a dream. Now that I knew
my grandfathers spirit had visited me to help me deal with the passing of
my Dad, I wanted to know where he lived and how communication with other
souls or Spirit was possible..Asking this question led me to teachers,
events and experiences that helped me to study Reiki energy healing
techniques and I began to download information or messages for clients.
Meditation groups helped me to refine this process and to trust, allow and
accept the messages learning never to put my own spin or interpretation on
them. Just accept what you get and give it like you receive it was what a
mentor Rev. Robert Brown from England always said to me.

Lisa suggests we learn to make our intuition consistent by not allowing
the ego to get in the way and drowning out the message. An intuitive
message can get lost in the thought confusion. To avoid this you simply
have to quiet your thinking mind, but you don¹t have to be in a specific
state or go into meditationŠ Be Open and trigger your intuition with a
question and you¹ll be able to receive consistently and clearly what your
intuition is telling you.

Lisa tells us our brain is uniquely set up and designed for intuition.

Lisa wrote, ³The human mind is extremely complex and so is the human
brain. The study of the brain and how it functions gives us some clues
about how our minds work. Both science and psychology still have much to
figure out about intuition even though there has been a large amount of
scientific research that has statistically proven the existence of psychic

Sheryl interviewed Morrie Ackerman who co-authored a book with Dr Gary
Schwartz who has spent the last 20 years or more at The University of
Arizona where he and his team have studied many techniques to measure and
analyze psychic spiritual energies and in their book An Atheist in Heaven
give very specific stories of messages from a departed colleague Morrie
Ackerman who was an athetist, and they share the science behind their
belief that the messages really were from him.. Sheryl Š.I myself am
completing a new book New Life Awaits-Hospice Miracles Afterlife Healing
Disease/ Injustice where as an intuitive Reiki Master energy practitioner
and medium share stories that will help those sitting on the fence about
whether something exists beyond this physical life or not, to know beyond
a doubt, that we are spiritual beings having a physical life to gather
experiences that improve our eternal soul energy and the Universe.

Sheryl says, ³I have interviewed many psychics, healers, psychologists,
scientists, metaphysician and so on who share their view that the mind is
the collective energetic Universe where all thought , soul remembrances,
actions and lives are continuous, as energy cannot be destroyed, and there
is no past present or future, just energy swirling simultaneously.
Sensitive people who develop their intuition can retrieve information from
this field of unified life. Most people would seek to know more about
intuition when perhaps they have experienced either a dream, a loss of job
or love, or home or a person in their life passes. The brain is hardwired
to imagine and want to know the mysteries of life and often serious
situations awaken this part of our soul being or intuitive nature.

The ultimate goal and benefit of developing and enhancing your intuition
is to learn about the true nature of energy and to understand yourself and
your human and also divine nature.

It appears that the experience and understanding that monks and other
spiritual masters attain through the quest to become enlightened through
meditation and other spiritual practices which may work to quiet the left
hemisphere and Ego chatter is the ability towards natural intuitive
psychic abilities and being one with God and the ability to connect to All
that Is or God.

Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor in her book Œ My Stroke of Insight,² gives an
account of what the right hemisphere of the brain is actually processing
when the left side goes dormant. Dr. Taylor a neuroscientist experienced a
stroke in her left hemisphere and allowed the right hemisphere to become
more conscious. She describes the sense of oneness with everything, of
being conscious of everything around her but no longer having the mental
chatter in her mind. She not only experienced the feeling of being ³One
with the Universe² but understood it in an ineffable(indescribable too
great or extreme to express in words)

Lisa tell us one of her own vivid times of intuition and being aware. She
was in a food store and was just ready to pick up a package of sushi and
someone standing next to her picked it up firstŠShe had a thoughtŠ²Wait
she will put it back² and that was exactly what transpired.

Another story she gives was of Steven and Sandy who had just broken up and
she was worried about him so Sandy called David another friend who went
out looking for him. Steven was found and helped, but the next day talking
to Sandy Lisa asked her if he had been two steps above him when she was
talking to him and was the stairwell grey with a dark grey railingŠSandy
said yes. Lisa had seen this in my dream struggling with the break-upŠ
Sheryl says Highly intuitive people have this all the time about people in
their lives either past or present as our energy is connected to all and
there really is no time and space just experience learning to love and be
more compassionate and understand our soul Being in a more gracious way

In summarizing today¹s episode of ³Healing From Within² Lisa K and Sheryl
have shared a look at the values, benefits and purpose of Intuition to
expand and explore a creative life journey improving health, relationships
and our connection to Universal Source.

Most of us are trained to look to others to give us solutions for how we
should function perceive ourselves and the world and early on forget to
rely on this great gift of intuition or inner knowing that we all have.
Gathering information from within and outside of you using both logic and
your creative Intuition is a clear path to better choices health and life.
As Lisa wrote, ³There are fantastic intuitive solutions that are carved
out especially for you that nothing can compare with, residing inside a
part of your mind that most people don¹t access. That part of your mind is
a function of your brain that has connections to vast unseen knowledge.
When you access those solutions and that knowledge, magical and amazing
things can happen just for you, to do with what you wish. How awesome is

Lisa and Sheryl would have you remember a time when you thought of a
friend and then the phone rang, or asked a question and then saw the
answer in the newspaper, or a person walking by you responded with just
the answer you were looking for. Many would call that a coincidence but
there are no coincidences and life is not random. We are connected to a
Universal energetic force of life and in accessing that source through
intuition we open up a dialogue of unlimited potential and loveŠBe open
and listen.

Guest: Lisa K PhD <>