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Be Found When Your Customer Looks For You with Jeremiah Smith

We often hear SEO thrown around. Sometimes on show like “Shark Tank”, it is presented as the end all be all for company growth and then in other episodes disregarded as a waste of time. Many companies spend thousands of dollars on it without knowing what it even is.

So the question today is. What is SEO? What does it mean, What does it do for your business, and do you need it?
To help demystify this powerful tool (when used correctly) host Steve Kidd is joined by SEO specialist and CEO of Jeremiah Smith. Steve and Jeremiah are going to make simple for you how SEO works for you. How to make search engines your friend. And how to be found by your customer by being where you are.
Making proper use of SEO your company will grow, will be seen by your clients and will engage with them in a way that will help them want to do business with you
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