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Middle Age Can Be Your Best Age

Roy Richards

Why It’s Great to Live in Your Flow State

New Year’s resolutions are great but extremely difficult to accomplish through willpower alone!  The good news: here’s an assist! Inspirational teacher, author and retreat leader Dashama spells out how mastering your flow state can lead to perpetual improvement in health, happiness and achievement–along with genuine peace of mind in the face of any challenge.
Tune in for a definition of “flow state” and how you can discover and get into your very own. Learn what was missing in Dashama’s seemingly perfect life and what prompted her to “give up everything” to follow her dream. Discover the unique form of yoga that she teaches, its “ten golden rules”  and the five steps you need to go through to calm nerves and navigate your sea of emotions. To celebrate the holiday season of compassionate giving, host Roy Richards tells the story of a young family whose sacrificial gift paid them back many times over.