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Middle Age Can Be Your Best Age

Roy Richards

Love Yourself More After You’ve Hit Rock Bottom

Do you feel like your life has hit rock bottom? Remarkably, some of the world’s most outwardly successful individuals share a similar, all-too-common struggle with debilitating self-doubt. Award-winning fashion designer and best-selling author Rani St. Pucchi reveals that for years her emotional UP’s didn’t even reach the level of most people’s DOWN’s. Tune in to discover how self-deprecation changed miraculously when an accident forced her to cease a stressful pace of living to reflect upon all the real and imagined “cracks and fissures” in her life at the time. Uncover why it is wise to concentrate on “what’s holding you back and why” in order to positively transform your attitude, self-confidence and expectations for the future. Uncover the benefits of a KINSUGI lifestyle, acknowledging and accepting breaks in your life today but sealing the cracks and holding them together with GOLD. Host Roy Richards spells out the first three of his “10 Commandments for Midlife Renewal.”