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Rochéle Lawson

Heal Your Mind and Body with Medical Spiritual Healing

Imagine if you could heal your mind and your body and free it from any illness or disease that you may be suffering from, wouldn’t that be great? Visualize your the look on your face when you discovered the key to curing what ails you. Have you ever heard of people experiencing miraculous healing that were suffering from a debilitating disease or terminal illness and wondered why or how that happened? Are you curious as to what God’s role is in healing?

Have you ever heard of Medical Spiritual Healing? Do you know what Medical Spiritual Healing is? Would you like to learn how Medical Spiritual Healing can help you with physical and mental challenges so that you can go forward on your path to Bliss? Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe, medical doctor shares his wisdom on Medical Spiritual Healing and how we can use this beautiful methodology to heal ourselves.