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Middle Age Can Be Your Best Age

Roy Richards

A Simple Most Powerful Resolution for the New Year: Love Yourself!

Most of us are committed to becoming a ‘better person’ in the new year but what does the term mean to you? Inspirational author and teacher Joffre McClung contends that most of us get it wrong, defining our worth based on what other folks think and say about us. Tune in to discover why the simplest, most powerful resolution you can make for 2019 is to love yourself. Self-love in no way implies selfishness or lack of concern for others. In fact, to effectively love and care for others, we first must acknowledge our true worth and tap into the unique, one-of-a-kind talents and resources all of us have within. Uncover practical steps to investigate, honor then cleanse yourself of lingering negative thoughts and emotions. Learn five simple ‘self-gratitude’ practices that can help lead to joyful and productive daily living. Host Roy Richards presents guidelines 4 through 6 of his “10 Commandments of Midlife Renewal.”