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In today’s episode of Healing From Within your host Sheryl Glick author of The Living Spirit a true tale of spiritual awakening, spiritual communication, healing energies and miracles and a guide to inner soul wisdom is delighted to welcome Camilla Sacre-Dallerup author of Reinvent Me who will share her 8 step program to make it easier for you to observe and benefit from making changes that help you create a new view and perspective on Self and your growing spiritual gifts.
Sheryl and her guests on “Healing From Within” share intimate stories of becoming more aware of spiritual talents interests and their personal growth as we focus on the balance between physical and spiritual realities through greater self-investigation, and self-mastery of emotions for a more purposeful and fulfilling life journey. In today’s episode of “Healing From Within” we learn that former professional dancer and Strictly Come Dancing winner Camilla Sacre Dallerup a master and queen of reinvention shares the importance and necessity of constant reevaluation of goals and dreams in order to fully utilize personal needs. Now a motivational speaker hypnotherapist and mindful living coach she offers her clear 8-step motivational program that allows anyone to appreciate the process and joy of change.
Camilla when asked to think back to her childhood and remember an experience person or event that may have molded them or directed them to the path they pursued as they developed the interests of adult life immediately remembers her dance teacher who taught her to use the process of visualization to create the vision of her training and progress as a very young dance student. Camilla eventually came to know after twenty years of competing against others how to spend her energy by always being the best version of herself. She discovered The Law of Attraction that says we attract into our lives what we focus on and wish for and used it for her own development and to help others to know themselves with clarity and in more productive ways.
Moving forward she pursued training as a hypnotherapist NLP practitioner and meditation teacher at the LA meditation studios. She ran a practice helping clients and celebrities to deal with stress addictions and trauma and wrote several books. During her many years of competing in Strictly Come Dancing, the UK equivalent to US’s Dancing with the Stars, Camilla became aware that when the body and mind is in harmony you are connected and can be the best version of yourself, enabling you to deal with everyday situations from a very comfortable place. Through meditation and taking time for daily self-care we benefit enormously and are healthier and happier: it is just that simple.
In this book Camilla give the reader 8 Steps for your REINVENT ME Program:
R=Recognize work out where you are and where you need to currently be.
E=Ego: learn to free yourself from ego-based decisions
I=Innovation: plan what action you need to take to start turning your dream into a reality
N= NOW: stop procrastinating and start taking action
V= Visualize: visualize your reinvented life and find the courage within to start your new adventure
E= Evolve: learn to go with the flow of life and become more you
N= Nurture: discover why it’s essential to nurture your talents and yourself as you go through the process of reinvention
T= Transformation: commit to your reinvention and embrace your new you.
In order to understand our decision making process and how we view the world we must speak of Ego… Let’s talk about how the ego can get in the way when you are reinventing yourself, especially in regard to our careers. The definition of ego Camilla gives in her book is “Your idea or opinion of yourself especially your sense of your own importance and ability.” Reinvention can be difficult if your ego is calling the shots, making you hold onto a certain way of acting and living that doesn’t make you happy and fulfilled. Camilla believes to find your true self you have to face your ego and the labels and patterns you have established as a result of your childhood training and societal modes. Your ego will affect your behavior as you may feed your ego or the terms of physical life at the expense of being true to yourself, your life plan, destiny or soul needs and must allow yourself ways to go “within” to find your truest desires and allow it to express itself into your life, thoughts and actions.
Of course, the ego can also get in the way on a personal level in terms of relationships. Perhaps, we may be unable to forgive and forget in order to fully move on because we don’t want the other person to win? Competitiveness fosters this type of reaction while cooperation and understanding yourself fosters real social awareness and personal growth. Camilla can honestly say that with or without the limelight she is the same person. When she looks back on her career it’s not the winning moments that spring to mind first; it’s the people she has met and the experiences shared and the actual journey of getting there and the inspiration and kindness from strangers met along the way. Those are the memories that make her smile and that she holds dearly—those are real and not her ego.
“When you are content to be simply yourself and don’t care or compete everybody will respect you.” This is a quote from Lao Tzu. Sheryl goes on to say, “That quote reminds me of when as a child and young woman I was so competitive and uncomfortable in my own skin- always striving to achieve the impossible dream whatever it was I wanted to do. I worked hard, consistently pursuing each goal. I worked in retail throughout high school and college, became an elementary school teacher, a mother, an interior designer, and opened my own Tag Sales business selling the contents of homes and estates. I met and helped so many people. Then my daughter became a successful child actress and I balanced work and trips to the city encouraging both my son and daughter to excel in all their activities. But still my heart said, “Success or no success something is missing. Is this all there is to life?” I managed a furniture showroom when my daughter left for college and helped people design their living spaces and purchase furniture for their family needs. Then a great loss encouraged a spiritual awakening and I began to find answers to age old questions, “Who am I and What is life really about.”I went back to teaching for a while to help children in the inner city life. Then left again to become a Reiki Master Teacher/medium, author, and host of this show “Healing From Within.” So through many reinventions and transformations I finally found the truth about myself and Life. The process is never ending and new awareness and higher consciousness is the path forward for all of us. Eight careers or so and each one taught me more about myself and what really made me happy. Just like Camilla I was simply grateful for life. I had respect and love for the inspiration and kindness from all the people I interacted with….so so many.
Remember this:
1. If your ego is in control, you’re probably neglecting your true self.
2. A big ego can get in the way of teamwork.
3. A big ego can be very unattractive to the people around you.
Camilla also wrote, “One thing I know for sure is that building ourselves up again, and changing and improving becomes a little easier when we let go of who we used to be or who we think we should be and accept who we are in this moment-and when we embrace that we are all one.”
Camilla shares her understanding of the concept of NOW and the importance of taking action now and not procrastinating or leaving it until later. Now is such an important concept and word—and so vital to reinventing yourself not only because you need to make changes but NOW will also remind you to be present in the moment…not concerned with the past or future. When you are mindful of the present, you will listen to your intuition, make better decisions, become less fearful of what might happen and really live through and learn from your journey of change. When you are considering what is holding you back from beginning something new…you will discover it is FEAR..fear of failure, not having enough money, but what about the fear of not living your life to its fullest potential. Another fear might be, I haven’t got time and what would others think of this?
Sheryl suggests that when you respond to the calling “within” to engage a new experience or way of doing something and act in the here and now you will relinquish fear and begin to know there is a need to experience this new path or direction. Since there is no failure, no right or wrong, no duality—only unity and oneness, whatever experience you have will be the RIGHT ONE.
It takes courage to make changes in life but what if we don’t feel courageous how do you walk away from a relationship or a job? Sheryl suggests we all have soul courage or an inner sense of knowing that change is necessary and good, even if the fears of our mind try to restrain us from going forward to create our best version of Self. Change is inevitable and desirable as it gives you new opportunities to learn more about who you are as a soul having a physical life. We create change by our thoughts and our intentions and the Universe responds, not by thinking what is good or bad for us, for there really is no judgment in whatever it is we choose to experience, only the chance to learn and grow from our choices. In the Living Spirit Sheryl wrote, “Many seek to be the best they can be and are encouraged to be perfect. They do not allow less for themselves than what others deem to e perfect for them. But since we are always in a state of change, the ideas and wishes of others are not nearly as important as our welcoming the experiences and challenges that surface and handling them to the best of our ability. We should aim to become a person who doesn’t find fault in others, moving past personal obstacles with courage hope and faith to find peace. Be free of any influence of others that take that state of mind-peace away from you.”
Camilla shares a story of an actor Alex who described himself as having a big ego which actually helped him and though good academically, as well as in sports and music, his unwavering self-belief and behavior came from a place of insecurity and thinking he had to act a certain way to fit into the acting world. Alex cared so much about what others thought of him. Alex knew that many people feel this way and remain arrogant, narrow minded, and argumentative, not flattering qualities, until they decide they want to change and not let the job or beliefs from childhood control and define them. That is the inner voice of the soul or Spirit calling us to remind us of our soul needs which are often quite different from the goals we pursue in our physical life scenario.
Camilla feels a most important tip about reinventing yourself includes your consistent truthful attitudes and understanding change. We all have to innovate during changing times in our life and it is not the fact that one is lucky or unlucky that leads to their joy and pleasure in success and achieving life goals. Change and growth come about by having an idea, making a plan, and working out the steps needed to take us towards the goal. Sheryl gives an example…When I moved into my house after my daughter was born after having lived in an apartment all my life I wanted to decorate it myself. So I took a year and a half decorating course and also began to frequent house sales called Tag Sales where the contents of homes were being sold. I became aware of antiques ,fine furniture, rugs, silver and art which sparked my creative need to learn more. I soon decided I loved being part of this process of selling beautiful things to families and dealers that appreciated them. Within a short time, I put out the intention to Spirit or the Universe that I was going to start a tag sale business. Almost immediately I got a call from a friend that her aunt was selling the complete contents of her very lovely home and needed to dispose of the entire contents. I accepted the challenge. Sometimes it’s just good to start even if you don’t know where it will lead. My first tag sale led to 15 years of participating in this adventure. Lots of hard work, learning new skills and using old skills that I had learned in my earlier years in retail and teaching. I wrote all the advertisements, set up the home for showcasing items and getting the best prices for the items. I worked with a staff and many people who frequented the events. I loved it for a long time when my kids were younger as I could schedule the sales on the weekends. But as life or Spirit moves us to engage with different learning experiences for our personal self-development, we are given additional opportunities all the time to reinvent ourselves and our goals often using everything we have learned to succeed in the next exploration of our Interests.
Camilla shares ideas on meditation and visualization. Camilla defines Visualization: to form a mental image of something incapable of being viewed or not at the moment visible.
She suggests that we jump from Now to the future because in this chapter about visualizing our reinvention, it is helpful to put the “V” …Venture together with the Visualization of your Reinvention. Sheryl says I often use the word Intention and ask my client to mention an intention during a healing session and send it out into the Universe. Much like a reinvention it is simply a new perspective of themselves and what would make life more joyful happy and meaningful for them. Examples: Perhaps feeling disconnected from your partner…maybe, visualize a wonderful vacation or situation at home like cooking a dinner together, or watching a show together. The positive vision will help you feel better about your relationship. If you are single, you might want to visualize certain qualities for an ideal partner and send that intention out into the Universe. We begin to see everything starts with an intention, visualization and awareness of what we might need.
Sheryl shares how meditations during Reiki healing sessions often use a form of visualization. As you begin to meditate and breathe deeply, you let thoughts float away from your mind. You might want to connect to your own personal space or sanctuary, a world between earth and beyond, where you might visualize a beautiful green garden with trees and a lake or mountains and waterfalls in the distance—a place of quiet beauty, where you can connect to your subconscious and Higher Self much like we do in dreams. As a Reiki energy practitioner Sheryl helps people ground to the energies of the earth force or the core of the earth life force and draw it up through their swirling opening energy chakras then shooting out of their crown chakra while drawing down divine energy to protect and clear their aura and to begin to bring inspiration, peace, healing and inner guidance to any questions they ask during this time.
Camilla shares a favorite part of her job as a life coach, hypnotherapist and meditation teacher. It is simply using her own joy for life and purpose and helping others to find their spiritual gifts and to share them with others. Carmilla tells a story of a young woman Tine, a youth counselor who after studying English Literature then changed course and studied design and textiles and opened a business. Next Tine studied psychotherapy which lead her to teach personality/psychology and become a youth counselor. She shares with us that everything she has learned has brought her to where she is today. Innovation has been the key in life both personally and professionally: as a curious human being with a need to constantly evolve and change. No matter how big or small the change or goal has been, and no matter the challenges she always had a strong yet almost naïve inner belief that somehow it would all work out. That may be the key to a good life…an attitude that all is just as it should be and will work out fine in the end.
Sheryl says…That is how we can live a purposeful life, where ego and life views merge with your inner soul sense while refining your creative spiritual needs and you honor your true life path: the path of Spirit, not what others expect of you. You live with what you intuit and hope to share with the world simply because you can: or live a life of pleasing others and finding no pleasure in yourself.
Camilla would like readers to remember that other people may struggle to see your vision, discourage you, or not trust you to follow through, but that doesn’t mean it won’t happen—that purely depends on your tenacity, passion and the action you take. Perhaps the goal is not really the reward but moving towards your ideals and dreams, in creating thoughts and actions that sing with the personality and heart of your inner essence is the real joy, and I believe you will achieve great satisfaction in making the attempt and living the experience even if it turns out differently than your vision: perhaps even better.
In summarizing today’s episode of “Healing From Within” we have focused on possibilities for greater awareness, mindfulness, and creative change due to an expanding knowledge of yourself, and life in general, as through appreciating yourself as a creative force of energy and interests that we are all born with over time will help us learn, or rediscover and hopefully refine our soul energy because of the many experiences, choices, changes and challenges, that are part of our life plan and this journey we all call Life. Recognizing that fear or inability to change is the only energy that limits your true potential to shine and spread the inner goodness of Self into the world and knowing that once you move past this inconsequential set of fears, anything and everything is possible is the key to becoming whole, healthy, and to find that which makes you complete your search for the joy and happiness that is your natural birthright.
Reinvention is the process for transforming either your relationship, career or life through recognizing the skills you already have, and the creative energy or vision needed to approach any new project, interest or challenge in life, by committing to it, nurturing, visualizing and taking action towards your dreams. It’s really not as hard as many people imagine. Camilla writes..”Even when you don’t know what changes you want to make using visualization allows you to connect with your can do what I call a free-flow vision board, cutting out images that come to mind.. From that vision you may start to take action make changes and fulfill dreams.”
Camilla and Sheryl would have you know that as we may live many lives as some people believe we do, but still in this time and life, we have certain tasks and can live out many goals and interests, many parts of our visions and dreams, becoming more aware of the many spiritual divine gifts we possess, leading us to take the necessary steps to make these dreams realities. Imagine it, create it and live it most joyfully!
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