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Middle Age Can Be Your Best Age

Roy Richards

Great New Habits for Success and Shortcuts to Happiness

Is this your year to live up to your fullest potential, joyfully tapping into your unlimited resources to become the purpose-driven person God created you to be? Inspirational life coach G. Brian Benson presents crucial “habits for success.” 
Tune in for helpful hints on once-and-for-all stepping out of your comfort zone. Uncover why it’s OK to fail, why it’s absolutely essential to make yourself vulnerable and why you should routinely break the ice with folks all around you.
International happiness expert Tal Ben-Sharar, PhD presents positive shortcuts to happiness he harvested from two years of conversations with his barber. Discover snippets of universal wisdom dispensed by a humble tradesman short in formal education but deep in understanding of our human condition.   Learn more about your host Roy Richards right here.