Money and Success

Thriving Entrepreneur

Steve Kidd

Working Together with John Murphy

Do you strive to “WIN” at business?  What about in life? The key to “Winning”:at life and business is not about beating the competition but rather about creating an environment where not only you but everyone who works with you:
Team Members
And yes even FAMILY
All the people you work with
Where all the people in your life and in your business find that are all being fulfilled and living to their highest potential in all that they do.
When we promote a culture of bring out the best in others in our lives and in our businesses, when our goal is for everyone on our team to THRIVE.   Then everyone truly wins.
When we enjoy our lives and have a business that is a part of that life, that is when we are the real winners
Trust comes from open, honest communication.  There has never been a CEO that has regreted open and honest communication.  There is not a team that didnt find that when our hopes, dreams and yes even our fears and shortcomings, are shared that everyone is better and does better in the sharing. Turns out that the truth and then making everyone part of the solution is the only real way to ensure that everyone profits.
True success is not just about making money it is about being profitable.  It is about showing a true and valuable profit in what we are investing ourselves in.  The profit shows up in a rich life and dynamic business.
It is in our best interest and the best interest of the company to be about creating teams that are set up to succeed. Host Steve Kidd is joined by CEO, business owner and entrepreneur John Murphy of John Murphy International to help us all see the benefit in our life and in our business of Working Together on this episode of Thriving Entrepreneur.