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Welcome to “Healing From Within” I am your host Sheryl Glick author of Life Is No Coincidence and The Living Spirit which share stories of spiritual awakenings, spiritual communication healing energies and soul development and am honored and delighted to welcome Dr. Nauman Naeem author of Healing From The Inside Out a medical doctor who specializes in critical care, pulmonary medicine and palliative care.
Listeners of “Healing From Within” have come to know that as the title of the show suggests, we are multidimensional beings of energy spirit body and mind, and as such healing is based on working with the inner wisdom of soul essence and spiritual energies. Embracing this inner awareness of life is necessary for creating greater health prosperity and a purposeful life, always moving past limitations to embrace new opportunities and insights.
In today’s episode of Healing from Dr. Nauman Naeem shares how often patients develop chronic illness and are led to believe they will just have to accept their diagnosis and treatment plans. Medical professionals tell them the condition is chronic and they will have to learn to manage painful and debilitating symptoms. Dr. Naeem with a foreword from Dr. Bernie Siegel explain this is a false mindset and a failure to engage the spiritual and emotional side of healing. We will learn how the mind and our patterns of thought may sabotage our healing journey and practical exercises that focus on positivity . We will discover the power of the mind to transcend physical limitations.
Nauman shares with us the extreme curiosity and sense of adventure that he experiences in childhood.
Nauman writes, “ I was born in London England and lived there for a short time before immigrating to Toronto Canada. I had a voracious appetite for knowledge and soaking up everything I could learn from school books, newspapers, my elders and many other sources. I also had a thirst for adventure and the feeling that without an element of risk, life becomes mundane and routine. As I reached adolescence I dabbled in various activities, from hiking camping and skiing to whitewater rafting windsurfing and rock climbing. I was the only south Asian kid in both elementary school and high school and often felt caught between my Muslim South Asian culture and Western culture. Medicine eventually piqued my interest because it integrated science, service to humanity, and working with people. T hough I applied to medical school I failed to get into a Canadian medical school two years in a row. I went to an international medical school and managed to get accepted into an internal medicine residency in Cleveland Ohio.
Sheryl says to Nauman that she often shares synchronicity with her talented guests and tells him that her dad studied Podiatry in Cleveland Ohio and coming from New York and being Jewish was looked on as an oddity there.
Nauman goes on to say that although he was married and thriving on the outside there was something missing and had no idea what it was an emptiness. This motivated him to pursue a spiritual search. He delved deeply into the spiritual authors Wayne Dyer Deepak Chopra Neal Donald Walsh and Eckhart Toole. Sheryl says, “Your search seems to have begun earlier than mine…Mine began perhaps as a midlife crisis…married and a teacher who had started her own business. Something was not right and my heart hurt. I had done everything expected of me and had children a home engaging work and family but something was missing…my journey and connection to spirit began to unfold and I asked questions, Who am I? What is life about? And eventually found people and studies that led me to become a Reiki Master Teacher, Intuitive healer and medium, but it took time to follow the clues that were given to me along the way.
Sheryl asks Dr. Naeem, a conventional physician why he is writing a book about multidimensional healing. Sheryl shares with Dr. Naeem that she has interviewed many physicians surgeons and psychologists among them Dr Eben Alexander who also gave Dr. Naeem an endorsement for this book and Dr. Vernon Sylvest, Dr. Raymond Moody, Miguel Ruiz surgeon and shaman and so many spiritual psychologists who approach healing from a mind body spirit perspective as do you and I. Listeners may go to my website and check this year and past years to find many shows addressing this advanced new way for healing beyond merely alleviating symptoms and assigning labels for any condition.
Nauman wrote “Witnessing so much death has greatly humbled him and given him a reverence for all that we hold sacred in our earthly life. It also forced him to ask deep questions. Why do patients get so critically ill? Are they at fault? Is it due to the neglect of their health? Are we all destined to become chronically ill, barely managing symptoms with a host of pharmaceuticals most of which cause side effects, and to eventually end up in the hospital. As I struggled to find answers I began to look more closely at the patients I was caring for and started to recognize patterns. I found that the vast majority of patients dealing with chronic disease had personal stories behind their illness and showed unresolved issues from their past. This is not surprising but what is surprising is that the world’s various healthcare systems have not embraced the notion that our thoughts and emotions bear a direct link to our health.
After medical school still on a spiritual quest Nauman was seeking answers to life’s most important questions and reading books on healing, consciousness, and metaphysics, and listening to numerous transformational and spiritual teleseminars. It all rekindled that sense of adventure he had as a child and began fulfilling an interest in learning wilderness survival and primitive living skills from various mentors. He studied the ancient art of tracking. Tracking in simple terms is scrutinizing your environment to come up with a story of what transpired in that place. He became more deeply aware not only of the world around him, but also his own inner world or what some call your spirit or soul.
Nauman, as all seekers, realized the greatest knowledge is self-knowledge, the greatest adventure is the journey to the core of one’s being and that one’s spiritual search culminates in the discovery of one’s true nature which is that of pure consciousness. The path that led him to this inner tracking and deeper self awareness was a deep nature connection: the same can be achieved by other means including meditation, prayer, tai chi, yoga, long distant running, artwork, music, singing, writing, poetry, journaling etc.
Dr. Naeem and many other practitioners have been able to reconcile their practice of conventional medicine with a holistic multi-dimensional approach to healing. The grief and suffering caused to the loved ones of individuals who die from chronic diseases which account for seven out of ten deaths in the United States alone show us that all chronic diseases are rooted in the loss of identity, as we all experience a spectrum of human experiences, both good and bad, but unfortunately as these negative experiences accumulate over time, they begin to obscure our original nature of pure love and light. This is the origin of subconscious blocks and limiting beliefs. Every aspect of our being then becomes adversely affected. This is what causes emotional diseases such as depression, diseases of the mind, such as anxiety and diseases of the body. How does this all happen? If we look at ways in which society trains and manipulates the masses and leads most of us down a path of sorrow struggle and hopelessness, the reasons become clear.
Traditional educational systems focus on rote learning and memorization; they leave out the skills that really matter that can lead to true prosperity and happiness—conveying true unconditional love and compassion achieving inner peace, experiencing pure awareness radiating joy and expressing gratitude
We live in a society that values capitalism and materialism judges a person’s worth by the size of their bank account not the size of their heart. This thinking further disconnects us from our true nature: unconditional love and pure light which have the power to heal. Even our healthcare systems have been infiltrated by misguided values driven by pharmaceutical sales medical device companies physicians and surgeons trying to maximize their profits and to perpetuate chronic disease to fuel profits. Little emphasis is placed on either preventive medicine or true healing at a core level.
So the question becomes what is true healing? Insights gained from years of treating tens of thousands of patients for numerous conditions has led Dr. Naeem to make a distinction between healing and cure. Healing does not necessarily equate to cure. Healing refers to realigning your entire being at all levels, physical mental emotional vibrational spiritual and existential –in order to create the optimal internal and external environment for your illness to be treated most effectively. Cure is an endpoint whereas healing is a process. In our goal oriented, consumer driven modern society, we often define fulfillment in our lives by specific endpoints or tangible results. Life cannot be defined this way since it is a never-ending process that is constantly evolving, moment by moment. While we may cure one condition, another might be just around the corner. While the process Nauman offers seems linear, healing is actually a non-linear process.
Dr. Naeem mentions Anita Moorjani author of Dying to Be Me in his book. She was a guest on this show and to listen to the interview we shared go to the radio page of my website and go to shows for 2012 That episode is dated October 15, 2012 and titled “For Healing Conquer Fear, Conquer Death. You suggest that what happens when there is a flash of insight in which an individual is stripped bare of all that is not real revealing her true nature when someone is close to dying may create a spontaneous healing This can occur when the pain of suffering becomes so unbearable as to force the individual to dissociate from all false man created identities unveiling her true energy soul nature. Anita Moorjani tells readers about her near-physical death, her reunion with her father in spirit and the choice she was given to either stay or return to physical life and was also a metaphor for the death of all her false man- made identities. She had to experience four years of a debilitating disease and deteriorate to a point in which her physical body was close to death.
Dr. Naeem shares with us why he thinks the world’s healthcare systems strayed so far from the true path to health and healing. As he continued to contemplate the relationship between the inner and outer reality the knowledge of how we truly heal became illuminated to Nauman. The reason people don’t heal is because modern medicine’s approach to treating chronic disease revolves around largely external means namely pharmaceutical and procedure based therapies including surgery. This mirrors most people’s approach to fulfillment in their lives: they think they can achieve satisfaction through accumulating more material things, more experiences including more entertainment, more travel, more socializing, more sexual gratification and so forth. Many soon realize that the sole pursuit of external fulfillment leaves us emptier just as the sole pursuit of external solutions to chronic illness leaves us with a well-managed chronic illness but not true healing.
The missing link or ingredient has always been establishing a balanced approach that includes the inner and outer realm. Medications procedure based therapies and surgeries are needed and often beneficial, but not to the exclusion of a focus on our inner life which includes scrutiny of our thoughts, emotions, and an identification with our true nature. Many people believe our true nature is our physical body and buy into this illusion. But indeed, if we break down our physical body to the molecules atoms and subatomic particles, we are just packets of energy vibrating at a certain frequency that emanate from our core essence or being. So we are pure energy that can be transformed or transmuted which means anything is possible including perfect health. To do this we need to bridge the gap between the inner and outer aspects of our health.
Sheryl says In relationship to this thought that energy and an understanding of the Universal Laws of Energy is necessary to achieve multidimensional or holistic healing in my book The Living Spirit I wrote, “ While my practice centers mainly on Usui Shiki Ryoho a Japanese spiritual Reiki healing system, I have studied several other healing modalities all of which have enhanced my spiritual growth as well as an understanding of the value for allopathic and natural alternative medicine to be used in conjunction with each other. The central message has been that all healing methods work with the God Source energy within us. Many teachers and mediums have told me that there are healing energies—angels loved ones or ancestors—present in our environment. All energy healing treatments tap into a person’s natural ability to receive and realign their energies to these and other universal healing sources.
Mindfulness and meditation have become very popular in recent times and these practices fit well into the framework of healing.
Mindfulness is paying attention to your own self-growth and to your interconnectedness to the world and others. Mindfulness in setting your intention is the first step in engaging the path to healing and it has two components;
The first is to find your powerful why and to find your unique life’s missions.
The second component is to end your illusion of separation and realize your connection to other, your immediate environment nature and ultimately the Universe.
Other steps to follow include:
1. It is important to announce your intention to heal through your thoughts and words.
2. You must replace your negative thinking with positive thinking.
3. You must also pay attention to the language you use on a regular basis that reflects the highest truth about yourself.
4. You should have a personal healing mantra that you repeat to yourself on a regular basis.
5. Meditation by allowing the thoughts of the mind to fade away you allow yourself to be in a state of silence and to begin to feel the energy within and around you as you relax the body and becoming aware of your own needs as a spiritual and physical being. It is the way to inner wisdom and health and realization of life in its multidimensional aspects. It is an important self-investigative tool and can benefit life in physical and emotional ways.
Dr. Naeem shares with us his thoughts on a complete true healing process that he believes can effectively deal with the global epidemics of depression and addiction when we begin to accept and recognize that an illness is a gift and points to disruption at the core of your being, a deeper level than the outer physical symptoms manifested by the illness. If you have the insight and courage to take this journey, your illness can force you down the rabbit hole and you can uncover all the hidden recesses of your inner world and illuminate the cause of your disease. Illness therefore is a wake-up call.. We were first born into to this world pure and our true soul nature was evident in our eyes. As the newborn grows up in its environment it gets exposed to all sorts of stimuli not all of which are perceived as positive. Maybe, baby woke up in her crib and did not see her parents nearby, and perceived she was all alone with nobody to care for her and began to cry. Maybe the parents did not respond to her cries and there was a delay before she was picked up and consoled. A fear of abandonment was thereby imprinted in her mind for the first time. Now this childhood memory will offer a frame of reference when she is faced with a similar situation. Not picked up on time from a dance recital this issue will resurface and cause distress and anxiety. And so on into adulthood. Now that was the simplest of distressing scenarios. Imagine the emotional issues that are created in children who witness alcoholism at home, experience physical or sexual abuse or bullying, who are not able to make friends at school, who are made to feel inferior because of their ethnicity, weight, height or other physical characteristics, or have been traumatized which colors their perception of the world in a negative way. Experiences that cause emotional trauma can be referred to as wounds. We all experience this at some level.”
Healing therefore is a process of unraveling the layers of illusion we have become accustomed to and identify with in order to unveil our true nature.
In learning that most people are living lives rooted in ego-based values as opposed to heart or spirit centered values we find the root cause of the problem of why so many people in modern society are chronically ill.
Many physicians are now reacting well to the idea that the majority of people are locked into a struggle for survival which is rooted in a fear of lack of abundance which is a quality of the ego. The ego is the part of our being that interfaces with the physical world and is essential for survival. However the fears generated by the ego pollutes our inner world and causes physical symptoms that harm us personally and also destroy our planet as well through the environmental destruction and abuse of our resources. We must come to know we truly are a vibrational frequency or resonant rhythm that can change density based on our inner state. Our inner state is influenced by our thoughts and feelings and they in turn are often influenced by our outer life circumstances. Most people live this way but they have gotten it wrong. We are not supposed to be the effect of our life circumstances: we are meant to be the cause of our life circumstances. This means when we are holding a high vibrational frequency of higher universal values such as goodness, kindness, honor, trust, truth, faith, love and compassion, regardless of what is happening in our lives, we can transmute those circumstances to match our inner state instead of letting life circumstances transmute our inner state and decrease our vibrational frequency with a resulting increased emotional density.
Hopefully more people will realize that we essentially have a foot in two worlds, but most of us do not realize this. The secret to healing and reaching our full potential is to acknowledge the higher or spiritual aspects of our being and to harmonize this with our physical selves.
Sheryl says that she always asks her clients to merge the best of their mind or ego based thoughts with their inner awareness of what feels right for their body and soul and which brings a smile within and to their face. She suggests that they learn to let go of expectations of others for them and of the outside world and allow accept and surrender to their true inner divine nature of infinite possibilities for creating love and simply being happy with life which is our natural right of Being.
Dr. Nauman Naeem author of Healing From The Inside Out has given readers a straightforward necessary and fascinating incredible accounting of his lifetime pursuit and journey to knowing the emotional psychological and spiritual roots of disease. His book has the potential to not only transform your approach to your chronic illness but to life.
In summarizing today’s episode of “Healing From Within” it has been my distinct pleasure to have Dr. Naeem share his profound love of life, and humanity in order to look with clarity and truth to better understand human and spiritual or energetic aspects of life. In that way he hopes to take readers from a false illusion of self to the core essence of who we are as multidimensional beings. By harmonizing all aspects of our being any illness may be confronted and healed by a host of emotional psychological physical and spiritual support systems. We may achieve a greater quality of life, find our passions, and translate this into our life mission eliminating subconscious blocks, burning through unresolved emotions from past traumas, increasing vibrational frequency, getting into the flow of life, and embracing uncertainty. We have come to a new perspective on why our world is currently in a state of chaos and how individual healing is linked to the healing of humanity as a whole.
As Dr Naeem wrote “If all aspects of life in the universe thrive in a state of flow, then it only makes sense that you as a human being on this planet can only thrive in a state of flow. As I have already discussed all of our bodily processes from the subatomic level to the organ system depend on the flow in order to maintain a healthy state. Flow is our natural state, but modern life easily takes us out of this state with all of its demands pressures and distractions. So how do we maintain flow in every aspect of our being. You do this by being in the moment. The moment is where the past present and future coalesce into the now. The moment is where all separation ends between one human being and another. The moment is where you are one with nature and the entire universe. The moment is where there is complete synchronicity in all aspects of your life. The moment is when you transcend time. When you transcend time, you transcend cause and effect which is the usual paradigm of disease manifestation.”
Dr Nauman Naeem and Dr Bernie Siegel and I would like you to know that you can’t separate your life style emotions and traumas from childhood from your thoughts actions and ultimately your health. You are the protector and creator of your health and as you learn to love yourself and find from “within” ways for creating more meaningful relationships, creative outlets to express your many energetic talents, you will want to resonate in good will, kindness and truly enjoy a more purposeful life. These are the keys to healing and to reversing so many diseases and challenges our modern day world is experiencing.Today’s Guest