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CodeBreaker: Discover The Password To Unlock The Best Version Of You

Imagine if you could eradicate the war between the ego mind’s unconscious priorities and the soul’s desire to be whole- to be the best version of who you are, would you be willing to do this? Are you aware that some of the obstacles that prevent you from being the best that you can be are unconscious blocks that are lodged in your DNA and the neural pathways of the brain as well as the mind field? Do you know that you can learn how to shift these blocks and open up a life that allows you to manifest success in all areas of your life? Have you ever wondered why certain themes repeat themselves in your life and why they have such an intense emotional charge behind them? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to learn the password that releases the unconscious blocks and unlocks the best version of you as you travel down your path to Bliss? Sandra Biskind shares with us her wisdom, techniques and the password to unlocking the “PLATINUM” -Best version of you.