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In this episode of Healing From Within, your host Sheryl Glick, author of The Living Spirit, a tale of spiritual awakening, spiritual communication, healing energies, afterlife, miracles and a guide to soul wisdom is delighted to have as her esteemed guest P.M.H. Atwater, one of the original researches in the field of near death studies. P.M.H. Atwater will discuss her newest book A Manuel for Developing Humans.

Sheryl and her guests share their most intimate experiences studies and growing awareness of life in its total being both physical and spiritual in form and in energy in the hopes of allowing for a more inclusive self-investigation process and for self-mastery of mind, body and spirit for understanding and creating a more refined focus and view of our physical and spiritual life through intuition and higher consciousness.
In today’s episode of “Healing From Within” PMH Atwater, the author of over 15 books including Dying to Know You: Proof of God in Near Death Experiences. Ms. Atwater was told by spirit to write A Manual for Developing Humans during her third near death experience. We will find during our discussion today more about the development of conscious, subconscious, and super conscious aspects of Being and how to use your mind, develop and use intuition, understand color, sex, relationships, children out of body trips, and interact with spiritual beings, meditate, bend time and re-think money.
A Manual for Developing Humans is so unique because the passionate pursuit of meaningful mystical realities began for PMH when she was catapulted from seeker to actually experience mystical events underwent three physical deaths in 1977. In 1978 she was guided to focus her research on the mystery of the near-death experience. The present book A Manual for Developing Humans is the volume her higher consciousness told her to write immediately after surviving her third experience. The book deals with near death but also in so many practical, new looks at spiritual technique and philosophy shows us how to eat, breathe and live with common sense reminders for how to bring meaning and joy to everyone’s life. Her last chapter title sums up her many books as well. “We are all Gods in the Making.” As quoted by Michael Peter Langevin (The Secrets Of the Ancient Incas) As we all discover in our search for our true human and divine nature, I am within the Universe and the Universe is within me or I am within God, and God is within me.
PMH goes on to discuss how in the works of William James, the father of American psychology, delightful explanations and exercises are shown which teach us that as humans we exist in partnership with the world of the Seen and Unseen. Also coinciding with the work of Carl Jung, a Swiss psychologist, she touches upon the realm of nuclear psychics and the conception of the space-time continuum. The call is to teach people with their animals to live well on their soul frequency.
In A Manual for Developing Humans, PMH takes us on a spiritual safari to track down and observe the most evolved yet elusive species on earth—the New Human, by including the latest scientific research and her own mystical perspective on such topics as nutrition, the nature of consciousness justice economics even child rearing PMH provides a celestial view of the great Shift our entry into the Fifth World and our unique role within it. She explains the attributes of our third world nature as we transform and reach a higher version of our human self incorporating the universal laws of energy into our thinking and into our behaviors. And also postulates on the New Human paradox and our ability to create a utopian or dystopian, fixed or flexible future with the outcome dependent on our ability to quickly integrate Universal Laws of the Cosmos.Sheryl responds to PMH with her own realization that it seems we must rise above the human condition and fears of the ego- physical related life style to know ourselves as spiritual beings having a physical life evolving and capable of divine loving kind and cooperative ways to live and thrive in a world between spirit and physicality.
PMH during her three near death experiences within three months tells us how it happened. PMH wrote, “After dying three times in three months in 1977 I could no longer relate to me as myself….The very nature of self, though, became primary. This is what I was finally able to clarify, ”I truly am an immortal soul, an extension of the Divine, who temporarily resides within a carbon-based form of electromagnetic pulsations that produces a solid appearing visual overleaf of behavior patterns more commonly referred to as a “personality.” The name I had was given to my personality, my temporal self, but the real me is I AM. And what I AM everyone else is for all of us are cells in the Greater Body—an expression of The One God.
When PMH was faced with the enormous task of rebuilding her body after she died she had to confront fears I didn’t know I had..Fear is the intuitive awareness that something isn’t right: or danger. While Anger is pure innocent displeasure..a brief moment of clarity illogical in its spontaneity but never vindictive Both anger and fear are necessary tools for healing. PMH read the book Dune by Frank Herbert..where a Litany of Fear was described and this helped her overcome her fear…Chant as needed Feel each word. Taste it..
Atwater version of Litany of Fear…
Fear is the mind Killer
It is the little death
I will face my fear
It will pass over me, around me, and through me
And when it is gone I will remain
As PMH researched near-death states she became acutely aware of the brain/mind consciousness subconscious super consciousness of energy and of who we really are as co-creators with the Universe. By exploring our memory which readily remembers all manner of data we discover integration which forms usable patterns from subtle impressions and feelings. PMH goes on to describe various aspects of our mind. With Mindplay we can realize the ability to visit other places…out of body experiences…A mind that wanders is part of being human with a brain. You mention that you did this when your daughter was being operated on in Portland Oregon and you were physically in Virginia. Sheryl shares with PMH that many years ago as a new Reiki Energy Practitioner her son was having a medical procedure in San Francisco and she was in New York. At the time of the procedure Sheryl put her hand on the spot being worked on and by connecting through thought sent healing energy to help him the doctors, technicians and outcome This is known as Distant Healing. Sheryl could feel the mass and then an explosion and healing warm green gel cover the area. Shortly later she received a phone call and her son told her the doctor’s only found scar tissue in that area and there was nothing to send to pathology. Everything was OK and Sheryl began to cry thanking Spirit for protecting her son and pledging to work every day of her life to help others.
PMH mentions other forms of Mind Play.
Visualizations…to create fantasy, daydreams or to create and attain future goals. The practice of visualization makes full use of our subconscious mind.
Mind Manipulation The brain can be programmed or manipulated when we find ourselves responding to cues we have no conscious knowledge of. Advertisers often use subliminal messages to create desire for products and governments spread disinformation or double speak so the population can be influenced or controlled by leadership. A way to combat mind manipulation is to clean out old attitudes and opinions that may no longer serve your interests and be more discriminating about who or what you expose yourself to—a big deal on the internet are hard to verify. Your thoughts are always your responsibility. Educate yourself as broadly as possible.
Dreams Dreams are an invaluable ally to understanding life.
Dream Journaling Dream language is symbolic and can be literal prophetic or instructive. You can even become aware you are dreaming while you are still dreaming and this is called a lucid dream
Intuitive/psychic Intuition is the direct perception of truth independent of any reasoning process. Keys for increasing intuition are relaxation and openness plus paying attention to body clues that accompany intuitive episodes like a sudden twitch, chill itch uplift of high….Physical symptoms like this signal the release of endorphins brain hormones that are integral to the validity and value of what is occurring.
PMH goes on to describe that her book has a 5th Dimensional format.
To understand the 5th Dimensional format it would be helpful to understand that everything that exists in the visible world has its exact complement in the invisible world. Without an energy template nothing in the physicality could survive grow and flourish.
Physical Body Visible Energy Body Invisible
Wired by Nervous System Meridian System
Powered by Endocrine glands Chakras
Guided by Brain Mind
We go on to discuss being a full human being, all that you can be—and how to develop your potential in that direction.
Being aware that perhaps 95 percent of what goes on around us occurs below the conscious level is part of understanding our physical human component and our energetic or unseen essence that subconsciously floods us with great knowingness. Literally we see only what we are prepared to see. The intellect is practically revered in Western cultures, yet in the EAST knowing that you know is still celebrated as the highest form of wisdom. Knowing that you are a soul having a physical reality and that mind body spirit are actually not a duality but the Oneness of being is the way you come to express your energies and emotions does not allow for you to achieve your full potential and divine birth right to be whole healthy and joyful…so thinking that SEPARATES YOU from the truth of your multi-dimensional being is FALSE.
All uses of the Subconscious are an act of creativity. Using it keeps us young and active, healthier. Smarter, and forever at play. The main reason most religions political groups criminal and governmental concerns are threatened by transformational episodes like the near death experience and the information that is gathered as a result and warn restraint in both research and acceptance of them is because such states open wide the door to ever deeper aspects of the creative mind. No one can control this…once activated the uncharted territories of higher consciousness higher intelligence and the limitless realms of wisdom and knowing will not allow a person to surrender their personal power. Near death experiences open up channels to infinite connection to the wisdom of Universal Energy and change a person by often giving them new spiritual gifts talents and awareness and they are forever changed.
Spirituality be at times be backwards thinking. PMH writes, “We are not here to be spiritual. Nor are we here to be bully prophets or wealthy tyrants or to save the world. Such backward thinking gets us nowhere As humans we exist in partnership between the Seen and the Unseen. Our breath is the potential we volley between the Great Breath and the Great Breathing connecting life with Life. We enter this world on an in-breath, we leave on an out-breath. Back and forth, motion and rest. Our job during our many journeys: remember who we are and act accordingly. Making the world a better place depends on this.
PMH Also wrote,” We wear these physical bodies and lead animated lives thanks to them because we are here to either test ourselves or to be tested…..Thanks to this process the little self (our personality) has a way to unify with the greater self (our soul). Consciousness has quantum field properties and because of that we at the most primal level are all connected. We are part of live in respond to the same or similar vibrational fields. This opens up an idea of mass mind or we are all part of the same mind. Examples of quantum fields effects are flow states or periods where consciousness rests for a while as it encircles its own electromagnetic center. We are at peace in such “zones” because we are at home.
The Swiss psychologist Carl Gustav Jung coined the term synchronicity to describe the phenomenon of seemingly unrelated events occurring in unexpected relation to each other not connected by cause and effect by simultaneity and meaning….Defined as meaningful coincidence by others, Jung corrected that statement by saying “There is no such thing as coincidence.” Sheryl says to PMH that when she wrote her first book Life is No Coincidence she was unaware that Carl Jung had made that statement. Sheryl wrote, ”That small moment in time, that dream or visit from her Grandfather the night before her Dad passed telling her she had to write something for him was enough to set her off on a quest, a journey to discover who could help her find answers to new found questions about life death energy and who we are? She wanted to believe! Even though she was not always fully aware of what was happening along the way, synchronicities and coincidences on a daily basis guided her, one step at a time. She accidentally met people, by chance she learned of things she needed to do: unexpectedly “signposts” were there. The search to comprehend spiritual communication was also a search for self-awareness, her life purpose, and understanding love and personal interrelatedness in a more emotionally mature context.
Years down the line as Jung’s work and inspiring thoughts influence all who seek truth of this matter I learned he had a near death experience like you PMH and he wrote, “What happens after death is so inexplicably glorious that our imagination and feelings do not suffice to form even an approximate conception of.”
Sheryl asks PMH what “The Voice Like None Other is? PMH shares that the voice like no other is the thoughts and words expressed that are powerful energies which once created go out and have a life of their own. Everything that exists was once a thought. Talking is just moving air perhaps for notice or to release pent-up feelings until real energy and interest emerge. This sets up a chain of events in the body/mind assembly that leads to action of some sort. Statements can result, things happen. CHANGING THE WAY YOU THINK AND TALK IS AN INCREDIBLE FEAT YET IT CAN BE DONE. Example….I am so tired I just can’t keep going….New thought..I temporarily feel a bit tired, but soon I’ll be rearing to go. The voice like no other are also the inspiring loving thoughts of guides teachers angels God who whisper in your ear and encourage your divine remembrance of who you are, where you come from, and how much goodness and love resides within you.
A tremendously unique and valuable part of A Manual for Developing Humans is where Atwater gives a breakdown of events happening in a timeline starting at 1975 and continuing to 2948. For 2020 to 2024 it is suggested that It will be the foundation years or preparation for the Sixth World due to begin a century or two later. We will experience serious climate and cultural changes/die-offs caution is advised. Asia’s middle class slated to double and will dwarf all other markets and account for 40 percent of global spending. This leads up to China in the 2030’s reaching its greatest growth. Corporate America and what we have become will implode. Unprecedented challenge massive change on all levels both good or ill. A time of extremes. Our nation almost bankrupt and drastic changes in Middle East Russia and throughout Europe. Lifting of the Veil where consciousness of true self emerges but only five percent of the earth’s people are ready for higher states of consciousness. PMH says we all have much to do to create either the best of the challenges ahead.
She also suggests that in the period from 2043-2067 Illusions delusions of the past disappear, as do religious persecutions and an acceptance of Christ as a state of Consciousness not a limited or separate religious ideology is possible to attain by anyone.
In Sheryl’s next book New Life Awaits Create Your Best Afterlife by Living Consciously Now she suggests that indeed from within our soul essence the answers to improving our individual and collective reality and the steps we must take to obtain pure soul freedom to create a world here and beyond in higher awareness of our true interconnection to each other and eternal life forces is within reach for those who will accept allow and surrender to their highest nature and abilities.
In summarizing today’s episode of “Healing From Within” we have expressed lifetimes of awareness of the true nature of Human, God, the Universe and eternal light and life. It is encouraging to learn once again that nothing is random and we are all in the process at one level or another of rediscovering or simply remembering our connection to Universal energy and Source. As it was in the beginning so it is now. We are and have always been unique aspects of a creative force that loves allows accepts and surrenders to Life with all of its many nuances and for the purpose of greater love and compassion. Experiences in this physical life help us recreate ourselves into the best version of human and divine life.
Understanding time and space, the origins of man, and most specifically Universal Law as recorded by Hermes of ancient Egypt are still recognized as the universal standard for science mathematics astronomy and medicine. These Universal Laws of Energy when applied to physical life help us to reach our full divine potential, helping us understand love, harmony, karma, wisdom, grace, free will, ego resistance, attraction, abundance, manifestation, and cause and effect. As important as this is, being aware of the many dimensions time space contingencies life forces, imagination which is intentional fabrication as differentiated from the concept of “imaginal” or what is presented to us intact, from and within a world beyond that is as real as the physical world we see touch hear feel smell and know intellectually are the imaginal realms that exist beyond the three dimensional world. Therefore something imaginary is created and comes from us while something imaginal comes to us from another realm beyond our own.
PMH Atwater has explored in depth answering questions about life death energy and the world with great accuracy sharing the wisdom we may gather from those realms and incorporate into life as we know it….. the physical life. The union of all aspects of being is a multi-dimensional healing for each soul, and perhaps, for the creative energies of a Universe that is always evolving and expanding with greater awareness and Higher Consciousness.
PMH and I would have you remember that in dreams and in our most loving moments we know who we are ….PMH wrote, “Universally and in all cultures, history show that the knowledge even the technology we have needed as a species, has always been but a dream away. Our benefactors came from the stars.”
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