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Welcome to ‘Healing From Within.” I am your host Sheryl Glick author of The Living Spirit Answers for Healing and Infinite Love and am delighted to welcome Patti Conklin author of God Within who will address in our discussion today what the real source of health and healing are.
As listeners of this show are well aware my guests and I through observation, self-investigation, and self-mastery of emotions align to the Universal Laws of Energy and the physical world and begin to remember our bold and courageous soul essence so we may enjoy physical life without so many fears and limitations altering the refinement of our energy which is the reason for life at all and also knowing that separation is only a myth.
In today’s episode of “Healing From Within” Patti Conklin a world class energy healer and presenter at alternative and allopathic conventions will share her processes of Color Works Tone Works and Cellular Cleansing as practices of healing and share stories of people who have experienced change in health well being and spiritual transformation. We will discuss that words have more of an impact on our life than most people realize and create either well being or illness and words come with emotional attachment that can create physical blockages in our energy flow creating illness or disease. We will offer stories and ways to break blockages down or prevent them.
Patti thinks back to her childhood and remember a person with qualities that may have helped her greatly on the path she was born to follow. She describes a man of kind patient temperament who never yelled at her and who handled all of life’s challenges with quiet determination courage and grace. That man was her father and he set an example of how to align to your spiritual wisdom and face life without fear. Sheryl responds that her father had similar qualities and for sensitive children who would become intuitive healers that a perfect fit. In the introduction Patti says her life changed forever at the age of seven. She was upstairs alone in the bedroom playing with a piece of rope a game called cat’s cradle which was a favorite alone time game. A white mist seeped from the walls. Like a deep fog it rolled from the paint the wood beneath the base of the windowsill. It slid forward at first silent and white, but within seconds sound and color drifted from it. Patti fell to her knees, not because she was scared, but because it was the right thing to do. I’d not felt that type of serenity before, but I’d felt exactly the same way, each and every time I’ve had what I classified as a visitation since then. A male voice who I’ve since then always called Father told me three things.
1. My greatest growth years would be between thirty-eight and forty-two.
2. My greatest work would between forty two and sixty two
3. My purpose would be to teach people how to become insubstantial without transitioning.
Sheryl imagines insubstantial without transitioning means to know you are a spiritual being having a physical life and you can connect to your own soul energy and know who you truly are without having to die. So you can have heaven on earth if you will.
At the age of twelve I noticed seeing peoples words form in their brains and then watched them zigzag into their bodies. Of course, I didn’t know that normal people didn’t see these things. So it seems I was different. While we are all unique some people are born to assist humanity in the form of intuitive healing mediumship and the gifts these people have are unique to their soul’s past lives and the purpose for this incarnation.
You say you married so your two sons could be born and then divorced as you and that husband were not a good match and in your view had come together for our sons as you believe the soul chooses the parents for the lessons of the current incarnation. Patti tells us that her eldest son Daniel was very observant, spoke in full sentences at the age of fourteen months and you weren’t aware of past lives or Karma or reincarnation at that time so when one day while wiping off the breakfast bar with a sponge your said “My other Mommy always let me wipe as much as I wanted to. It took God a little bit of time to get you and Daddy ready for me so he gave me another Mommy and Daddy to live with. My son told me how he still remembered his other mother’s hugs and said he was nine when the car hit him…It didn’t hurt, You and Daddy were ready…. Sheryl shares with Patti that her daughter had an amazing sparkle and bright smile and everyone said she should make movies. Through a series of coincidences and we know nothing is really a coincidence she was represented by a talent manager and had a successful run in movies film theatre and commercials. The plan is written and those of us who follow our path are blessed with grace and joy to participate and use our spiritual gifts to enjoy our own development and give so much out into the world.
If illnesses like cancer heart disease mental disorders and Alzheimer’s were a choice? Why would anyone choose that? As we go through life many of us begin to comprehend that there is no right or wrong. Things simply are. We can choose our reactions but once we know that if we choose to be angry outraged or any negative feeling or emotion the anger will be stored in our body ultimately affecting our immune system and creating issues down the line that can lead to illness. Thus our reactions are far more important than the actions of others.
For a soul to learn to truly accept and be happy they must realize Duality must exist –for every negative there is a positive and we can learn to allow the positive to become our focus. An example of this is we can’t change our parents and siblings though we did choose them before this incarnation..We can accept them for who they are beautiful souls that have come into our life to teach and come to respect them for who they are and yet, walk a different path. Then we are looking at our loved ones with discernment not judgment. Judgment is a perception with an emotion attached and as we know emotion stores as vibrational energies in the body. Discernment is a perception with no emotion attached to it and recognizing when someone’s purpose or truth is different from mine. When attempting to stay out of judgment it helps to truly understand that God is in charge and that everything unfolds in the time and place that He accords The more peaceful and calm we can look at our lives, the better we can make choices that keep us free from judgment.
All of the great masters Jesus Buddha Shiva Abraham and Mohammed to name a few have delivered a similar message: spirituality is the practice of Unconditional Being. Also called Unconditional Love Unconditional Being is the ability to accept that all is perfect just the way it is, even if something does not make sense intellectually or seems cruel of unfair. It is the ability to suspend judgment..Truly we do not need to judge. Why Because life is perfect. We are perfect How can we make mistakes when there is nor right or wrong? We cannot. With each breath, we learn.
Sheryl says that in thinking of the practice of Unconditional being or developing methods to achieve balance courage and self-confidence in pursuit of life goals in her book The Living Spirit she wrote, “ Life is about loving what is which is never perfect—just in a state of conscious change. If we forget about perfection and just be we will find love in our journey. Everything is perfect for self-discovery thus perfection is the ability to accept imperfection. There is no normal or abnormal and no one way to live love or develop our own personal paths. We are all dealing with wounds from this as well as previous incarnations and as such are wounded citizens of the Cosmos…..the important thing to remember is that in this life we can make new choices that transcend soul energy past life memories of people places and events that resulted in less than desirable outcomes and release these traumas to create better health and relationships and find a connection to Universal energy.”
Patti goes on to say that frequency existed at the beginning of time throughout the Universe, through ever evolving tones and an awareness came into being. Some would call it Divine Spark, Creator, God, Goddess Father Source Universal Mind. These tones were both chaotic and ordered. As souls began to move away and develop individually through evolution they began to become dense hence physical life or flesh. As these souls began to exist within the flesh they began developing emotions that eventually became conditional, opposite of what they had always known before when they were with the Divine Spark.
Patti’s methods of healing using frequencies of light unique to an individual are called Color Works Tone Works and Cellular Cleansing. Patti supports all types of Western Eastern and alternative therapy modalities as does Sheryl. Sheryl feels that each soul will be directed to the method and practitioner that is most in alignment with their soul needs. Doctors as well as some alternative intuitive healers such as Patti and Sheryl deal with the cause and root problem helping to free the body and mind of trauma and perceptions that may be not advantageous for healing on all levels, mind body spirit. Patti says we are all geometry and vibration and geometry is math and thus scientific. Vibration is spiritual since duality exists, we must bring both aspects into our life in order to heal..
Sheryl suggests that many metaphysicians deny the thought of duality as separation from the truth of Unity and oneness as an illusion, but, of course it exists in our physical reality and by merging all aspects of physical life and energy we achieve wonderful healing results. Many types of alternative medicine utilize Spirit Guide and Angels by sending messages to the practitioner. Most alternative therapies such as crystal essential oils Homeopathic Reiki or Therapeutic Touch are passive vibration and deal with the auric energy field outside and around the body. While these therapies make clients feel better often the results don’t last. The core issue must be removed from the subtle energy in order to remove the cause of the symptoms. Vibration to the cellular structure beneath the problem in the outer seven layers needs to happen for permanent change.
Sheryl goes on to say that she started her own search into understanding energy and life by trying to understand how psychics and mediums were receiving accurate information. Then she was guided to learn Reiki which helped her in developing a consistent meditation practice and her ability to readin the energy of the body and it’s imbalances for her clients. She also began to receive messages or spiritual communication. One of her teachers International Medium Robert Brown told her she was a different kind of medium.
Like Patti we were helping people on all levels of their spiritual and physical healing and for them to develop their own spiritual gifts to feel and know their soul life.
Color works is a visualization that uses active vibration within your body to release or heal specific symptoms emotions or physical challenges. You begin by closing your eyes and choosing a color not consciously but by subconsciously knowing the vibrational rate associated with your request…example, “What color do I need to remove this heavy grief from around my heart.” “What color do I need to remove this pain in my lower back and hip?”
While color works releases blockages from and re-balances your cells for as long as you continue to use the process. It works at a steady and cumulative rate. Patti refined the Conklin Method of Cellular Cleansing to remove blockages within the cellular memory from childhood. Throughout your lifetime your body has kept a perfect copy of every word thought and emotion. They’re stored in your cellular memory As a result you have become what you say, think and feel. Your cells are always in one of two modes to grow or to protect. To continue good health cells need to reproduce in growth mode. Your subconscious mind cannot distinguish between your hopes and fears, the past and present, or internal and external sources. Everything you say or think is real. It’s happening now and it’s all about you. So we all have virus and cancer cells in our body.
Our lifestyle thoughts and actions often activate these and other diseases. It’s quite simple- Your beliefs govern your health.
1. Be aware of your beliefs and your power to choose words.
2. Change your perception Focus on the positive aspects of the situation.
3. Remove thought processes that aren’t to your emotional benefit..outdated fears and self-protection programs running in your subconscious mind.
Patti talks about and writes that she believes Autism is an interesting challenge. Autistic children in many cases have a soul which is tethered outside of the body and not completely but partially. Patti tells the story of Brandon who exhibited this issue and was helped ground his soul by tapping it back into his body. When he came back to Patti in two months he was speaking and had improved greatly in all areas of caring for himself. Sheryl says she has had similar results with autistic children and those with neurological or sensory issues after Reiki sessions and is also delighted to see them improve and be independent and socially more connected.
Patti tells us that our words have more of an impact on our lives than we realize. Patti believes when the universe began words did not exist. A cacophony of tones which we now identify as frequency echoed throughout the universe and they were both chaotic and highly ordered. Long ago at the time of the very first spark, the very first light, all souls broke away from what we consider God existing in spirit form outside of judgment and ego. They didn’t speak. They didn’t hear. They simply were. As our souls evolved we began to use words to express ourselves and started to respond emotionally to our circumstances. A word is such a small insignificant thing and yet it’s so much more. It represents emotion and emotion is the cornerstone of our physical existence. In a nut shell we became conditional…..acting from emotion circumstances and physical life judgments. We became more separated from our original divine state of Oneness Unity and Unconditional love.
A description of unconditional leads us to know that no matter what happens, no matter what you might say or do to me. I’ll love you. Let the oceans rise, let the lightning fall and strike and blast and still I’ll hold you dear. Forever, No matter what. Caring for the weak or sick regardless if they can do something in return. Doing it regardless of whether they deserve it or not.
Words and thoughts like waves rippling vibrations surge through the immune system and then store in individual cells. The immune system is otherwise known as the subtle energy field- our origination energy. Example…”Oh no….Here comes Tom but you say Tom It’s so great to see you!” The body stores two conflicting words and emotions at the same time. This is the beginning of disease. When a word is attached to a conditional emotion and stored in the body the word becomes a vibrational blockage unique to every person.
So therefore our ability to set and maintain healthy perceptions is the key to our physical and emotional wellness, How we speak and feel is literally absorbed into our cells. What you say and think even if it is about someone else is stored in your body as if you were speaking about yourself. Your cells have no discernment capabilities. They can’t tell the difference between the “me” and the “them”since we are all connected to each other by energy.
Story of William William felt pressure on his liver. After blood work CAT scans and ultrasounds results were inconclusive…We spoke on the phone. William asked, “How can you see me he said.” Patti responded, “There’s no such thing as time and space and if you were sitting in India it would be the same as if you were here.” Sheryl talks about Distant Healing Work she has engaged in. William then told Patti about his life at ten, twelve, and at sixteen the word STOP was written across his liver. What happened when you were sixteen Patti asked? His voice grew hard. William found out his sister had an abortion and hadn’t told him. He was so angry. Patti asked, “Could there have been a correlation between your sister’s abortion and the abortion your girlfriend had when you were sixteen.” How could you know that William asked? Your liver knows it. Its where you stored the memory of your girlfriends abortion. I asked him to close his eyes and think of a color that would remove the anger from his liver. It’s similar to molasses kind of a brownish color. Patti asked him to pull up the color he saw through the bottom of his feet and into his abdomen and then out the mouth. The colors changed as he did this. Using a very simple form of color works William was able to remove anger from his liver. The pressure on his liver was gone and had not returned eight years later.
A healing experience Patti observed was her own. Patti was able to realize through a dream that the severe uncurable Lupus condition was caused by a feeling of lack of self worth. In a dream Father spoke to Patti but not with words but color as vibration. Patti realized that she didn’t need to address her pain or disease but to increase her self-worth. She asked Spirit, What color would do that? and heard a voice saying “black” Patti realized she needed frequency, not the thoughts of others or herself that black was evil. I needed to release this emotion of lack of self-worth at the cellular level. Color works because it is an active vibration There are two active vibrations in the Universe: color and tone. All other vibrations crystal essential oils Reiki while important are passive which means they don’t have the frequency necessary to shake loose cellular memory.
Sheryl and Patti discuss how we can create illness or disease through use of our words and thoughts, but sometimes we can bring them into this life from our past life. These are Karmic Lessons. Many scientists believe this is a memory stored within our DNA from an ancestor.
Tell us about this
Sheryl tells us that over the years she has have discovered that life is not random and the many wonderful distinguished authors joining her on “Healing from Within,” clients coming for an energy session, or strangers she meets who are in need of an encouraging word must be brought by a Higher Spirit and she always tries to listen and be present in whatever way is beneficial for everyone concerned. Can’t make it happen. It happens on its own, and that is the Miracle.
It also becomes apparent that when we are aware of our language and emotional responses to what happens around us, we can engage with people situations and be in places that make us feel strong and good. We can engage or disengage from energy that helps or diminishes us and therefore, we can prevent blockages in our body that manifest later as disease. When we are in a state of unconditional being or unconditional love our words vibrate at a higher frequency and they don’t cause blockages when stored in the body.
Perception is everything and truth relates to perception. Each of us clings to our own perceptions according to our own life experiences and the vibration within us.
God never gave us meaning as emotions..They are all illusions created by language words and the meaning we assign to them. They’re words to qualify what we are experiencing. Take away our ability to speak, to think, to feel, and a sunset or sunrise would just be colors splashed across a sky: a natural event prompted by natural forces, not positive or negative, not part of our story, but simply a sunrise. Two different people will see it differently. One will see beauty. One may associate it with the day they buried their friend with sadness. So until a person changes their own perception to embrace new realities we must allow them the path they pursue. We cannot fix or change their perceptions. We can only change our own.
After reading God Within Patti would like us to remember that we can either be caught up in acting the part of victim or martyr or ask ourselves, “What is God telling me? What do I need to learn?” Then and this is the kicker—we need to actually listen. As with injury and illness everything happens for a reason. Believing an experience is right or wrong is simply a way of compartmentalizing life, throwing unnecessary labels on things, and it ensures you will encounter the learning experience again. That’s what experiences are; opportunities to learn. We experience marriages, divorces and reconciliations, and we suffer diseases. They are all just experiences and when you see them as neither good nor bad you will allow accept and surrender to the full potential to live well and exist in a state of positivity shining your best light into the world.
In summarizing today’s episode we have discovered much about how our body at the cellular level stores thought and trauma that may later down the line develop into disease or emotional dysfunction. Words and thoughts create our reality and it is only through self-investigation and a connection to our Divine Source of life that we recognize our spiritual and physical abilities to function at a higher level of Self. Understanding judgment discernment and how each of us as unique beings perceive the world differently is the key to be able to walk in peace, unconditional love, harmony and balance, and to master life circumstances without assigning labels of right or wrong. Just knowing our experiences are opportunities for our greatest personal growth and happiness is a gift that is for all of us.
Patti wrote, We as individuals are not here to save the world, our families or our friends. Other’s lives and experiences are not ours to fix and this is often a tremendous re-education for many people……Our work on earth is determined by how we conduct our lives on a day-to-day basis. The end of the journey is not what is recalled but how we walked the path. Understand that life is about flowing not fixing. What we do has everything to do with who we are as a soul. The more we can stay in a place of Unconditional Love without the intent to fix, the more other souls can choose whether or not to engage.
Patti and I would ask you accept yourself and others, and all circumstances and events in your daily life, seeing them all as mirrors of opportunity for you to reflect on the goodness and beauty within each of us, and to know that life is precious and good. Enjoy the moments.Today’s Guest