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Rochéle Lawson

6 Lies About Nutrition

Have you ever thought about the food you eat and why you choose to eat certain things? Are you aware of the food pyramid and why it is one of the biggest lies being pushed upon us today? Did you know that some of the food that you are being pushed to eat is actually making you sick?

Do you know what a microbiome is and why it is importantly vital to your health and wellbeing?

We all know that wheat cause issues with gluten but do you know the other contributors that cause gluten sensitivity and inflammation in the body? Are you aware that the eat less, exercise more method is not the best or easiest way to lose weight and keep it off? Are you aware that including fat in your diet may help to accelerate your weight loss? Jacquie Nelson Walburn share the 6 lies of nutrition and what you can do to take control and improve your health and wellbeing.